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EDF2014: Talk of Gudrun Magnusdottir, CSO and Chairperson, ESTeam AB: Interoperability Solutions


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Invited Talk of Gudrun Magnusdottir, CSO and Chairperson, ESTeam AB at the European Data Forum 2014, 19 March 2014 in Athens, Greece: Interoperability Solutions

Published in: Technology
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EDF2014: Talk of Gudrun Magnusdottir, CSO and Chairperson, ESTeam AB: Interoperability Solutions

  1. 1. Collaborating on Interoperability to Achieve a Single Market Interoperability Solutions Gudrun Magnusdottir language technology software
  2. 2. EDF Athens 2014@GMagnusdottir Translation 2 eCommerce Tourism Procurement Health etc
  3. 3. EDF Athens 2014@GMagnusdottir eHealth Information Infrastructure 3 EU countries are all islands with internal problems Will they improve their systems for the sake of their citizens in other EU countries? Only if the solution benefits their internal problems and is cost saving and effective. A single EU eHealth Information Infrastructure would be slow in uptake unless it is deployed in the first step within countries changing their systems and these countries are seen as leaders What is shared is meaning, actions and patients – therefor a single EU eHealth Information Infrastructure is viable
  4. 4. EDF Athens 2014@GMagnusdottir Creating a Information Resource 4 Multiple terminologies in the same language are merged into a unified resource. Linguistic similarity search maps units that share the same meaning.
  5. 5. EDF Athens 2014@GMagnusdottir …also Multilingually! 5 Cross language merge is deployed to find links and equivalence across language borders. . UK SE DE Countries without data fill in their language inside the resource.
  6. 6. EDF Athens 2014@GMagnusdottir Using the Information Resource 6 Maintain Explore APIs
  7. 7. EDF Athens 2014@GMagnusdottir Deploying an Open Infrastructure 7 Search API Linguistic Search Finds terminology and meta data cross-language Ontology API Traverses classification system to get meaning The Information Infrastructure would open the domain from Governments to software developers. SMEs building targeted solutions can reach a much bigger market.
  8. 8. EDF Athens 2014@GMagnusdottir IMHO Translation is not enough to achieve Cross Border Interoperability Data and Language Technology provide the only credible path for Semantic Interoperability To achieve a single market the EU needs DATA INTEROPERABILTY
  9. 9. EDF Athens 2014@GMagnusdottir Contact Gudrun Magnusdottir @GMagnusdottir