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Benchmark of Events at European level.

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  1. 1. 1a ed izi on eEuropean Best Event Awards 2011 - Events Case Studies
  2. 2. 20 [editorial]eEuropean Bea,99 on the attack Never before have I been so evaluated, one by one, by a jury made up of 26 pleased with the performance of representatives, holding different roles in the European the European Best Event Awards event industry, headed by Carlo Jean Marie Hermes, in terms of quality and number business communication expert and consultant for of events competing. Nearly 100 Ceremonial and Event management at Eni Group. A events registered to the 2011 first selection was made on line by each juror. 50 edition of European Bea. An shortlisted projects were subsequently voted during the excellent result, clearly plenary session, in Milan on 4th October 2011. The jury increasing in respect to the last awarded the first three prizes and, in addition, two-year period. The award categories and technical excellence prizes. Thisorganized by ADC Group blows out seven birthday publication, European Event Annual, is the novelty ofcandles: born in 2004, during the first two years it was the year and is like a showcase of all the projects thataccessible to Italian structures only; subsequently, competed for the Eurpean Bea 2011 podium. Allstarting from 2006, it gathered applications and positive winners, which are presented in the following pages,feedback from all over Europe. This is a record holder are always rewarded during the award ceremony inyear: 99 registered projects submitted from 12 Milan, in the widest setting of Bea Expo Festival.European countries. To compete for the Little GoldenElephant, the symbol of excellence, 46 agencies, Salvatore Sagonecompared to 36 registered in 2010. Projects were chairman ADC Group 3
  3. 3. European Best Event Awards 2011 EDITOR Salvatore Sagone EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Marina Bellantoni EDITORIAL STAFF Chiara Pozzoli EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Francesca Chittaro TRANSLATION Laura Marongiu ART DIRECTION Alessandra Pidò SALES DIRECTOR Cristina Concari ACCOUNT DIRECTOR Andrea Parmigiani ACCOUNT MANAGER Alessandra Cellina Elisabetta Zarone Andrea Gervasi (Roma) SUBSCRIPTION MARKETING E COMUNICAZIONE Mila Camnasio PRINT Lasergrafica Polver via Kramer, 17/19 - 20129 Milano Published by ADC Group president: Salvatore Sagone; ceo: Giulio Bortolussi Editorial office: Via Fra Luca Pacioli, 3 - 20144 MilanoTel. +39 02 83102315 Fax + 39 02 36592735 Registered office: Via Freguglia, 2 - 20122 Milano Print in November 2011
  4. 4. 20 [summary]e Events by event type 18. BtoB Event 74. Product / Service Launch 27. Celebration / Festivity 82. Public Event 34. Congress / Convention 93. Roadshow 38. Cultural Event 102. Sport Event 44. Educational / Training Event 107. Sustainable Event 45. Event for Non Profit / Social Organization 108. Unconventional Event 49. Fair 115. Web Event 53. Green Event 55. Incentive / Team Building 59. Internal Company Event / Convention 72. Musical Event * The summaries are ordered alphabetically first by typology and then by organising company, except when the adjacent page is an advertisment. ** Because of layout requirements, the titles of some events are abbreviated. 5
  5. 5. Nostro Vostrol’impegno ad offrirvi il piacere di vivere in spazi ampi e modernissimi ununa struttura dalle grandi momento di lavoro che si trasformerà in un’occasionepotenzialità. memorabile. via della Fiera 23 — 47923 Rimini tel 0541 711500 — fax 0541 711505
  6. 6. The jury
  7. 7. 20eEubea 2011, The jury [I ta ly ] CARLO HERMES MANAGING DIRECTOR HERMES & PARTNER Carlo has been working in the communications industry for 23 years, focussing on corporate events and important communication projects. He worked in the marketing and communication department of several important companies: British Airways, Olivetti and Enel. In 2007, he was executive director of the World Energy Congress. Today, he is a consultant for eni, dealing with ceremonies and events. He teaches events management and communication. 8
  8. 8. 20 [eubea 2011 - the jury]e [S p a in ] [Fra n ce ] [S p a in ] [A u st ri a ] [Germany]JOSÉ GARCIA MICHEL BENSADOUN ANDER BILBAO CHRISTOPH BERNDL DIANA BUSSAGUAROD ANAÉ PRESIDENT MEMBER CLUB PARA EDITOR IN CHIEF VICE PRESIDENT CORPORATEPARTNER AND SALES MANAGER LA EXCELENCIA MESSE & EVENT COMMUNICATIONSGRUPO EVENTOPLUS MESSER GROUPJosé graduated in Business Michel graduated in Ander graduated in Law in Born in Vienna in 1972, Born in Münster in 1971,Administration from the Medicine and worked as a 1987 and completed an Christoph started in 1988 Diana studiedUniversities of Barcelona, GP for a few years before International Mba in 1989. to engage in regular CommunicationsFrankfurt and Keele. He is entering the Pharmaceutical He became founding theatre activities as lead Management and has acurrently Partner and Sales industry and receiving partner and Ceo of the actor and tours in Austria. degree in Public RelationsManager for Grupo training in Marketing. In Group Sörensen in 1990, He graduated in Drama Manager. Her area ofEventoplus, which includes 1981, he created a where he still works. He is and Musicology before expertise is, the most communication consulting a member of the Club being editor of a variety of Corporate Culture. Sheimportant Spanish website agency specialized in the para la excelencia en publications and websites started her professionalfor the events industry, field of health, Elebor, and eventos in Spain. (Compress Verlag, City of career in 1995 in theEventos Magazine, in 1999, a subsidiary called Vienna, Messe & Event Research & DevelopmentEventoplus Training, which Eos. In 2009, the companies magazine). In 2009, he of industrial gases fororganizes courses for merged with La Fonderie, became chief editor of Messer Griesheim, one ofevents organizers in an event agency, and Inwien, the leading event the leading producer ofMexico, Portugal and Michel became one of the guide for Vienna. In industrial gases, such asAndorra, and the associates. In 2009, he addition, he was the nitrogen and oxygen. InEventoplus Award. entered the Board of Anaé, organizer of and consultant 2004, she took over the a French event agencies for numerous concerts and responsibility for corporate association, and was elected was a member of the Jury communications within the its president in July 2011. of the Austrian Messe Messer Group in Bad Michel is also vice president Marketing Awards and the Soden, near Frankfurt am of an Ngo involved in Austrian Event Award. He Main. Cambodia. also initiated the successful event series Messe & Event Branchentalk. 9
