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“EUWI+ Project Progress in Armenia” by Vahan Davtyan


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“EUWI+ Project Progress in Armenia” by Vahan Davtyan
EU Water Initiative plus for Eastern Partnership (EUWI+East)
Project Progress Meeting
Minsk, Belarus, 26 April 2018

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“EUWI+ Project Progress in Armenia” by Vahan Davtyan

  1. 1. EUWI+ Project Progress in Armenia Prepared by: Vahan Davtyan Head of Water Resources Management Agency, Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia Prepared for: EUWI+ Project Progress Meeting & Strategy Development Workshop Minsk, 25-26 April 2018 European Union Water Initiative plus for Eastern Partnership
  2. 2. Institutional changes 2 • Merger of 4 monitoring organizations (Environmental Monitoring and Information Centre, Waste Monitoring Centre, Hydrogeological Monitoring Centre and Information-Analytical Centre) into a single Environmental Monitoring and Information Centre successfully completed and formalized in June 2017 • EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership (CEPA) Agreement signed on 24 November 2017: • Armenia undertook the same obligations for the 5 Water Directives as the Association Countries; • On 11 April 2018 Armenian Parliament unanimously ratified the agreement • Transfer to Parliamentarian Republic since April 2018: • No major institutional changes in water sector are envisaged at the moment
  3. 3. Ownership 3 • EUWI+ project is officially exempted from VAT and other taxes/duties in Armenia • Adoption of a package of Water Code amendments by Parliament (2 March 2018), including chapter on sanitation - Support by UNECE to develop part of the chapter; • Government of Armenia Resolution No 1584-A (7 December 2017) on EMIC lab relocation to the premises of the Institute of Chemical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (539.1 m2) – UBA Recommendation
  4. 4. Ownership 4 • Government of Armenia Protocol Resolution No 45 (26 October 2017) on Model Outline for Development of RBMPs – Support by IOWater • The server for Water Cadastre Information Database has been acquired as a result of cooperation of the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA and other international organizations.
  5. 5. Progress Assessment 5 • Slow progress in the initial phase of the projects, but things seem to improve now: • Concern over tender evaluation committees: • big differences between the assessment results of the International Experts and beneficiary organization representatives • To improve coordination and planning, since March 2018, EUWI+ Project Local Representative in Armenia provides summary monthly reports in Armenian language, including expected activities in the following 2 months • As a focal point I don’t receive information about project all activities.
  6. 6. Workplan Modification 6 • Flexibility of the workplan highly appreciated; • No major changes in Results 2 and Results 3 • Some additional activities within Result 1, to help Armenia in line with the new obligations undertaken by the CEPA agreement • Details to be discussed in the upcoming meeting of the National Policy Dialogue Steering Committee on June 19, 2018
  7. 7. Links with On-going Projects 7 • Close coordination with USAID ASPIRED and other projects and donors active in the water sector of Armenia • The role of the National Policy Dialogue is very important in ensuring the linkage with other on-going projects and activities in the country
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention ! 8