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OS-NMA User Terminal


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Fundamental Elements 2017 Webinar 4

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OS-NMA User Terminal

  1. 1. OS-NMA User Terminal Flavio SBARDELLATI, Market Development Department Kate BOUSFIELD-PARIS, Legal and Procurement Department Giovanni LUCCHI, Project Control Office Fundamental elements Webinar, 29th March 2017 This presentation can be interpreted only together with the oral comments accompanying it
  2. 2. 2 • Participants’ microphones are muted. To avoid any echo, please switch off your microphone. • Make sure your speakers or headphones are switched on, and turn up the volume. • To interact you can use the common chat room. Questions to individual participants will not be answered. • Your questions will appear anonymously to the other participants Before we start – way of working (1/2)
  3. 3. 3 • Questions are collected and addressed at the end of the session, if time allows it. • All questions and answers will be published on the GSA website in order to guarantee the equal treatment of tenderers/applicants. • Slides and clarifications will be available in due course online after this webinar. • After the information session, you will receive a short satisfaction questionnaire, please fill it in. Before we start – way of working (2/2)
  6. 6. • Open Service Navigation Message Authentication Signal in Space transmission is foreseen in 2018 while full service provision is planned in 2020. • OS-NMA Specification for Signal-in-Space testing v.1.0 was disclosed in February 2017 allowing for OS-NMA implementation at chipset/receiver level. • A new generation of user terminals enabled to exploit this feature needs to be industrialised. Background 6
  7. 7. • Development of a “close to market” OS-NMA User Terminal: • Target application: The UT shall meet Smart Tachograph application’s requirements • Level of maturity to carry out a demonstration in a representative environment (TRL 7+) • Supply of qty. 3 units • Development of a suitable end-to-end Validation Platform Tender objectives (1/2) 7
  8. 8. • Extensive testing of the UT: anti-spoofing performance assessment using: • Real GNSS signals, and • End-to-end Validation platform Tender objectives (2/2) 8
  9. 9. • Implementing OS-NMA in accordance with [AD.1] (OS-NMA specification for SiS testing v1.0) • At data level, implementing cryptographic and rough synchronisation functions required for OS-NMA (e.g. key management, algorithm implementation, receiver logic) • At signal level, including anti-replay protection by making an optimal use of the unpredictable bit broadcast in the NMA data Highest level of robustness (1/2) 9
  10. 10. • Additional anti-spoofing capability: • A list of mandatory measures defined in the tender spec (sect. • Protection against the full list of spoofing threats identified by the tenderer • A list of optional measures proposed by the contractor to achieve the best possible PVT solution in terms of robustness and reliability Highest level of robustness (2/2) 10
  11. 11. 11 Stepwise approach
  12. 12.  First UT (v.1 featuring OS-NMA) developed  Validation platform developed  UT v.1 extensively tested ‒ Real SiS ‒ Validation platform Two-stage project 12  Final UT (v.2 with full anti- spoofing capability) developed  Validation platform upgraded  UT v.2 extensively tested ‒ Real SiS ‒ Validation platform  Qty. 1 proto unit delivered  Qty. 2 proto units delivered STAGE 1 STAGE 2
  13. 13. 13 End-to-end Validation platform
  14. 14. • The contractor, upon the GSA’s approval and tools’ availability, shall be granted access on request to the following items: • GNSS Simulator • Spoofing Generator • Experimentation NMA Module • Description of the tools available in the next slides. Customer Furnished Items (CFI) 14
  15. 15. • Generating E1BC in accordance with Galileo OS-NMA Scheme  Spirent GSS9000 with 6x Signal Banks: GAL E1/E5/E6 + GPS L1/L2/L5 Up to 16 channels in all signal banks - Generation of GAL E1BC with pre-computed INAV navigation data symbols in accordance with current GAL OS-NMA scheme - OS-NMA Module: SW tool calculating INAV data symbols for a given set of satellite ephemeris and time window will be made available. GNSS Simulation Capabilities
  16. 16. • Two possible solutions: 1. Using record and playback platform and a GNSS simulator: - Spoofing attacks on the GPS/Galileo OS in L1 implemented pre-recording sequentially two scenarios (baseline and spoofing) and combining them off-line into one IF dataset to be played back. - Sharing 10 MHz reference and a TRIG signal allows a very precise time alignment (<1 ns) of the two scenarios. 2. Using two GNSS simulators currently available at the JRC: a Spirent GSS9000 and a Spectracom GSG-64 (with GPS L1/L2/L5, GAL E1/E5). - Time alignment of the two GNSS signals is much coarser in this case Spoofing & Meaconing generation
