EDF2013: Invited Talk Bríd Dooley: Cross-archival content discovery in the digital landscape.


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Invited talk of Bríd Dooley, Head of RTÉ Archives, RTÉ Digital, at the European Data Forum 2013, 9 April 2013 in Dublin, Ireland: Cross-archival content discovery in the digital landscape.

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  • Part of RTÉ Digital team - inspired by our changing audience needs “Open”, shared business model for content access, availability - on behalf of the national broadcasterConnected - FIAT/IFTA, IASA, PRESTO Centre, FOCAL International Our ambition – to collaborate with experts in the “big data” world tohelp our audience better navigate and discover national digital archivesenable better discovery, interacting with external digital online communities for new “storytelling” enhance our business processes Progress in partnerships through new collaboration-in area of skills and content, and investment sharing - building on our experience to date pan-EU, technology and media content providers
  • We create countless “stories” every year - millions of stories linking us to our past. Stories capture a moment in time linking us to who we are nowEach story - an individual piece of content, but they’re also bound together. A unity that enables a content strategy - that acts like the “nation,” old and new, giving shape to the whole endeavor from trusted data sources - RTÉ ArchivesThese “stories” were and are created by producers, authors and sources in multiple formats — a cherished image, an important interview, a rare document or a unique event captured on film… combined today with a leading mobile app, a viral video, a great television or radio segment.Creating real-time linkages is a way to describe a nation developing its content strategy.The scale and opportunity grows in real-time, dailyThere is a balance between control — keeping content linkages to a coherent idea, and enabling openness, sharing and new possibilities that accessible data enables — allowing content to be “available” and make its way around the internet with new technologies – being shared enhanced and altered along the way.It can be used because the content is at a standard that is good enough, valuable enough to be shared outside our own circle of influence.
  • Can there be a platform for a diverse content strategy ? The semantic web enables effortless linking of different parts of the story- both for our audiences and our business users Because some content is not “in focus ” right now it does not make it less valuable or low-quality. Innovation may come from a smaller percentage of content because of the context and linkages that adds more relevance or is more in-depth, to connect more deeply with a story that links to a segment or audience who engage with a story in a new way. We do not know what will inspire - the topics, problems and desires that become important emerge because of possibilities that reaches out to the edges or engages with a topic or story in an entirely new way.The audience might not be there yet or they might be right there with you. Until you put it out there - you don’t know.
  • The role of comprehensive meta data design excellence is NOT to behave like a ruthless editor of content or sources but an enabler of potential linkagesWe are not to judge where incremental ideas come from that get dispersed systematically across multiple channels of conversations today or in the futureWithout comprehensive data design excellence – structure, application and standards - the resources spent on improving and linking content into a real-time accessible environment will be wasted. To create this world of content linkages and access we have set out on a path of collaboration and partnership around a shared vision The skills and resources to create a metadata platform that is worthy of the valuable content we possess and worthy of our users and audience’s attention
  • EDF2013: Invited Talk Bríd Dooley: Cross-archival content discovery in the digital landscape.

    1. 1. Linking multi-media archivecontent into the wider context ofthe nation’s cultural dataBríd DooleyHead of RTÉ ArchivesEuropean Data Forum 2013 1
    2. 2. Big Data and RTÉ 250,000 hours moving images 150,000 original sound 200,000 commercial audio 500,000 unique images 10,000 documents And growing by circa 20,000 hours per year..
    3. 3. VisionTo transitioninfrastructure, workflows, architecture anddata into an open accessible interoperableplatformfor audience-inspired content developmentfrom trusted national archives
    4. 4. About RTÉ Archives• Part of RTÉ Digital team - inspired by our changing audience needs Open Connected Progress Ambitions
    5. 5. RTÉ CONTENT DISCOVERY PROJECT• New Project – within the SFI- funded Insight Research Centre announced in Q1 2013 – One of three RTÉ projects in collaboration with DRI and DERI – Applying Semantic content discovery to RTÉ Archives – International standards and best practices designed and supported – Rights management incorporated into content provisioning National Trusted Digital Repository World class research centre in for Cultural and Social data semantic web and linked data
    6. 6. A comprehensive platform data set and sources
    7. 7. People…..Idea #1 Automated Content Discovery: Link from the past to nowIdea #2 The big data plan emergesIdea # 3 Content design excellence drives possibilities
    8. 8. Idea # 1Our essenceAutomated contentdiscovery Create real-time links Content discovery- looking to the future, building on trusted source-data
    9. 9. big data development + creativity = innovation resulting in newIdea # 2 storytellingThe big data plan emerges Can there be a platform for such diverse content sources, access points and development ?
    10. 10. Idea # 3 Data design excellence Open. Resources and linking content Partners and expertiseNot controlling via data design is valuable. combine around aeditorial, channel or shared visionaccess point
    11. 11. The collaboration story begins…• Team requirements in development across RTÉ, DRI and DERI• Direction and vision aligned• Project planning and scoping beginning• New territory for all collaborators linking trusted “nation archive content alongside leading digital innovators
    12. 12. Thank you