  9. 9. 20 [eubea 2011 - the jury]e [Sweden] [Portugal] [Belgium] [Italy] [Austria]JENNIFER LUIS DIOGO CAVACO ERIK DE RIDDER MAJA DE SIMONI PETER DROBILCARLSSON MEMBERAPECATE MANAGING DIRECTOR MANAGING DIRECTOR HEAD OF BRAND MANAGEMENTCOMMUNICATION MANAGER EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE SICILIA CONVENTION BUREAU UNICREDIT GROUPFORTUMSince 2007, Jennifer has Luis was born in Born in 1968, Erik studied Maja has over 20 years of Born in Vienna in 1955,been Communication Mocamedes in 1968. After Hotel Management/ experience in event Peter has held a variety ofManager for Scandinavia, studying at the Faculty of Languages/Interpreter management as a senior jobs before becomingPoland and the Baltic Psychology and at the before starting his own project manager with Alpha advertising manager atcountries, managing all National Conservatory of company, Leo, in 1992, Studio Comunicazione ed UniCredit Bank Austria. Hecorporate events and Theatre and Cinema, he where he is still managing Eventi and is a qualified has followed many coursesleverage of the corporate embarked on a precursor editor and partner. The Cmp (Certified Meeting in business andsponsorships for the experiment in the events first publication, Meeting Professional) and Cmm management and has alsoenergy company Fortum. area as partner, creative Media Plus, now called (Certified Meeting given lectures at differentBefore this, she had held director and production for Experience Magazine, was Manager). She has institutions. Peter haspositions such as executive Publihappening, a reference Belgiums first Mice collaborated with the professional membershipsmarketing manager for in the events market in magazine. Two other titles European Event Roi Institute for the InternationalScandic Hotels (responsible Portugal. The company were later launched: The and she has been managing Advertising Association,of partner relations and organizes ExpoEventos and Corporate Traveller (1999) director of Sicilia Dialog Marketing Verbandcorporate events), product the parallel activities such as and Toys&Games (2007). In Convention Bureau since Österreich,manager at Real ‘Gala dos Eventos’. He has 2000, Leo organized the 2009, member of the WerbewissenschaftlicheEntertainment Group participated as speaker, first Benelux Event Awards. Executive Council of Mpi Gesellschaft, and Creative(arena events and musicals, specializing in themes such In 2007, it started the Italia Chapter for six years, Club Austria. He hasconcerts and tour as creativity, events and association for corporate and president from 2006 to published columns in,productions) and event business tourism, in forums event suppliers (Ema) and, 2007. Maja was also a among others, Austrianmanager at SJ (Swedish often attended by university in 2008, the association for member of Executive Business Women 2011 andRailway Company). students. event suppliers (Besa). Council of Federcongressi, in Die Presse and was acting as the Standards and member of the Jury for a Professional Certification variety of awards such as Committee co-ordinator. IAA-Effie, Green Panther and BoB. 10
  10. 10. 20 [eubea 2011 - the jury]e [Portugal] [Germany] [Norway] [Sweden] [Italy]PEDRO MIGUEL ULF GASSNER ELLING HAMSO CLAES LINDSTRÖM GRAZIANO MASCHERIGANDARA MEMBER FAMAB MANAGING PARTNER SEFS MEMBER MEMBER CONSULTACOMMUNICATION MANAGER EUROPEAN EVENT ROI DEGLI EVENTI -SAMSUNG INSTITUTE ASSOCOMUNICAZIONEBorn in 1972, Pedro Born in 1966, Ulf studied Elling graduated in Claes has worked in the Born in Milan in 1968,graduated in Business Sports-Business Management and holds a Nordic communication Graziano studied TourismAdministration in 1995 Administration at the Ph.D in Supplier-Customer market since 1988. He and graduated inbefore being hired by Sony University of Sport in Relationship Strategies from holds a Degree in Communication and Event’sPortugal in 1996 as Cologne. In 1993, he Manchester University. He Marketing Management Organization from theassistant product manager became self-employed in works as meeting from Ihm Business School ‘Scuola Superiore per ilfor video recorders. He held the field of sports management consultant and a diploma in Strategic Turismo’ in Milan. Over aa variety of positions, marketing. In 1995, he and managing partner of Brand Management. Since period of ten years heincluding deputy marketing founded Concept X - European Event Roi 2005, he has been the Ceo worked in three differentmanager, before becoming Strategische Institute. He was a member and partner for Fieldwork Italian companies in thecommunication and pr Kommunikation. In 2007, of European Council and Live Communication Mice field. In 2000, hemanager in 2009. He then 2008 and 2009 he received Research Advisory Panel of agency. Prior to that Claes founded Sinergie,moved to Samsung national and international Meeting Professionals worked as Ceo and Co- specialized in conventions,Electronica Portuguesa as awards like the Eva (German International. He was founder in several Swedish meetings, incentive travelcorporate marketing Event Award) and EuBea. ranked 5th by Conference communication companies and special events. With hismanager. He is in charge, He currently is a board & Incentive Travel Magazine such as Ad Pepper Media company, Graziano isamong other things, of member of Famab (German on their list of the 50 most AB, Ad ON Media Nordic member of Consulta deglideveloping and association for direct influential people in the UK AB, Media Event AB and Eventi. Before deciding toimplementing brand economic communication) meetings and events Media Byrån AB. Claes also continue his studies andstrategies and product and Fme - Forum Marketing industry and the Swedish held a position as Sales start a new experience in amarketing strategies. Event Agencies. In 2008, he magazine Meetings Manager for the advertising congress and incentive founded 27Names, International placed him as department at Sweden’s agency, he had been a chef currently the biggest 11th on the list of the 100 largest newspaper, in a 3 stars Michelin network of independent hottest names in the Expressen. restaurant. event agencies in Europe. Scandinavian meetings industry. 11
  11. 11. 20 [eubea 2011 - the jury]e [Germany] [Portugal] [Portugal] [Germany] [Spain]MICHAEL MUELLER RUI OCHOA MIGUEL OSÓRIO MICHAEL ROSE CHRISTOPHGROUP LEADER/CORPORATE MANAGING DIRECTOR DIRECTOR/BOARD MEMBER DIRECTOR OF PROTOCOL AND TESSMARMARKETING EVENT POINT SONAE MC EVENTS DEUTSCHE MESSE CONGRESS MANAGERSAMSUNG ELECTRONICS SANOFI AVENTISBorn in Germany in 1977, Born in Oporto (Portugal) Miguel holds a degree in Born in Stuttgart in 1965, Christoph was born inMichael joined Samsung in 1969, Rui graduated Economics from the Micheal worked for the Heidelberg (Germany) inElectronics Germany in with a Major in Social University of Lisbon and Visitor Service of the 1964. After his studies, he1999, working in the Communication from later joined Sonae as Federal Republic of started his professionalnewly founded Corporate Oporto Higher College of advertising manager for Germany from 1992 to career at BoehringerMarketing department. He Journalism. Over the years, the brand Continente. In 1998 and for Expo 2000 Mannheim as areaworked on different he has worked with 2005, he became head of GmbH as Director VIPs and manager for some Southprojects leading to fairs, several national advertising for the Delegations from 1998 to American countries. Insponsorships, events and newspapers and following brands: 2000. He has been director 1990, he moved tocollaborations, and was magazines and in Continente, Modelo, of Conferences and Events Boehringer Mannheim inresponsible for several particular has contributed Modelo Bonjour, Worten, Dach for Idc Central Barcelona where he wasCustomers-Public Events, to the development of Sport Zone, Vobis and Europe GmbH since 2001 put in charge of theIFAs, CeBITs, the Olympic Festas&Eventos, the only Modalfa. From 2008 to and head of Protocol and organization of someCampaigns & Olympic Portuguese publication 2011, he was the Corporate Events at events and congresses.Torch Relays, 12th Iaaf specialized in the marketing director for the Deutsche Messe AG since Remaining in theWorld Championship professional events sector brands Continente and 2005. pharmaceutical industry, inBerlin 2009. He is currently since its beginning in Modelo. Miguel is currently 1999 he joined Sanofi asin charge of the Corporate 2003. In 2008, Rui member of the Executive congress manager. He is inLive Communication for became the general Committee for the food charge of all the events ofSamsung Electronics management of retail area of Sonae and is the company (national andGermany. In 2009, he Festas&Eventos. In 2011, responsible for marketing international congresses,started an Mba in Live the magazine changed its and loyalty programmes. product presentations,Communication at the TU name to Event Point. symposia, sales conventionsChemnitz, which he has and booth design), nearlynow almost completed. 500 events per year. 12
  12. 12. 20 [eubea 2011 - the jury]e [Belgium] [Netherlands] [France] [Netherlands] [United Kingdom]BRIGITTE VAN DAM PAUL VAN DER ERIC VILARDEL SJOERD WEIKAMP ANDREW WRIGHTMARKETING & HEIJDEN HEAD OF EVENT MANAGEMENT EDITOR IN CHIEF EVENTIA MEMBERCOMMUNICATIONS MANAGER EVENTS MANAGER ACHMEA & PATRONAGE AMUNDI EVENT BRANCHEALCATEL-LUCENTAfter graduating in Public Paul has broad marketing Born in Paris in 1974, Eric After studying Journalism Andrew has been in theRelations and Tourism, expertise and experience he studied Private Law before and Communication, Sjoerd hotel, catering and eventsBrigitte started working for acquired by working as a starting his professional worked for the publisher business for over thirtyAlcatel-Lucent in 1981. In marketing consultant for career at the event agency Reed Business on the event years, starting with The1991, she became assistant political and commercial Bso. After shortly working magazine Feestelijk Savoy Group back in 1972.for customer organizations, for Sfr, he went back to Zakendoen and on He Since then his career hascommunications in the independently or as Bso as head of later started a new title for spanned through hotelmarketing department and responsible for a project development, then head of event professionals: management and cateringresponsible for the events a team. He is currently sales and finally deputy, where he companies. He was Groupfew years later. She now working in the corporate Ceo. While at Bso, Eric was still works as chief editor. It Business Development forrepresents market marketing, media and in charge of the first now publishes six Millburn’s Restaurants,communications in the sponsoring fields at French catalogue of ‘plug EventBranche Magazines, a which catered in the BritishBenelux area and Achmea; the largest Dutch and play events’ and online news-platform, six Museum and theimplements the marketing insurance company which worked on the launch of networking events and a Shakespeare’s Globe. He isplans. This involves, among has, over the past few years, ID Events, dedicated to trend magazine currently managing directorother things, the turned to events, pr and the Corporate Events. In 2008, Events&MICE per year. It at Fab! (eventsorganization of events, Internet to build a genuine he joined Amundi, as head also cooperates with the organization, weddingworkshops, seminars, team dialogue with its of Event Management. In major Dutch event planning, mkt and pr). Hebuilding, distribution of stakeholders. 2010, he was put in associations. Personal has been a board membergifts, newsletters, mailing charge of sponsorships interests: playing tennis and of the Cea, and of Eventia.and sponsoring. She is a (Villa Medici, Orchestre football; Sjoerd also partly He has also been involvedboard member of the Philharmonique de Radio owns a local sportsbar and with the Awards for yearsEvents Managers France, Acf). supports his local football and has chaired the EventiaAssociation. club De Graafschap from Awards committee. Doetinchem. 13
  13. 13. FIRST PRIZE Surprise Catwalk Organizer: Fieldwork Client: The Salvation Army (Fretex) Event type: Unconventional Event Country: NorwaySECOND PRIZE EDP 35th birthday – ‘Energia Douro Concert’ Organizer: Desafio Global Ativism SA Client: EDP - Portuguese Electric Power Company Event type: Celebration/Festivity Country: PortugalTHIRD PRIZE ˇ Skoda World Dealer Conference ˇ Organizer: Vok Dams Agency for Events and Live-Marketing Client: Skoda Auto Event type: Congress/Convention Country: GermanyAWARDS BY EVENT TYPE CONGRESS/CONVENTION INCENTIVE/TEAM FIRST PRIZE BUILDING ˇBTOB EVENT Skoda World Dealer Conference FIRST PRIZEFIRST PRIZE Organizer: Vok Dams Agency for Events Coca Cola - RED Battle Of ExecutionGeberit Top Meeting and Live-Marketing Organizer: Uppartner ˇ Client: Skoda AutoOrganizer: Vok Dams Agency for Events Client: Coca Cola Portugaland Live-Marketing Country: Germany Country: PortugalClient: Geberit VertriebsCountry: Germany SECOND PRIZE 48 Horas con Telefónica SECOND PRIZE Organizer: Quum Comunicación RealeSECOND PRIZE Client: Telefónica de España Organizer: Global EventsFalling in love in Italy Country: Spain Client: RealeOrganizer: Promoconvention - GruppoInput Country: SpainClient: Lavazza CULTURAL EVENTCountry: Italy FIRST PRIZE INTERNAL COMPANY Festivities of the Proclamation of EVENT/COMPANYTHIRD PRIZE Republic with Festival dos Oceanos CONVENTIONHotpoint - The Movie Organizer: Realizar Worldwide Events FIRST PRIZEOrganizer: K-events Client: Associação de Turismo de Lisboa Strong Characters. Stronger Together.Client: Indesit Company Country: United Kingdom Senior Executive Convention 2011Country: Italy Organizer: Circ GmbH & Co. kg EVENT FOR NON Client: Continental AGCELEBRATION/FESTIVITY PROFIT/SOCIAL Country: GermanyFIRST PRIZE ORGANIZATIONEDPS 35th birthday - ‘Energia Douro FIRST PRIZE SECOND PRIZEConcert’ Nederland helpt Japan HMI JAT 2011Organizer: Desafio Global Ativism SA Organizer: Xsaga Organizer: Hagen Invent GmbH & Co. kgClient: EDP - Portuguese Electric Power Client: The Red CrossCompany Client: Ergo Lebensversicherung Country: The NetherlandsCountry: Portugal Country: Germany FAIRSECOND PRIZE FIRST PRIZE THIRD PRIZE77MTA Celebrations I am photokina 5th anniversary of MetinvestOrganizer: WRG Creative Communication Ltd Organizer: Jung von Matt/relations GmbH Organizer: K-eventsClient: Qatargas Client: Nikon Europe Client: Metinvest GroupCountry: United Kingdom Country: Germany Country: Italy 14
  14. 14. [european Bea 2011- the winners] THIRD PRIZE SECOND PRIZE Lavazza - The Official Coffee of Wimbledon Technology and value creation. The future is Organizer: Promoconvention - Gruppo Input in your hands. Client: Lavazza Organizer: SCP Sistemas de Comunicación Country: Italy Puntual Client: Repsol - Executive MarketingMUSICAL EVENT ROADSHOW Department EuropeFIRST PRIZE FIRST PRIZE Country: SpainEDPS 35th birthday - ‘Energia Douro Uefa Champions League Trophy Tour 2010Concert’ presented by UniCredit THIRD PRIZEOrganizer: Desafio Global Ativism SA Organizer: ajoint. communication GmbH ‘MMA celebrates its employees’Client: EDP - Portuguese Electric Power Client: UniCredit Group Organizer: Denis&CoCompany Country: Germany Client: MMACountry: Portugal Country: France SECOND PRIZE TGVs 30th BirthdayPRODUCT/SERVICE Organizer: Auditoire CREATIVE IDEALAUNCH Client: Sncf - Société Nationale des FIRST PRIZEFIRST PRIZE Chemins de Fer Unilevers Innovation FairPavillon 21 MINI Opera Space Country: France Organizer: La 5aOrganizer: Metzler : Vater GmbH Client: UnileverClient: MINI (BMW Group) THIRD PRIZE Dicoms road show for Iniciativa BMW Country: SpainCountry: Germany Organizer: Dicom Client: Iniciativa BMW SECOND PRIZESECOND PRIZE The hairiest village of the worldE-Postbrief Launch Events Country: Spain Organizer: Jung von Matt/relations GmbHOrganizer: Uniplan GmbH & Co. kg Client: Panasonic Marketing EuropeClient: Deutsche Post DHL UNCONVENTIONAL EVENT Country: GermanyCountry: Germany FIRST PRIZE Tramp a Benz Organizer: Jung von Matt/relations GmbH THIRD PRIZETHIRD PRIZE The Cubanization of Germany ˇSkoda World Dealer Conference Client: Daimler AG Country: Germany Organizer: Jung von Matt/relations GmbHOrganizer: Vok Dams Agency for Events Client: Pernod-Ricard Deutschlandand Live-Marketing Country: Germany ˇClient: Skoda Auto WEB EVENT/MEDIA EVENTCountry: Germany FIRST PRIZE Tramp a Benz DIRECTIONPUBLIC EVENT Organizer: Jung von Matt/relations GmbH FIRST PRIZEFIRST PRIZE Client: Daimler AG 75th Anniversary of Shakhtar DonetskPicnic in the biggest urban farm Country: Germany Organizer: K-eventsOrganizer: Realizar Worldwide Events Client: Shakhtar DonetskClient: Continente Sonae AWARDS BY EXCELLENCE Country: ItalyCountry: United Kingdom AUDIO/VIDEO/LIGHTING SECOND PRIZESECOND PRIZE PRODUCTION Evening Event at the conferenceEDPS 35th birthday – ‘Energia Douro FIRST PRIZE ‘InvestmentAktuell 2011’Concert’ AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011 Opening Show Organizer: insglück Gesellschaft fürOrganizer: Desafio Global Ativism SA Organizer: Auditoire Markeninszenierung mbHClient: EDP - Portuguese Electric Power Client: QLOC (Qatar Local Organizing Client: Union Asset ManagementCompany Committee) HoldingCountry: Portugal Country: France Country: Germany 15
  15. 15. [european Bea 2011- the winners]THIRD PRIZEUnilever Benelux Experience 2011 ‘A Organizer: Música no Coração Client: tmn SPECIAL AND PUBLISHERdate with the Planet’ Country: Portugal AWARDSOrganizer: Dechesne & BoertjeClient: Unilever Benelux STAGING/SET DESIGN BEST EVENT AGENCYCountry: The Netherlands FIRST PRIZE FIRST PRIZE International Opening Event for the Desafio Global Ativism SA - PortugalLOCATION/SETTING Hanover Trade Fair 2011 SECOND PRIZEFIRST PRIZE Organizer: insglück Gesellschaft für Vok Dams Agency for Events and Live-Colosseum on fire Markeninszenierung mbH Marketing - GermanyOrganizer: Alphaomega Client: Deutsche Messe THIRD PRIZEClient: Roma Capitale Country: Germany Jung von Matt/relations GmbH -Country: Italy Germany SECOND PRIZESECOND PRIZE E-Plus Partner Shop Conference ‘The Day BEST EVENT COMPANYDanisco Business Forum, Spring 2011 of the Truth’ FIRST PRIZEOrganizer: Welcome Event Marketing Organizer: Vok Dams Agency for Events EDP – Portuguese Electric PowerClient: Danisco and Live-Marketing Company - PortugalCountry: Denmark Client: E-Plus Retail SECOND PRIZE Country: Germany The Salvation Army (Fretex) - NorwayTHIRD PRIZE THIRD PRIZEDare to Dream - Gold Conference 2010 THIRD PRIZE ˇ Skoda Auto - GermanyOrganizer: Creo Linde Material Handling at CeMAT 2011Client: Oriflame Natural Swedish Organizer: insglück Gesellschaft für EVENT EVALUATIONCosmetics Markeninszenierung mbH Ballast Nedam Innovation Day 2010 |Country: Italy Client: Linde Material Handling Internal Event Country: Germany Organizer: Beng! AmsterdamMEDIA MIX Client: Ballast NedamFIRST PRIZE SPECIAL EVENT TYPE Country: The NetherlandsPavillon 21 MINI Opera Space TECH. INNOVATIONOrganizer: Metzler : Vater GmbH LOW BUDGET EVENT International Opening Event for theCommunication Group Surprise Catwalk Hanover Trade Fair 2011Client: MINI (BMW Group) Organizer: Fieldwork Organizer: insglück Gesellschaft fürCountry: Germany Client: The Salvation Army (Fretex) Markeninszenierung mbHSECOND PRIZE Country: Norway Client: Deutsche MesseLjusruset - The Light-Run Country: GermanyOrganizer: Minnesota Communication, MOST VALUABLE EVENTPrime PR and Garbergs (HIGH BUDGET) SPACE/ENVIRONMENT/Client: Fortum Power and Heat ˇ Skoda World Dealer Conference SETTINGCountry: Sweden Organizer: Vok Dams Agency for Events Danisco Business Forum, Spring 2011 and Live-Marketing Organizer: Welcome Event Marketing ˇ Client: Skoda Auto Client: DaniscoNOTORIETY/PRESS Country: DenmarkRETURN Country: GermanyFIRST PRIZELaunch of the Tramway in Reims INTEGRATED EVENT GREEN/SUSTAINABLEOrganizer: Auditoire EDPS 35th birthday - ‘Energia Douro EVENTClient: Reims Métropole Concert’ Ljusruset - The Light-RunCountry: France Organizer: Desafio Global Ativism SA Organizer: Minnesota Communication, Client: EDP - Portuguese Electric Power Prime PR and GarbergsSECOND PRIZE Company Client: Fortum Power and HeatFestival Sudoeste tmn Country: Portugal Country: Sweden 16
  16. 16. All the events
