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EDF2014: BIG - NESSI Networking Session: Helen Lippell, Press Association and Sonja Zillner, Siemens: The BIG Project-Sector Forums overview


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BIG - NESSI Networking Session, Talk by Helen Lippell, Press Association and Sonja Zillner, Siemens at the European Data Forum 2014, 20 March 2014 in Athens, Greece: The BIG Project-Sector Forums overview.

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EDF2014: BIG - NESSI Networking Session: Helen Lippell, Press Association and Sonja Zillner, Siemens: The BIG Project-Sector Forums overview

  1. 1. Helen Lippell, Press Association and Sonja Zillner, Siemens European Data Forum, Athens, 20 February 2014
  2. 2. ▶Aims of the sector forums: ▶Understand the state-of-the-art ▶Identify gaps and opportunities for Europe ▶Provide industrial leadership to engage stakeholders ▶Develop Big Data application scenarios ▶Investigate and capture sector needs and requisites
  3. 3. BIG COVERS MAJOR INDUSTRIAL SECTORS, WITH NEEDS RIGHT ACROSS THE BIG DATA VALUE CHAIN Health Public Sector Finance & Insurance Telco, Media& Entertainment Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, T ransport Needs Offerings Value Chain Technical Working Groups Industry Driven Sectorial Forums Data Acquisition Data Analysis Data Curation Data Storage Data Usage • Structured data • Unstructured data • Event processing • Sensor networks • Protocols • Real-time • Data streams • Multimodality • Stream mining • Semantic analysis • Machine learning • Information extraction • Linked Data • Data discovery • ‘Whole world’ semantics • Ecosystems • Community data analysis • Cross-sectorial data analysis • Data Quality • Trust / Provenance • Annotation • Data validation • Human-Data Interaction • Top-down/Bottom-up • Community / Crowd • Human Computation • Curation at scale • Incentivisation • Automation • Interoperability • In-Memory DBs • NoSQL DBs • NewSQL DBs • Cloud storage • Query Interfaces • Scalability and Performance • Data Models • Consistency, Availabil ity, Partition- tolerance • Security and Privacy • Standardization • Decision support • Prediction • In-use analytics • Simulation • Exploration • Visualisation • Modeling • Control • Domain-specific usage
  4. 4. SECTOR FORUM ACTIVITIES - OVERVIEW Identification of sectors’ requisites Applicability of Big Data technology to each sector Elaboration of consolidated sector roadmap ▶Requirements and objectives from each sector ▶Big Data technologies and their capabilities, in conjunction with: ▶Technical Working Groups ▶Technical White Papers ▶Roadmap for each sector ▶Contributing towards an integrated roadmap (cross- sectorial)
  5. 5. ▶Interviews ▶Webinars ▶Questionnaires and surveys ▶Dissemination at events ▶Desk-based research ▶Digital channels ▶Compiling industrial use cases
  6. 6. ▶ Massive opportunities available to those who can exploit them… ▶ …but many businesses playing ‘wait and see’ ▶ Some sectors already advanced in Big Data usage ▶ Big Data technologies enable exploitation of existing and future data sets and streams ▶ Regulatory framework may be a blocker for data access ▶ Data sharing and interoperability (both within and between organisations) is a common issue ▶ Skills and training gap may hold Europe back
  7. 7. ▶ Collaboration between Press Association and Insight Centre ▶ Jointly analysed business objectives, workflows, technologies ▶ PA competing in a complex, fast-moving media landscape ▶ Processing and creating many heterogeneous data assets ▶ Key takeaways: ▶ Great potential in combining algorithmic and human curation approaches ▶ High quality curated data is a significant competitive advantage ▶ Data variety and velocity important for media ▶ Ecosystem of technologies is emerging
  8. 8. Get involved in the SRIA process: ▶Give us your business cards ▶Visit us at the EDF exhibition (stand 3) ▶Tweet us @BIG_FP7 ▶Keep an eye on our website ▶Join the mailing list