  17. 17. • 2x NI USRP 2943R: Record and playback of IF data with 4,8, or 16 bit depth • Up to two bands simultaneously recorded/played back at a sustained sampling rate up to 100 Msmp/sec • IF data streamed to/from an SATA SSD disk drive on the host PC running the control software Record and playback capability
  18. 18. Signal-in-Space testing 18 OS-NMA public key distribution: • E-mail and publication on GSC web portal for registered users • Public key renewal process through SIS during testing phase is TBC
  19. 19. • Coordination task: ‒ coordination with EC/GSA projects dealing with the OS-NMA, authentication and terminal robustness concepts with the aim to collect and inject into the project any relevant input. • Standardisation task: ‒ Definition of a standard architecture for the OS-NMA UT ‒ Recommendation for additional anti-spoofing techniques complementing OS-NMA against a certain set of spoofing threats ‒ Definition of a standard approach to assess the protection level of the UT ‒ Identification of interfaces and APIs to enable a wide market uptake of OS-NMA Transversal activities (1/2) 19
  20. 20. • Dissemination task: ‒ Of the achievements of the project among relevant stakeholders with the aim of fostering the innovation created in the frame of the action and creating market awareness of the project’s results. • Engineering support to GSA/EC ‒ Fixed unit level of effort to provide support to the GSA and EC concerning the OS-NMA implementation aspects. Transversal activities (2/2) 20
  21. 21. Stage 1 - Milestones Schedule (indicative) P1KOM Stage 1 Kick-Off meeting T0 SRR System Requirements Review T0+2m DR Design Review T0+4m TRR1 Test Readiness Review 1 T0+6m TTVR Testing Tools Validation Review T0+6m FR1 Final Review 1 T0+9m Milestones plan 21 Stage 2 - Milestones Schedule (indicative) P2KOM Stage 2 Kick-Off meeting T1 dDR delta Design Review T1+2m TRR2 Test Readiness Review 2 T1+5m FR2 Final Review 2 T1+11m
  22. 22. Maximum price: 2,500,000.00€  Funding rate: 100%  Total price of Stage 1 shall not exceed 45% of the Total Contract Value Procurement budget 22
  23. 23. TIMETABLE DATE Note Launch of procurement process 15 February Deadline for submission of clarifications 5 May 2017 Last date on which clarifications are published by the GSA 12 May 2017 Deadline for submission of tenders 19 May 2017 Opening of tenders 26 May 2017 Evaluation of tenders May – August 2017 Estimated Award decision September 2017 Estimated Contract signature October 2017 Estimated Project timeline 23
  25. 25. • All EU natural and legal persons and those from: ‒ Iceland ‒ Norway ‒ Liechtenstein ‒ Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ‒ Albania ‒ Montenegro ‒ Serbia and ‒ Bosnia and Herzegovina Participation 25
  26. 26. • Assessment of the tender is done in sequential and eliminatory stages: Evaluation 26
  27. 27. • ALL entities (prime, consortium members, and subcontractors) must fulfil the exclusion criteria  complete Annex I.D. Evaluation: exclusion criteria 27
  28. 28. • ALL entities (prime, consortium members, and subcontractors) must fulfil the selection criteria unless indicated otherwise. ‒ Legal capacity  all entities ‒ Economic and financial capacity  see p.46 (note: “core” subcontractor) ‒ Technical and professional capacity  see p.47 (note: “core” subcontractor) NOTE: Submit the evidence required for each capacity criterion (nb. the maximum age of supporting documents) Evaluation: selection criteria 28
  29. 29. • Tenderers must fulfil the minimum requirements in section 3.3 of Annex I (prime, consortium members). Evaluation: minimum requirements 29
  30. 30. • Qualitative and financial Evaluation: award criteria 30
  31. 31. CONTRACT 31
  32. 32. • Conditional Stage Payment Contract ‒ Contract is divided into stages ‒ Contracting authority defines the conditions for starting the next stage or terminating the contract at the end of the stage ‒ Payments are always limited per stage Overview of the CSPC – intro 32
  33. 33. 1st Stage – development and supply of OS-NMA UT prototype – details in section 1.3.1 of Annex I 2nd Stage – prototype performance assessment and supply– details in section1.3.2 of Annex I Overview of the CSPC – stages 33
  34. 34. • Conditions precedent for 2nd stage: ‒ GSA’s authorisation, given provided that: (1) 1st contract stage successfully completed AND (2) the Galileo ground system and the satellite constellation are able to broadcast OS-NMA Signal-in-Space (SiS) through E1-B I/NAV, such that it is objectively suitable to support the tasks as foreseen and scheduled for 2nd contract stage Overview of the CSPC – conditions precedent for 2nd stage 34
  35. 35. • Read the draft contract carefully:  this is only an overview of important points on ownership of results and use of background IPR IPR licensing conditions (1/5) 35
  36. 36. • Results (tangible and intangible) created under the contract shall be vested in the EU, represented by the EC • EU acquires a number of exclusive rights and modes of exploitation IPR licensing conditions (2/5) 36
