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Otoko App Presentation


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MyGalileo Hackathon App Presentation: Otoko, an app to assist day-to-day navigation for the visually impared.

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Otoko App Presentation

  1. 1. Otoko 男 Otoko (“The Guide” in Japanese) is a support guide system for the visually impaired.
  2. 2. Otoko helps blind people coordinate their path and move from point A to B on a map. During the trip Otoko will give voice directions to where to go in addition to warnings if there is danger, like walking towards a street, or towards buildings and walls, using Galileo's precise coordination system. Statistics
  3. 3. •WHO Organization estimates 39 million blind people •Accidents by blind pedestrians Statistics
  4. 4. •Sound notification •Walking dog •Other Old Solutions
  5. 5. •Real-time feedback •Sensor Fusion (Gyro, Accelerometer) •Guide from point A to B •Multi Satellite control - Tall buildings •Future API 24, Google layers Galileo
  6. 6. •Take left , Right •Watchout !! •Danger Voice Assistance
  7. 7. •Voice guide •Danger warning •Obstacles, walls Safe Journey