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“Regional work programme” by EUWI+ team


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“Regional work programme” by EUWI+ team
EU Water Initiative plus for Eastern Partnership (EUWI+East)
Project Progress Meeting
Minsk, Belarus, 26 April 2018

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“Regional work programme” by EUWI+ team

  1. 1. Regional work programme Minsk Meeting 24 April 2018 European Union Water Initiative plus for Eastern Partnership Michael Sutter, Pierre Henry de Villeneuve
  2. 2. Regional transboundary cooperation • Ongoing work on transboundary basins: • Kura basin (Azerbaijan, Georgia) – negotiations to finalise bilateral agreement • Neman basin (Belarus, Lithuania) – bridging with the finalisation of report on cooperation, GEF project to continue • Dniestr (Moldova, Ukraine) – support to Commission establishment in initial stages, GEF project to continue • In pipeline: • Western Dvina / Daugava (Belarus, Latvia) – exploring options for bilateral agreement • Khrami-Debed (Armenia, Georgia) – background studies, exploring options for bilateral agreement 2
  3. 3. Regional capacity development 3
  4. 4. Example: Regional Training Tbilisi • Regional Training on Laboratory Basics and Fundamentals of ISO Certification (12/17 in Tbilisi) • 26 laboratory experts from AM (5), AZ (7), GE (11) • Approaching accreditation; clarification/harmonization of terminology; inter-regional collaboration • Coastal & transitional delineation workshop (12/17 in Batumi) • AZ and GE experts 4
  5. 5. Regional laboratory WP 2018 • Finalisation of techn specification & start of procurement of equipment – all 6 countries (multi-country tender process) • Sub-regional hands-on method & sampling trainings • Joints workshops and seminars • 3-day training workshop (BY/GE/MD) in Tiblisi (April 2018) on method validation, measurement uncertainty and metrological traceability in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 • 2-day Audit seminar (BY/MD/UA) in Chisinau (Sept 2018) • Support in development of QM documentation 5
  6. 6. Outlook Regional SW Trainings 2018 • Inter-regional collaboration shall be furthered by regional und subregional trainings • Regional training on Surface Water Body Delineation in Kiev (5/18) • Experts from from AM, AZ, BY, GE, MD & UA • Subregional workshops on Ecological Status Classification Systems • ESCS 1 in Tblisi (6/18) with experts from AM, AZ & GE • ESCS 2 in Minsk (6/18) with experts from BY, MD & UA • C&T Biological quality elements (BQE) trainings (AZ+GE) 6
  7. 7. Outlook regional approach on RBMP • Consistency development on Pripyat including specific transboundary working group despite a different rhythm of development between Belarus and Ukraine • Involvement of Romanian experts on Danube-Prut and Black Sea RBD revision for know how transfer and harmonisation. Issue of calendar synchronisation and WB delineation harmonisation at the boarder to be work out • Combined approach on RBMP development based on coordinated training program between Azerbaijan and Georgia using the joint work on the Alazani/Alazan basin • Open to similar option on the Khrami Debed between GE and AM in 2019 7
  8. 8. Outlook regional approach on stakeholder involvement for RBMPlanning • Support connexion of thematic leaders with European expert community (EU Water conference, INBO, ICPDR, CIS WG) • Support the instauration of a Dnieper day including coordinated actions in BY and UA • Development of the regional information exchange platform = common website/portal linked to partners, news flow, accessible information/material, regional catalogue of data sources, web mapping, etc • The elephant in the room: the great coordination and emulation power of the project run in a synchronised way in the 6 countries and the WFD applied in the 28 + 6 countries! 8