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EUPATI 2013 Conference: Patient involvement in medicines R&D: Bringing to life with EUPATI


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"Patient involvement in medicines R&D: Bringing to life with EUPATI", presented by Jan Geissler, EUPATI Director, at the EUPATI 2013 Conference on 19 April 2013

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EUPATI 2013 Conference: Patient involvement in medicines R&D: Bringing to life with EUPATI

  1. 1. Jan Geissler, EUPATI DirectorPatient involvement inmedicines R&D:Bringing to life with EUPATIThe project is receiving support from the Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking under grant agreement n° 115334, resources of which are composedof financial contribution from the European Unions Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) and EFPIA companies.
  2. 2. PublicResearch EthicsCommitteesCompetentauthoritiesPolicy makersHTA agencies& committeesResearch subjectInfo providerAdvisorReviewerCo-researcherDriving forceClinicalResearchFor patient-centric medicines R&D, weneed more trained patient advocates
  3. 3. EUPATI: A paradigm shift in empoweringpatients on medicines R&D Launched Feb 2012, runs for 5 years,30 consortium members,PPP of EU Commission and EFPIA will develop and disseminateobjective, credible, correct knowledgeabout medicines R&D “end to end” will build competencies& expert capacity among patients& public will facilitate patient involvement in R&Dto support industry, academia, authoritiesand ethics committees
  4. 4. EUPATI Internet LibraryEUPATI Educational ToolboxEUPATI Training ProgrammeTo bring this to life, EUPATI developseducation targeted at different levels100“expert”patientadvocates12.000patientadvocates100.000individuals
  5. 5.  Leading pan-EU patient umbrellagroups. EPF coordinates. Strong impetus from key academicpartners and research organisations Industry expertise in medicines R&D,IT, capacity building Advisory bodies & codes committed toensure independence and goodgovernance• EMA, Swissmedic, MHRA, BfArM• Bioethics, genetics, HTA, economics, evidencebased med.,patient advocacy• Ethics PanelWorking in partnershipwith strong governance
  6. 6. Coordination& CommunicationEUPATI Network& MeetingsNeeds, focus groups,literature reviewContent Development& Translationse-Learning& content platformCourse deployment,National PlatformsSustainability & GuidanceBringing to life: Our work packages
  7. 7. EUPATI National Platforms:Partnership on the country levelEUPATI National Platforms will... make sure EUPATI understands educationalneeds in R&D on national levelwhen developing content disseminate EUPATI’s existing training material andinformation on the national level To raise public interest about EUPATI in 12 countries To identify training faculty, logistics and financialsupport on the national levelATBECHDEESFRITIELUXMTPLUK
  8. 8. 8There are still too many empty seatsin medicines R&D.Join us to bring our vision to life.
  9. 9. Working in partnershipto empower patientson medicines R&D.Web:www.patientsacademy.euTwitter: @eupatientsas well as: