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Moonflower 2013 ppt on MC Scolaar

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  1. 1. The ChildhoodClaude MBarali, better known to musicfans as MC Solaar, was born in Dakar(Africa)on March 5, 1969. He moved to France withhis parents when he was just 6 months old. Hewas really good at Football (American’s“Soccer”), and started spending less time onschool and more time on the field. He reliedon his memory rather than his homework tosee him through.
  2. 2. Young ArtistClaude had been a passionate music fanfrom an early age, and growing up in the Parissuburbs he had been listening to rap musicthroughout his teenage years. This allowed himto begin to adapt to his new style. The youngrapper went into the studio in the summer of1990, accompanied by his sidekick Jimmy Jay, tostart recording a series of demo tapes. One ofthe songs on the demo tapes, "Bouge DeLà", went onto become MC Solaars début singleand it proved an instant hit, rocketing to the n°5spot in the national charts.
  3. 3. His FirstThe following year MC Solaar went on tosupport the famous American rap group De LaSoul when they performed at the Olympia inParis in September of 91. By the time theFrench rapper recorded his début album, QuiSème Le Vent Récolte Le Tempo (released atthe end of 91) he had become a major figureon the French music scene. This album wouldsell over 400,000 copies.
  4. 4. Chick MagnetMC Solaars innovative rap style revolvesaround soft melodies and finely-crafted poeticlyrics. The French rapper, renowned as aninsatiable reader of novels and newspapers andan avid collector of dictionaries, has anexceptional gift for language and his songs arefilled with clever puns and wordplay. On February1995 he received an award for Best Male Singerof the Year at the 10th edition of the French"Victoires de la Musique" awards.
  5. 5. The Inner MessageEarly on in MC Solaars career it wasimportant for him to share the struggles and thedifferent hardships for Black people thatmigrated to France and tried to make a living.Most of his music was dedicated to enlighteningthe population of a specific deeper message thatconnected to him in his life.
  6. 6. Some AlbumsSolaars career continued to evolvethroughout the late nineties and into the newmillennium. He released Cinquième As in 2001to critical acclaim and Mach 6 in 2003.
  7. 7. Just a bit more..MC Solaar is currently one of the onlyFrench rappers able to find success in theEnglish-dominated American Hip Hop culturewith his French prose. Solaar has appeared inmany Bollywood movies like Hum Tum. MCSolaar has also released a few songs whichnever appeared on albums, including "Commedans un film" (falsely known as "John Woo") and"InchAllah”.
  8. 8. Happy Ending?On December 7, 2003, MC Solaar marriedChloé Bensemoun and on May 7, 2004, and hadtwo children: Roman and Bonnie.