  17. 17. 20 [btob event]eSamsung ExperienceDinner 2010This unique event was supported by three guiding Samsungs philosophy appealing to the human senses.ideas: ‘Understated pleasure not ostentatious Pleasure that was not limited to have the mostextravagance’, ‘Broadening horizons–not superficial expensive food on the plate but something selected andchat’ and ‘Content that creates stories’. The main idea special. A programme that was not just something to fillcommunicated derived from the slogan of the current in the breaks but something stimulating and inspiring.campaign (‘A new dimension of experience’) and was Brand psychology, culinary specialities and incomparable‘Samsung Inner Circle - Ifa Experience Dinner’. organisation were linked together. Framed by fittingSamsungs brand pillars of design, innovation and architecture, underpinned by a composition ofexperience were utilized in all events resources. These atmospheric lights and a specially composed tapestry offactors were used to create an event based on sound. Results: The no-show rate was 0%. The event was judged to be an outstanding success on the basis of an overwhelming feedback and the achievement of all its objectives. It was a once in a lifetime event where everything slotted together in a perfect way. [ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany. Organizer: Cheil Communication Germany. Client: Samsung Electronics Germany. Date: September 5th, 2011. Target: customer Loyality. Location: Berlin, Hotel de Rome. Objectives: at a strategic level, the short-term goal was to promote dialogue; the medium and long-term goal was to consolidate the brand image and to generate a personal bond to the company. The target no-show rate is 10% at most. Budget: up 200,000 to 300,000 euros. 18
  18. 18. 20 [btob event]eAudi Test Drive in Åre 2011The idea was to give guests the chance to history. Audi Sweden’s sales team used this registerexperience a free test drive and to be instructed on two weeks after the test run in Åre. Guests werehow to handle an Audi Quattro in extreme conditions, invited to visit the local Audi car dealer for a new teston the frozen lake of Åre. The Audi Test Drive in Åre run and the potentiality of a new car client for Audi.consisted of five daily test groups with six cars divided Web and mobile pages were developed for the Audiinto four 1,5 hour passes led by experienced car Test Drive in Åre to encourage bookings. Results: theinstructors and it was open for everyone to register. Audi Test Drive reached 83 % of potential driverThe passes started with different car handling attendances (763 out of 960 persons) and 96 % of allinstructions followed by test runs out on the track. possible test drive passes were completed. NumerousThe group finished up with a debriefing and a social new Audis are likely to derivate from the in a well known restaurant in Åre. All guests Guests’ feedback was of a funny, rewarding and wellwere recorded with personal information and car’s executed event. [ DATA SHEET] Country: Sweden. Organizer: Fieldwork. Membership: 27Names. Client: Volkswagen Group Sweden (Audi Sweden). Date: February 14th, 2011; March, 13th, 2011. Target: people on holiday, business trip, etc. in the ski village of Åre. Location: Åre. Objectives: pure driving pleasure; to improve the image of the Audi Quattro brand and the understanding of the advan- ced technology available in todays Audi cars; to increase the Audi brand awareness further strengthening the brand as the best winter car. Budget: up 50,000 to 100,000 euros. 19
  19. 19. 20 [btob event]eAudi Dealer Meeting 2011At the core of the creative event concept was the of lightness. Results: The 24-hours ‘lightness’perfect and touching showcase of ‘lightness’ - the showcasing combined with the high-class but informaloutstanding product feature of the new ultra- atmosphere and the progressivity of the brand to createlightweight Audi A6, the innovative success factor of an unforgettable experience by strengthening thethe brand, representing an analogy with the target dealer’s brand loyalty and intensifying communication,group’s life - affirming attitude. To let lightness unfold resulted in the ‘best dealer meeting ever’.its full power, the concept was brilliantly brought to lifein five exclusive locations in Côte d’Azur and Monaco.Lightness, in all its emotional and rational facets, was atangible leitmotif and golden thread running throughevery detail of the 24hours event, which combineddriving experience, lifestyle and show. The locationsreflected lightness, a sentiment highlighted everywhere,in the contemporary event’s architecture, upmarketdesign, dramaturgy and tonality. Guests became part ofthis special attitude towards life, and were immersed inthe brand environment, sensing the unexpected power [ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany. Organizer: Hagen Invent GmbH & Co. Kg. Client: Audi AG. Date: February 19th; March 5th, 2011. Target: 3,500 international dealers and sales staff. Location: Cote dAzur, France, and Monaco. Objectives: to create a perfect overall experience of brand and product values, to strengthen brand loyalty and aware- ness amongst the most important dealers worldwide; to increase communication and partnership with dealerships, and, for the Audi group, to show their appreciation. Budget: more than 5,000,000 euros. 20
  20. 20. 20 [btob event]eLinde Material Handlingat CeMAT 2011‘Engineered for Your Performance’, the slogan inside, the ‘brand world’. The heart of the exhibitionlooked alive in the trade-fair display at CeMAT 2011 was the Linde brand pavilion. The display’s modernand was also realized architecturally. Prominent design reflected the core values of the brand:landmarks displayed Linde’s corporate identity in every performance, user-friendliness, innovation, versatility,direction imposing the large ‘Gate to Performance’ and robustness. These core values were illustratedwith the brand slogan. Spectacular: the driverless inside of the pavilion; outside, they were the elementsforklifts maneuvering the Moving Gate at the entrance linking the different exhibits together. Results: thanksof the brand pavilion. Well-marked walkways and to highly increased visitors’ traffic, ideal visitors’ stayclear, concise product presentations reinforced the duration, an increased number of qualified contactsslogan’s message. Outside was the ‘product world’; and exceptionally positive customers’ feedback, Linde`s exhibition was ‘the most successful exhibition in the history of the brand’ according to M. Höhn, head of communication and branding. [ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany. Organizer: insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung mbH. Client: Linde Material Handling (Lmh). Date: May 2nd-6th, 2011. Target: fair visitors. Location: Hannover Trade Fairgrounds. Objectives: Lmh wanted the brand to reflect confidence and gain recognition far and wide. The architectural dominance of the expo roof must be considered as the booth stood out from many other providers and competitors’ ones. Budget: up 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 euros. 21