  37. 37. • Background IPR shall be declared as soon as the contractor is aware of its need • Contractor provides/ensures all necessary licenses over background IPR to enable the the EU, GSA and institutional assignees/licensees to use the Results for institutional purposes IPR licensing conditions (3/5) 37
  38. 38. • Subject to compliance with contractual obligations, the contractor and the contractor parties (incl. affiliates) obtain a non-transferable, non-sub licensable, perpetual, unrestricted, free of charge, non- exclusive right to use the results, including for commercialisation purposes of products having embedded the results IPR licensing conditions (4/5) 38
  39. 39. • Contractor shall provide license over background IPR licence upon request where this is needed for commercial exploitation of the results under fair, equal and reasonable market terms and conditions IPR licensing conditions (5/5) 39
  41. 41. • Annex I.K – Effort distribution • Annex I.L – Financial Offer ‒Including Annex I.La substantiating the Financial Offer by providing detailed cost element data How to build the Financial Table 41
  42. 42. • WBS-E based (bottom-up approach) • Define the labour cost, allocate it to tasks • Differentiated sheets to be filled in by the prime and subcos/members (bottom- up approach) • Integrated approach – integration and consistency check in charge to the prime (tenderer’s leader) Approach 42
  43. 43. • WBS-E based • The sum of the prices of the WBSE’s has to be the total tender price. • This price must match the price reported in the Annex I.L – Financial Offer sheet. • It shall be assessed against the award criteria (Q1) Effort distribution – Annex I.K 43 Tenderer (full company name): WP title WBE id (relating to WP) WBE Price (*) (in % of the Total Overall Tender price) Share (%) of competitive subcontracting (**) (*) Totel Overall Price = PCS-A6 price + Task 7.1 PCS-A1 price + Task 7.2 PCS-A1 price (**) Percentage of the WBE price which is subcontracted through a competitive tendering Signature by tenderer's authorised representative: _____________________________ Procurement/Contract Number: GSA/OP/23/16 - Development, Supply and Testing of a Galileo Open Service Authentication User Terminal (OS-NMA) for the GSA Annex I.K - Effort Distribution
  44. 44.  Annex I.L: Financial Offer sheet, to be filled in by the Prime only • PCS-A1 sheet • Task 7.1 PCS-A1 sheet • Task 7.2 PCS-A1 sheet • Leader PCS-A2 sheet, to be filled in by the Prime only • Member_ PCS-A2 sheet • PCS-A2 Exibit A sheet • PCS-A2 Exibit B sheet • PCS-A2 Exibit C sheet • PCS-A4 sheet • PCS-A6 sheet • PCS-A8 sheet Financial Tables – Annex I.L 44  Annex I.La Price Cost sheets
  45. 45. 45 Financial Tables – Annex I.La - Logic
  46. 46. • Step 1 – PCS-A1 • Step 2 – in parallel (PCS-A8; PCS-A2 Exhibits A,B and C) • Step 3 – PCS-A2 • Step 4 – Task 7.x PCS-A1 • Grouping by the prime to get Leader PCS-A2 Exhibit C • PCS-A2 Exhibit C + Task 7.x PCS-A1  Financial Offer Financial Offer generation 46
  48. 48. • Documents must be submitted in accordance with double envelope system Tender package composition 48 Outer Envelope Inner Envelope #1 #2 #3
  49. 49. In accordance with tender specifications, sect. 4.5: A. The Administrative files B. The Technical Offer C. The Financial Offer Summary of the tenders 49
  50. 50. • Signed cover letter • ID sheet • Power of Attorney • Submit subcontractor’s Letter of Intent • Financial identification form • Financial statements • DOH • Non-disclosure undertaking • Statement re: minimum requirements Administrative files (1/2) 50
  51. 51. Attention: • Legal identity form – Annex I.B (download the applicable template and do not forget to submit supporting documents* indicated on the top of the downloaded template) • Submit the required statements of authorisation* Administrative files (2/2) 51
  52. 52. • Executive Summary (max 2 pages) • Technical proposal addressing all matters laid down in the tender specifications ‒ Pay attention to the elements listed in the TS, section 4.5.4 • Annex I.G – Technical and Professional Selection Criteria Cover Sheet • Annex I.K – Effort distribution • Annex II.III – Declaration of Background IPR Technical Offer 52
  53. 53. • Annex I.L and I.La – Financial Table of Answers and Cost Statement Forms NOTE: ‒ Price elements of Annex I.L shall be fully aligned and supported by the percentage figures presented in Annex I.K (included in the Technical Offer) with no discrepancies. ‒ The level of detail and the justification of costs submitted in the Cost Statement Forms (CSF) in Annex I.La shall be evaluated as part of the qualitative award criteria (Q1). Financial Offer 53
  54. 54. E-mail address: Tenders sent by express mail, commercial courier or post mail to GSA Legal and Procurement Department Janovského 438/2, 170 00, Prague 7, Czech Republic Tender ref. GSA/OP/23/16 54 Tenders sent by hand-delivered should be addressed to the same postal address not later than 19 May 2017 at 17.00 (CET) Submit requests for clarifications by: 5 May 2017 Submit tenders by: 19 May 2017 Contact coordinates for the tender