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DGNSS & Autonomous Rail Transport Mobility - Optimization


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by Christian Herneth, Head of Supply Chain Development, OMV

Published in: Technology
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DGNSS & Autonomous Rail Transport Mobility - Optimization

  1. 1. DGNSS & Autonomous Rail Transport Mobility - Optimization VIENNA 19.03.2019, Austria Christian Herneth
  2. 2. • Detailed maps of internal railways include safety rules and help enforce them • Security benefit of digital tracking & geofencing assets to alert unauthorized exit • Movement & coupling optimization for shunting minimizes risk of accident & cost • Digital Assets Model for predictive maintenance, Standards based Supply Chain Services, forefront of automated train driving • Removing human error from the logistics equation • Reducing risk of rail incidents Zero harm, no losses & minimal Supply Chain cost 2
  3. 3. Track Builder Suite (TBS) • DigRail maps railways & generates a digital three-dimensional rail network model of internal and external railways • AssetRail describes a rail network in greater detail with inclusion of additional assets (crossings, signals, etc) Track Tracer Suite (TTS) • RailTracer provides digital tracking of positions using track model from Track Builder • MapTracer provides digital tracking of positions outside internal railways using Google Maps or other • EasyTrack is a mobile app. to display positions First operational components 3
  4. 4. Track Builder Suite - TBS 4
  5. 5. Track Tracer Suite - TTS 5
  6. 6. Digital environment and tools are laying the groundwork for: • Automated decision making • Optimized shunting operations • Rail Cargo Austria improves dispatching service level to feederline • Automatic positioning of rail-asset RTCs to avoid shortages • Can simulate dispatching operating-modes to test for capacity problems • Autonomous locomotives • Autonomizing rail operation and removing human error factors will improve safety performance • RTMO rail environment has been designed to comply with ISO/ÖNORM4920 standards Next Step Vision 6