Quino,Mordillo,Fontanarrosa Presentan Little World Mundo Chico


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Quino,Mordillo,Fontanarrosa Presentan Little World Mundo Chico

  1. 1. Por José Emilio Polo Madero (Polito) Mundo CChico 11
  2. 2. Edited and designed by: Editado y diseñado por: José Emilio Polo Madero 1475 SW 8th Street. Suite # 411. Miami,FL 33135 U.S.A Miami 12/07/2007 Polopetoon@hotmail.com Telf.Ph. (305) 528 69 74 To buy the book go to: http://www.lulu.com/content/2001151
  3. 3. Mundo CChico 11 Little wworld 11 Por (by) José Emilio Polo Madero ©1991,1992, 2007, 2008 DEDICATORIA A Dios, por ser el dueño del negocio; a mis padres Blanca Nieves y José Emilio ejemplos y ayuda en esta maravillosa aventura llamada vida. A mi hermano Henry por prestarme muchas de sus travesuras de infancia para este libro. A mis hijos: Karla, José Emilio y Jorge Emilio por ser quienes son y alegrar cada día. A mis padrinos Blanca y Víctor Flores, por su generosidad y apoyo constante. A Maritza Norton por ser el puerto seguro en cualquier tempestad y compañía serena en días de sol. A sus hijos que también son míos: Lydia, Stephany y Carlos. A las personas que he conocido y conoceré: cercanos o lejanos, ellos son la sal de la vida. A los lectores con la esperanza de que disfruten este libro tanto como yo lo disfruté creándolo. Sin ustedes este esfuerzo no seria posible. DEDICATION This book is dedicated to God, for being the owner of the business. To my parents Blanca Nieves y Jose Emilio for being role models in this marvelous adventure called life. To my brother Henry, thank you for lending me your childhood adventures. To my children: Karla, José Emilio and Jorge Emilio for being who they are and for bringing happiness to my life on daily basis. To my godmother and godfather: Blanca and Víctor Flores, for their generosity and constant support. To Maritza Norton for being a safe heaven in the middle of any storm and a great company during shinning days, to her -mine,too_kids: Lydia, Stephany y Carlos. To all the human beings I met and I will meet they are the salt of my life. This book is also dedicated with gratitude to my readers and hoping they enjoy this book as much as I did writing it. Without you, guys, this book would be only a dream. José Emilio Polo Madero Miami 12/07/2007 Polopetoon@hotmail.com
  4. 4. The goal of this book is for the reader to have fun. It designed to provide accurate information in regard to subject matters covered, with the understanding that both author and publisher are not engaged in rendering medical or psychological service. This book is not intended to be a substitute for therapy or professional advice. Mundo CChico 11 Little WWorld 11 Por (by) José Emilio Polo Madero ©1991,1992, 1993,2007, 2008 I would like to express my gratitude to: Nahyr Acosta, editor who first published this comic strip in “Tú” International magazine under the name : “Karla”, also to cartoonist José Luis López Palacios and writer Ralph Rewes (for information on his books: http://www.r1313.info). Without their help I wouldn’t be able to finish this project. Deseo expresar mi gratitud a Nahyr Acosta, editora de la revista internacional: "Tú", que primero publicó esta tira cómica bajo el nombre de: "Karla". Al caricaturista José Luis López Palacios y al escritor Ralph Rewes (para información sobre sus libros visite:http://www.r1313.info). Sin la valiosa ayuda de ellos no hubiera podido terminar este proyecto. Polito Esta publicación está diseñada para proveerle entretenimiento al ávido lector. Se ofrece con el entendimiento por parte del mismo que ni el autor ni el editor la dan consejo médico o psicológico de ningún tipo. Este libro no pretende sustituir la terapia o consejos profesionales.
  5. 5. Now, it will appear a Rabbit No tea today, I need something richer That neither, I need, something to gain some weight There! Henry, how is the experiment going with the giant Bees? So-so; They are not really agresive ... But they don let me get their honey
  6. 6. What a nightmare, I was dreaming that I was arriving to nowhere Bang! I’m singing in the rain... You know Punki, you made a gorgeous X-ray! Uff, this is glue! Where’s the paint?
  7. 7. I’m going to order pizza by Internet C’mon, faster! I don’t want pizza, I want a steak! I hide anywhere not to hear that flute again Fight clean, Take away the gloves from your face ? ? This too ?
  8. 8. I will surprise Didi with these flowers Come in Henry, take a look at the beautiful flowers I’m growing in my garden Do you remember that melody? Hum, “As Time Goes by” Don’t play it again, Sam! How are you going to call your new invention? What do you think if we call it: ”sandwich chair”
  9. 9. The girls will be amazed when they see these pictures Now paint one of one thousand Kilos Howdy, Howdy; so you are the new Japanese kid in town? I heard your name is Mitsubishi, or Toyota or Sanyo, or Toshiba by any chance? Stop it already, or you tell me your name or I’m goin to... Henry this is Toshiro the new neighbor: he is black belt in Judo. Hi, Henry... Little World
  10. 10. Men are not affraid of ghosts. It is weird, I heard people screaming everywhere. Did you see my pet? Wait ‘till you see mine. What do you think? It looks like Spot found something important I saw it in that direction,... He went bye like a speeding bullet. Yeah, he followed the scent of a dalmatian girl
  11. 11. Yiyi! Oh! No again.... Her dream is to become a flight attendant! Little World I bought the cake to celebrate Punki’s birthday It will be a nice Surprise Ooopssss! I bought another cake I’ll be more careful.... Happy bithday.., and buy the cake yourself...
