Jean baptiste maunier


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Moonflower 2013 ppt on Jean Baptiste Maunier

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Jean baptiste maunier

  1. 1. Jean-BaptisteMaunier:singing prodigy,acting savantErin BaptisteThe FutureAccomplishmentsChildhood
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION INTO A LIFE"Music is the purest form of art... therefore true poets, they who areseers, seek to express the universe in terms of music... The singer haseverything within him. The notes come out from his very life. They arenot materials gathered from outside." - Rabindranath Tagore
  3. 3. InFrance,therearemanyartists,manyinventors,entrepreneurs,androlemodels.But there is one particular artist and lover of all thingscinematic and musical that fits this particular quote…
  4. 4. AND ONE WHO WILL ALWAYS PUT ON AGOOD SHOW.…One who started his career young…
  5. 5. His name is Jean-BaptisteMaunier.Boy legend, musical angel, multi-genre actor, and forever French celebrity.
  6. 6. Walking through his Childhood• JB Maunier was born December 22nd, 1990 in Brignoles in theVar• Father was a cameraman and singer in a famous choir andmost likely his sons inspiration• He has a little brother, born in 1995, named Benjamin• His first big break came with his role in Les Choristes
  7. 7. Les Choristes(2004) –director, ChristopheBarratier, held auditionsto find boys to add to thechoir that would sing thesoundtrack to his up andcoming film. During theseauditions, a small boynamed Jean-BaptisteMaunier came tooaudition for a small, choirboy role, but what thedirector saw in this boycaused a spark to start, anew role to be cast, andfor JB Maunier’s career tobegin.
  8. 8. A List of SomeAccomplishments• After Les Choristes, JB Maunier found himself traveling theworld with the chorus who performed in the movie• He left the traveling chorus in 2005 to explore new actingopportunities, soon creating a name and career for himself aswell as a new found love for giving back to his community
  9. 9. Filmography• Les Choristes - 2004• Clip “La Fete du cinema” - 2005• Le Cri - 2006• Le Grand Meaulnes - 2006• Piccolo Saxo & Cie. - 2006• Hellphone - 2007• La Lettre - 2007• L’Auberge Rouge - 2007
  10. 10. He also continueda singingcareer on theside,partneringwithother Frenchcelebrities.ClémenceNora Arnezeder
  11. 11. So Much Time LeftJean-Baptiste Maunier is currently around 21 years old,…definitely a fun time in ones life.
  12. 12. But, as well as contributing his great film and musical career toFrances history, Jean-Baptiste Maunier has been and continues to giveback to many communities.“Les etoiles de lEspoir” and “Les Enfoires” are some charitiesthe young man has dedicated himself to.
  13. 13. And he is completely dedicated!
  14. 14. So whether with historical characters, dramatic anduplifting concerts, or outside, everyday work for hiscommunity, Jean-Baptiste Maunier is a Frenchmanwho has and will forever be rememberedthroughout their history.