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ATMOSPHERE - Concertation Meeting EUBrasilCloudFORUM


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Trust is built based on guarantees, previous successful experiences, transparency and accountability. Yet, to-date, the technologies and frameworks necessary to raise confidence on cloud and Big Data applications is still lacking. It is crucial to create this confidence to encourage different business sectors to take up this technology and ultimately improve business efficiency and competitiveness. The ATMOSPHERE project focuses on this issue.

ATMOSPHERE will provide a solution to assess trustworthiness of cloud applications dealing with data and support the development of more trustworthy cloud applications.

Provide a solution to assess trustworthiness of cloud applications dealing with data and support the development of more trustworthy cloud applications

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ATMOSPHERE - Concertation Meeting EUBrasilCloudFORUM

  1. 1. Co-funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 - Grant #777154 Overview of the project @AtmosphereEUBR
  2. 2. ATMOSPHERE is a 24-month project aiming at the design and development of a framework and a platform to implement trustworthy cloud services on a federated intercontinental hybrid and resource pool. Considering a broad spectrum of trustworthiness properties and their measures Security, Privacy, Coherence, Isolation, Stability, Fairness, Transparency and Dependability. Supporting the development, build, deployment, measurement and adaptation of trustworthy cloud resources, data management services and data processing services, Demonstrated on a sensitive scenario of distributed telemedicine. ATMOSPHERE GOALS & PARTNERS
  3. 3. A Hybrid federated VM and container platform A development framework with three sets of services Trustworthy evaluation and monitoring framework Trustworthy Distributed Data Management Trustworthy Distributed Data Processing A pilot use case on Medical Imaging Processing Two CLOUDSCAPE-Brazil events Exploiting the legacy of EUBrazilCloudConnect, EUBra-BIGSEA, EUBrasilCloudForum and SECURECLOUD Expected Results Trustworthy Data Processing Services (TDPS) Distributed Trustworthy Data Management Services (DTDMS) Cloud & Container Services Management Layer Applications Federated Resources TrustworthinessEvaluation Platform(TEP)
  4. 4. A hybrid and federated platform Target: Resource providers requiring federating multiple sites. Application managers who need to measure the integrity, privacy risk, performance. Application developers to ease the development and maintenance cycle of applications with guarantees on performance a privacy and fairness. Innovative aspects Heterogeneous resources (Virtual Machines and LxD containers as first class hypervisors) and GPGPUs. Customizable and isolated virtual federated networks providing federation-level NFV services Considering containers as first-class resources for network federation. Hybrid federated container platform
  5. 5. Providing application developers with two layers of services to build up Data Analytic applications and a service to evaluate trustworthiness in design and runtime. Distributed Data Management Services for storage, retrieval, update and access of data in a cloud Guaranteeing features such as confidentiality and revocation and access authorization based on policies. Based on enclaves and focusing on SQL and NoSQL Databases. Services to develop data analytic applications as a set of composable building blocks. Evaluating Privacy risks and estimating execution deadlines for a given resource allocation. Detailed monitoring for the evaluation of performance, fairness, robustness and scalability with adaptive measures. Distributed Trustworthy Data Manag. & Processing Services
  6. 6. Dissemination and Exploitation WHAT? • A 1-day event • Location: Natal (CSBC 2018) • Speakers from research & industry • Sponsors • Demos & posters • SMEs’ Pitches • Position papers MAIN GOALS? • Share EU-BR best practices on cloud • Promote benefits of cloud for eScience • Link research with industry • Support EU-BR Policy Dialogue VALUE PROPOSITION? “A place where industry people, public sector representatives and research scientists can connect with developers behind some of the most exciting developments in cloud technologies. A forum for showcasing success stories across multiple sectors and organisations. A strategic event on common priorities and shared strategies in Brazil and Europe to facilitate consensus on the actions that matter.” PARTICIPANTS Multi EU-BR stakeholders: SMEs & startups, OSS, health professionals, municipalities, policy makers EU-BR PROJECTS Showcase results from 3th call & preliminary results from 4th call PRELIMINARY CONFERENCE TOPICS EU-Brazil Cooperation Research Excellence | Cloud Trustworthiness & Security | Standarisation & Legal Frameworks | Cutting edge cloud technologies: 5G, Cloud and IoT, Fog computing | Future Directions for 2019 | Demos from SMEs & Startups DISSEMINATION Web Platform Social Media Presence at events Communication Materials Synergies STAKEHOLDERS Open Source Communities Software Developers Startups, SMEs & IT vendors ICT Policy Makers Cloud Service Providers Health Data Services Newsletters BLOCK 25-26 JULY 2018 Inheriting the legacy from… EU-BR Marketplace Along with the
  7. 7. Ignacio Blanquer – - (Universitat Politècnica deValència) Francisco Brasileiro – - (Universidade Federal de Campina Grande) Check our web page Connect on LinkedIn @AtmosphereEUBR Follow on Twitter REGISTER FOR THE NEWSLETTER www.atmosphere- CONTACT