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Sia GNSS contribution to rail asset management


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by Wolfgang Zottl, Key Researcher, ÖBB Holding AG

Published in: Technology
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Sia GNSS contribution to rail asset management

  1. 1. SIA – GNSS contribution to rail asset management 19.03.2019, Vienna Wolfgang Zottl, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG
  2. 2. SIA Main Goal 2 iWheelMon iPantMon iRailMon iCatMon To develop four ready-to-use new services to provide prognostic information about the health status of the railway’s most demanding assets in terms of maintenance costs, at the points of the interaction between the vehicle and the infrastructure (wheelset, pantograph, rail and catenary) Common features: • Plug-in WW based on Web App • Real-Time info about assets’ status • Prognostic health status assessment • Integration with operation systems
  3. 3. SIA Concept & Components 3 SIA_VP: Vehicle prognostic health monitoring visualization Integration in alreadyexisting vehicle maintenance information system SIA_DH: Data Hub with localizationand time stamping, and communications SIA_NoS: Network of sensors to capture interactionbetweenvehicle and infrastructure (wheel to rail and pantograph to catenary) SIA_CDM:Vehicle component degradation models Integration in alreadyexisting infrastructure maintenance information system SIA_VP: Infrastructure prognostic health monitoringvisualization SIA_CDM:Infrastructure componentdegradation models Top rail RCF KPI: crack depth 10mm 7,5mm 5mm 2,5mm Situación de tramo “j” en línea “i” -t 0 +t Rail LWR Rail TWR Rail LWL Rail TWL Rail RCF Top Rail RCF Botton Rail dips R Rail dips L Rail corrugation R Rail corrugation L Rail longC R Rail longC L Vertical alignment Vertical alignment Rail twist S&C wear direct– blade S&C wear diverted –blade S&C RCF direct– blade S&C RCF diverted –blade S&C wear – nose S&C RCF – nose S&C plastic deformation – nose Pad fatigue Clamp fatigue Sleeper fatigue 0,5mm Amolado Renovación rail Inspección Top rail RCF – maintenance actions P6_ConfigHERMES Menu +4σ -4σ +6σ -6σ +2σ -2σ +4σ -4σ +6σ -6σ +2σ -2σ +4σ -4σ +6σ -6σ +2σ -2σ -5y +5y P1_ConfigHERMES Menu Print Development of low-cost sensor nodes (SIA_NoS) for wheel to rail and pantograph to catenary interaction characterization. • Sensors • Pre-processing Hardware • Wireless communications • Autonomous / Wired Power supply Development of data hub (SIA_DH) that collects on-board information, provides accurate position and time stamping with high availability, and transmits the information to a trackside visualization platform. • Galileo Initial Services multi-constellation / multi-frequency approach • EGNOS information • IMU • Finger printing algorithms
  4. 4. SIA Concept & Components 4 Development of predictive component degradation models (SIA_CDM) that will enable to connect the monitoring information from wheelset, rail, catenary and pantograph with the asset management information system of end-users. • Physical models • Combination with monitored data Development of a visualization platform (SIA_VP) with two plug-in software modules specific for the railway infrastructure (track and catenary) and vehicle maintenance (wheelset and pantograph). • Cloud hosted • Big-Data visualization techniques • Prognostic health monitoring of the key assets • Real-Time early detection service of wheel flats and broken rails IMs or maintenance subcontractors IMs information system Top rail squat KPI: crack depth (mm) 10mm 7,5mm 5mm 2,5mm Localization within the network -t 0 +t Visualization timeframe Rail LWR Rail TWR Rail LWL Rail TWL Rail SquatR Rail SquatL Rail dips R Rail dips L Rail corrugation R Rail corrugation L Rail longC R Rail longC L 0,5mm Rail defect selection menu Maintenancerequired level Renewal required level Critical failurelevel SPEED RESTRICTION GRINDING LINE BLOCKING RAIL RENEWAL iRailMon and iCatMon plug-in web based applications TOC information system iWheelMon and iPantMon plug-in web based application TOCs or maintenance subcontractors On-board constituents Track sidecloud server constituents SIA_CDMSIA_NoS SIA_DH SIA_VP Wheel, rail,pantograph and catenary degradation models Visualization platform customized for IMs and TOCs needs EGNSS-based positioning,and communications Wheel to rail and catenary to pantograph interaction sensors SIA constituents END USERSERVICESERVICE BACKBONE
  5. 5. POTENTIAL END USERS SIA Consortium 5
  6. 6. Thanks for your attention!