  21. 21. 20 [btob event]eGran premier Acti 9After a complex and challenging brief, the decision customized music and artists performances. The scriptwas to create a tv program with a ‘Late’ format (Jay of the play was conceived to give the impression of aLeno type of program, similar to a talk show where an ‘Live’ transmission (‘Direct from…’) enhancing theinterviewer interacts with guests, performances and effect of spontaneity and increasing interest. Results:sketches). The audience would watch the program in 14 cities, 250 staff , 20 projection screens. 16m2 tomovie theatres, theatres and auditoriums around 14 90m2 from 240 meters of linear green carpet, 2,450cities and after they would enjoy a cocktail. The script metres of audiovisual cabling, 1,900 photos taken,of the program was obviously around the new 17.616 visits to web site. Capacity: 5,700, forecast:product, its features and related news. It included a 4,955, attendance: 4,525 (91,3%), customervisit to the production facility (with generation of satisfaction survey results: 9,1 over 10, best resultexternal footage), interviews to directors, and ever in the House. [ DATA SHEET] Country: Spain. Organizer: Karpa Marketing Group. Membership: 27Names. Client: Schneider Electric Iberia. Date: May 12th, 2011. Target: clients and sales force. Location: Alicante, Gijón, Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago, Gran Canaria, Bilbao, Málaga, Mallorca, San Sebastián, Sevilla, Valencia, Valladolid, Zaragoza. Objectives: to launch the ACTI9 range of products and make clients be aware of this launch relevance; to motivate and convince the sales force that this new range will be a market winner; to show the company’s new approach to market by presenting the core launch as it was never done before. Budget: up 400,000 to 500,000 euros. 22
  22. 22. 20 [btob event]eHotpoint - The Movie‘Hotpoint - the Movie’ took place on May 20th and devoted to fire and ice to represent the new21st in Rome at Studio 5 in Cinecittà and Chiostro di household appliances (washing machine, oven andMichelangelo. Cinecittà hosted the plenary an refrigerator). Everything was accompanied by aextraordinary 3D presentation in the style of a cinema spectacular light design show. The second day’spremière, rich in coups the théâtre and special effects programme, at the Chiostro di Michelangelo of thestarring the new range of Hotpoint products. In Diocletian Spa, included the second gala dinner andaddition, a high-tech interactive showroom area show entitled ‘Metamorphosis’, freely inspired bydevoted to the new products was set up. Guests, Ovid’s works, involving 40 artists from four differenttotalling 1,000 participants, moved to the set of countries, with a staff of 80 people.‘Rome’ for an astonishing gala dinner during which avideo mapping show was projected onto the stages [ DATA SHEET] Country: Italy. Organizer: K-events. Client: Indesit Company. Date: May 20th-21st, 2011. Target: Hotpoint Dealers. Location: Rome, Studio 5 of Cinecittà and Michelangelo Chiostro. Objectives: to introduce the new and innovative range of the Hotpoint household appliances to Italian and internatio- nal dealers. Budget: up 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 euros. 23
  23. 23. 20 [btob event]eFalling in love in ItalyFalling in love in Italy is the theme of Lavazza’s new the song ‘Vacanze Romane’. Results: over 20 Vips fromcalendar. In a showroom against the backdrop of Milan’s the jet set, eight magazine and newspaper editors inmost romantic setting (its canals), we created a garden chief, 20 Italian high level professionals and managers.of love where guests could experience the emotions of Over 1,200 press releases (384 on printed journals, 464the calendar’s photos. From the statue beneath the releases on the web and 348 on Tvs). Total audience:bridge, the path on real grass, the white climbing roses, 282,831,561 (Ots).hanging benches and over 2,000 roses, all the elementscreating the scene were conceived, designed andproduced to offer guests enticing corners and romanticniches where they could feel suspended in a headyatmosphere of love. It was a typically Italian ambience,with coffee as a love potion and dinner transformed intoa refined, romantic picnic. The large white space,marked by a Cupid’s arrow piercing the ground, was setaside for photography, framing the café that dominatedthe space from the summit of a spectacular staircase.Singer Antonella Ruggero enchanted guests when sheclosed the evening with her ‘unplugged’ performance of [ DATA SHEET] Country: Italy. Organizer: Promoconvention - Gruppo Input. Membership: AssoComunicazione - Event Department, 27Names. Client: Lavazza. Date: October 14th, 2010. Target: international press, Vips. Location: Milan, Ecliss. Objectives: to introduce Lavazza’s 2011 calendar plunging guests in a multisensory atmosphere inspired by the pictures’ theme, making them live a memorable brand experience. Budget: up 300,000 to 400,000 euros. 24
  24. 24. 20 [btob event]eE-Plus Partner ShopConference The Day of the TruthThe E-Plus Partner Congress 2011 became ‘The Day the fight and the event together with one of the mostof the Truth’. It is common to play with the symbolism popular tv hosts. The entire event, includingof boxing, but E-Plus means business! The heart and information during the plenum, a press conference, anhighlight of the event was a real fight. The opponent: exhibition and the party, were all integrated into theMaurice Weber, a professional boxer from the team fight. Another hall was turned into a large boxingWorld Champion Felix Sturm. Prior to the event, guests arena for the information during the plenum and thecould apply for the live fight. Two candidates were press conference. Results: evaluation revealed thatshortlisted and trained at the gym of the Sturm team 80% of all participants replied ‘very good’ or ‘good’for one week. The final contender: Christian, the when asked ‘How do you evaluate ‘The Day of theBaseman, Ricken would get in the ring of the boxing Truth’ overall?’. Boxing proved to be extremely targetarena that was erected for the event. The most popular group specific and offered numerous similarities to theGerman boxing ring announcer Roman Roell hosted world of E-Plus partnershop proprietors. [ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany. Organizer: Vok Dams Agency for Events and Live-Marketing. Client: E-plus Retail. Date: February 26th, 2011. Target: business partners. Location: Berlin, ewerk. Objectives: ca. 400 partnershop proprietors of E-Plus had the feeling that the E-Plus Group / Base is the right partner for the coming business year. They felt they had the best trainers and equipment (products and rates) available. Budget: up 400,000 to 500,000 euros. 25
