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Introduction to the breakout sessions & case studies presentations


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Rozalina Lapadatu
EUPATI Dublin 2015

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Introduction to the breakout sessions & case studies presentations

  1. 1. Romania on the EUPATI way Rozalina Lapadatu, Dublin, April 22, 2015
  2. 2. Patients representation Patients are represented:  In law debates regarding health system  In hospitals ethical committees Patients are not represented:  Romanian Drug Agency ethical committees (medicines and clinical studies)  HTA meetings Other needs:  National Clinical Trial Register  National Registers for Chronic Diseases
  3. 3. National Liaison Teams first step to create EUPATI National Platform 1. EUPATI trainees: Violeta ASTRATINEI, Rozalina LAPADATU, Cosmina UNGUREANU 2. Academia representatives: Prof. Dr. Ruxandra IONESCU 3. Media partners: Marius GEANTA, Delia BUDURCA 4. Industry representatives: still need internal approvals 5. Healthcare professional bodies: in progress EUPATI meeting, Barcelona April 2015
  4. 4. Our activity  Promoting EUPATI values within radio programs, conferences, meetings with local stakeholders  Presenting EUPATI Course during Melanoma Congress, Brussels, 24-26 April 2015
  5. 5. Project benefits in Romania For patients and patients advocates:  The importance of health education in having an informed decision  Understanding medical terminology and participation in clinical trials  Facilitating participations to ethic committees, health documents revision , reimbursement process For patients partners:  Both way communication doctor - patient  Patients- qualified partners in the decisions regarding medication, clinical studies and health politics