  25. 25. 20 [btob event]eGeberit Top MeetingOn three different days and in three different stood in contrast to the classic early summer’s nightvenues, 2,800 invitees experienced a poetic dream. The dream-surprising, entertaining, innovative, sensual andcompany’s vision was entwined with culinary delights. optimally suited to the brand. Results: The feedbackThus, the motto took shape: a love story of was very positive. The event was documented in a HQdiscovering, losing, searching and finding in four acts. ‘dream book’. The results of the staff survey are notEach act represented a brand value. First act: available yet. Because of the high quality of the event,Innovation-Create quality of life; second act: guests were not asked to participate to the survey. It isPartnership-Share quality of life; third act: Know-how- important not to trigger any emotions and then toEnable quality of life; fourth act: ReliabilitySustainable control them.quality of life. The fifth brand value ‘quality of life’ wasimmanent in everything. Dreamlike. Rather old school?What was innovative about all that? The culinary lovestory did not take place in a castle, nor did a divaappear on a white horse… A space design on fourlevels, a wild chef and an innovative media concept [ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany. Organizer: Vok Dams Agency for Events and Live-Marketing. Client: Geberit Vertriebs. Date: May 13th -27th, 2011. Target: accounts. Location: Hannover, Hcc. Objectives: to allow invitees to experience the brand Geberit - to clearly position it; the concept should provide space and time for emotional, connecting experiences. Budget: up 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 euros. 26
  26. 26. 20 [celebration / festivity]eCelebration of Rome 1960Olympic GamesOn 25th August 2010 an impressive ceremony was spectacular lights show on Palazzo Senatorio andorganized in Piazza del Campidoglio to celebrate the Colosseum displayed historical images of Rome 196050th anniversary of Rome 1960 Olympic Games. A lot of Olympics. In addition, a public exhibition of Philately,stars and celebrities from the sport world took part in this Numismatics and Memorabilia totally dedicated to theceremony and recounted their memories, hopes and 1960 Games was also organized at the Tennisambitions in regard to the candidacy of Rome to the Association and showcased famous historic relics such as2020 Summer Olympic Games. The emotional climax of two Olympic torches, books and medals from the historicthe event was reached when Giancarlo Peris, the last Games. Results: the event succeeded in sharing andtorchbearer of Rome 1960 Games who brought the transferring history, values and culture of the Olympicflame to Rome, lit once again the Olimpic torch. A sports even to people who never lived them. [ DATA SHEET] Country: Italy. Organizer: Alphaomega. Membership: AssoComunicazione - Event Department, APA (Airport Promotion Agencies). Client: Roma Capitale. Date: August 25th, 2010. Target: City of Rome. Location: Rome, P.zza del Campidoglio. Objectives: to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rome 1960 Olympic Games with a view to the nomination for the Summer Olympic Games of 2020. Budget: from 100,000 up to 200,000 euros. 27
  27. 27. 20 [celebration / festivity]eAfc Asian Cup Qatar 2011Opening ShowThe show was spectacular, creating a huge wow and cheers from the stadium. Eventually, it enhanced theeffect. The progressive scenario increased the tension values of sport and sports’ cooperation. Results: a largeand crystallized emotions. The light show combined number of publications from both local and internationalartistic and technological expertise in an epic press, 50,000 people in the stadium, 600 million peopleperformance where light flowed in and out. Artists took as tv audience.part in the show by realizing a circle as a symbol ofunion. A huge firework device enlightened the stadiumand its surroundings, bathing Doha with lights and colors [ DATA SHEET ] Country: France. Organizer: Auditoire. Client: QLOC (Qatar Local Organizing Committee). Date: January 1st, 2011. Target: international audience. Location: Doha, Qatar. Objectives: to launch the Asian Cup by bringing every nation together and creating emotions; to celebrate the teams being all together in one stadium; to cheer up for the players; to amaze supporters, players and the whole world; to impress and show that Qatar is a great sport nation. 28
  28. 28. 20 [celebration / festivity]eE&Y Entrepreneur Of The Year2010 - 15th Anniversary EditionA real Oscar-style celebration in the heart of the down a glittering staircase, a gala dinner for 363showbiz city. The highlight was an amazing fashion guests and spotlight on entrepreneurship (videoclipsshow, featuring every finalist (entrepreneur) making an on large video walls surrounding the audience andoriginal artistic creation representing its business. Also: amazing creations on the catwalk during theinvitations to all finalists from the past fifteen years; entrepreneur’s fashion show). Results: guests had aparking valet and red carpet on arrival, a VIP-welcome, wonderful night out and felt like VIPs from theflashing cameras, cheering fans, an exclusive concert beginning to the end. The event acknowledged theby a well-known artist and a famous Dutch presenter current community of E&Y Entrepreneur Of The Yearas a host. A Hall of Fame also displayed the finalists’ Award winners. Guests felt that Ernst & Youngpictures as blow-ups on the walls. The fifteen finalists understands, stimulates and appreciates entrepreneursmade a great entrance: accompanied by showgirls and entrepreneurship and gave the event a 8+ mark. [ DATA SHEET] Country: Netherlands. Organizer: Dechesne & Boertje. Client: Ernst & Young. Date: October 9th, 2010. Target: finalists, company’s members & partners (400 guests). Location: Rtl Wentink Events/Studio 21, Mediapark, Hilversum, Netherlands. Objectives: to turn the annual award ceremony into an anni- versary edition; to create a glamorous and elegant evening perceived like a royal party and a prestigious reward for suc- cessful entrepreneurship; to create a brand-awareness leading to consider Ernst & Young the business partner that stimulates and rewards entrepreneurship. Budget: from 300,000 up to 400,000 euros. 29
  29. 29. 20 [celebration / festivity]eEDPs birthday - ‘Energia 35thDouro Concert’For a long time Edp challenged its agency to create a history took place in a 600 square metres stage,once-in-a-lifetime experience to celebrate the crafted by a team of 250 men and witnessed live bycompany’s importance and generate awareness in its 50,000 people and Vip guests, both on the stage andsocial and environmental concerns. But for its 35th on a two-storey boat in front of it. The concert wasbirthday, when the long-awaited new logo designed seen by 50,000 people and a million people tvby Stephan Saigmeister was revealed, the challenge audience, resulting in a massive media coverage andwas simple: to achieve the impossible. Many tried - show re-airing. With a potential return of 4,810,421and failed - to create a floating stage in the euros in editorial spaces and advertising, Edpstreacherous Douro waters but some memorable shows birthday was hailed as the event of the year.were also created in improbable settings, for exampleconcerts set on a dam and in a cave. Partnering upwith Sic tv channel for a live broadcast, the stakes [ DATA SHEET]were even higher and, after 3 months of production, Country: of the most magical concerts in portuguese Organizer: Desafio Global Ativism SA. Client: EDP - Portuguese Electric Power Company. Date: June 16th (3 days): transport from Lisbon to Porto; June 20th (10 days): floating stage set up, June 30th: floating stage river placing and securing, show rehearsals and promotion of the event, July 1st: live event. Target: national audience via live-tv broadcast, EDP employe- es via intranet streaming, 150 Vips, 300 guests, 50.000 Oporto residents. Location: Douro River, Oporto/Gaia. Objectives: to celebrate Portugal biggest company’s 35th anniversary together with the whole country through a once-in- a-lifetime experience in an historical and symbolical setting; to present EDP’s new brand; to generate awareness for EDP’s sustainable policies, in particular for what concerns Douro river. Budget: from 200,000 up to 300,000 euros. 30
  30. 30. 20 [celebration / festivity]eInternational OpeningEvent Hannover Trade Fair 2011The creative team wanted the opening ceremony surprised the audience by appearing on the stageto introduce a continuous stream of new ideas, just as structure and directly interacting with mediathe Hannover Messe itself does. The event employed a production. The public took a unique audiovisualconvincing combination of live artists and highly journey through the fair’s main topics, productioninnovative technological presentations to depict facilities and processes, data and resource flows andtomorrow’s innovations: 3D mapping. The production through the people’s living spaces, for which thesemade the new main focus of the trade fair, products and solutions are designed.Metropolitan Solutions, visible in the openingceremony: the stage was built in three dimensions,giving an industrial and urban touch while creatingmore space for innovative 3D mapping. Artists [ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany. Organizer: insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung mbH. Client: Deutsche Messe. Date: April 3rd, 2011. Location: Hannover, Congress Centrum. Objectives: with 13 flagship trade fairs and a huge number of innovations, the Hannover Messe was in full force in 2011; current topics related to the trade fair and the industry were presented at the opening ceremony. Budget: from 200,000 up to 300,000 euros. 31
  31. 31. 20 [celebration / festivity]e75th Anniversaryof Shakhtar DonetskFour months of work, a team including over 300 choreography of special effects. Impressive humanprofessionals coming from all over the world, 1,300 choreographies, like the one of 700 dancers shapingvolunteers, a 3-hour show: an Olympic production a flower garden to celebrate Donetsk, known as theorganized in a country with a different cultural and ‘city of roses’, brightly coloured 3D projections,social-economic environment compared to Italy, with performances and guest stars such as Milla Jovovichthe purpose of contributing to increase turnover and and Rihanna. The show led the public back in time,employment. One of the main tasks of the show was along the glorious past of the team, recalling many ofto connect the team’s past, present and future with a the club’s most memorable moments. Results: 51,000mix of Olympic flavoured ingredients, ranging from viewers and sale of non-reserved seats. Sold out. Thelive performances to solemn moments, enriched by a show was highly appreciated by the international press, which compared it to a real Olympic production. [ DATA SHEET] Country: Italy. Organizer: K-events. Client: Shakhtar Donetsk. Date: May 14th, 2011. Target: the Ukrainian public. Location: Donetsk, Donbass Arena. Objectives: to celebrate the anniversary of Shakhtar Donetsk with an unprecedented event in the world of football recalling the history of the team and illustrating the future of football in Ukraine. Budget: more than 5,000,000 euros. 32
  32. 32. 20 [celebration / festivity]e77MTA CelebrationsHigh production values, seamless execution and the construction of a 57 meters diameter circularsmooth logistics characterized December celebrations, structure - 20 metres high and with a roof capacity ofwhich turned out to be one of the biggest events that 50 tonnes. The ‘Tank’, as it was known, housed anthe country ever saw. Qatar Petroleum, Qatargas and auditorium and led to two exhibition spaces and aRasGas commissioned the creative concept for the lunch area. The venue was subsequently dismantledcelebration, its design, the building of the bespoke but is still available for re-use and is seen as one ofvenue at Ras Laffan Industrial City, and the the world’s largest semi-permanent, circular eventmanagement of the whole event production including structures. [ DATA SHEET] Country: United Kingdom. Organizer: WRG Creative Communication Ltd. Membership: 27Names. Client: Qatargas. Date: December, 2010. Target: 1,200 Qatari Royalties, vip. Location: Qatar. Objectives: to deliver a high impact celebratory event, desi- gned to enhance national pride; to create a platform able to tell the amazing story of Qatar’s development to its own peo- ple and to the rest of the world. Budget: more than 5,000,000 euros. 33
  33. 33. 20 [congress / convention]eIbac Roma 2011The creative idea was born from the centrality of power. The Gala Dinner took place in Galleria delRome in a globalized scenario, where metropolitan Cardinale, an elegant space in Palazzo Colonna, recentlyareas are the main drivers of growth and development renovated and designed to host exclusive events. Theof the land: a theme based on consistency and second day, dedicated to the organized works, wassimplicity which used the Capitol as a theater hub for all organized in the historical Campidoglio’s Giulio Cesareactivities. The welcome cocktail at the Exedra in the hall and was concluded on Terazza Caffarelli, hosting aCapitoline Museums was followed by the amazing light lunch for more than 70 people. Results: Rome wasprojections on Palazzo Senatorio in Piazza del recognized to be actually and actively committed toCampidoglio - an architectural projection, created implement a future land development andthrough a modern mapping technique, which administration, thanks to the efforts made to involve bighighlighted the cosmopolitan and eclectic identity of companies recognizing cities’ growth potential, not onlyRoma Capitale by means of images and music evocative at regional and international level. [ DATA SHEET] Country: Italy. Organizer: Alphaomega. Membership: AssoComunicazione - Event Department, APA (Airport Promotion Agencies). Client: Roma Capitale. Date: May 26th and 27th, 2011. Target: top management of Italian and foreign multinational companies. Location: Rome, Campidoglio Square, Capitolini Museums, Palazzo Senatorio (Sala Giulio Cesare). Objectives: to offer Rome and its territory a point of conver- gence and comparison among high profile projects and syner- gies on Sustainable Mobility, Tourism and Regional Marketing and Ict, in order to bring real added value to a complex urban reality. Budget: up 100,000 to 200,000 euros. 34