  12. 12. I’m big, I feel like a grown up. Yes, but now, how can I...? I want to go down to buy candies... I’d told you so many times: “Don’t tailgate the school bus Did you like the fish I gave you? Yeap! But.. I put it in my fishbowl... ...And today there was not other fish left... Of course... it’s a piranha
  13. 13. Gooaaalllll! See...? no legs! I want to see how’s the moon today It looks weird! I think It would be funny to see the cheese from the telescope Again the Kids playing with the crazy glue
  14. 14. Hi, how are you doing? See ya! A toad who speaks, It should be an enchanted prince Yudi, Have you seen a toad with a little speaker on his head? I wouldn’t beleive that you are such a chicken... Spot, How did you get into that Can? Don’t worry, the neighbor tied his German Shepherd I’m going to scare the boys with my hallowen costume
  15. 15. Oh God! The guitar, the piano.... What kind of arts are you studying? Martial Arts.... CroakkIs it raining a lot outside? No Why did you lie to the little girl? Martians will never attack this planet. How do you know? We’ve been here for a while already Because....
  16. 16. Popcorn, Henry? Common, Hit me harder! I didn’t even feel that! Uaoh. that only tickles me What’s up Coqui, are you tired? I can box no longer, my hands and arms hurt. I Love my boxing robot.
  17. 17. Enough !.... Go ahead and get the freaking paper! Were you fishing, Henry? Did you caught something? He caught me! Oh, no again!!! I’ve told you a thousand times Whales can’t take a bath inside the house!
  18. 18. Definitely this Dog is stupid! He takes everything form outside, except the newspaper I’m running away.... I Just came back... ...for my things. Enough wars already!
  19. 19. I’m going to teach that rabbit Go into my hat because I said so Where is he Martial Arts training? I’m going to seed these beans.... Uaohhh, Magic beans!
  20. 20. -What beautiful figurines! _I Want to see them What do you see? Let’s go to Henry’s house Now he is doing some paintings. I ‘d always wanted to be an Art critic. Me too. Let’s go into the Artist Studio. Henry, the colors are poor and dirty. You have to Improve... This doesn’t look like the model. Looks like he didn’t like Critics. We better get into another career... Stars?
  21. 21. Testing; One, two, three... Can you hear me now? Your ice cream is melting. Finish it and take the microphone.... Genetically modified to make popcornIt’s corn ...And this plant? I harvested it Let me do the pitching. I don’t trust your aim.
  22. 22. Yiyi could you make me a superburger? Too small , I wanna a superburguer! I don’t love you Punki You Invited me to the movies and you didn’t come.._ Wait a sec... It was the robot that Henry did the one that invited you to the movies... Help, I can’t see anything, everything is dark! Coqui Eh, Didi? Where are you? You can see well, but there is a solar eclipse.
  23. 23. It was out! It was safe! It was out! It was safe! It was out! It was safe! It’s not easy to be an astronaut
  24. 24. _Sharkkkkkkkkk! Oh gosh! It wants to feed on me! Oh, shut up! Just don’t pollute the waters! What do you think of my music? Great. Marvelous .Magnificent! Punky wake up, keep it up,... you can beat him... What happened? That guy hit you with his right hand Call me when the match is over
  25. 25. I’m the first dog who catches a U.F.O. Henry let me introduce you the ghost of the inhabited house Ghost don’t exist How did you do that trick? Where are your manners, dude? Say, “Hello” Uaooooooh! Yiyi, who dropped a piranha in the pool?
  26. 26. I’m Going to rehearse for my birthday I need more practice! Sorry Coqui just testing my aiming I always trick coqui with these little balls... Oops! Henry I just wanted to build a snowman Little snow balls EHHH!
  27. 27. Henry, we bought you a TV I don’t need a TV, I have one. You used to have one A ball smashed it during yesterday’s baseball game
  28. 28. I’m going to turn on the electriciy to feel how this sounds. I’’d better turn the electricity off and change my hairstyle. Sharkkkkkkkkk! Helpppppppppppppp! Kidsssssssssss! Sharrrrkkkkk Scared you, didn’t I?
  29. 29. You don’t scare me! A Real Ghost!!!!!!! Look Henry Holmes, you found the foot prints you were looking for Yes Coqui Watson, the only problem is....... Dinosaur foot prints......... Oh no, “Batman For Ever” I watched it already
  30. 30. Some people say that it is dangerous to be here. There are... ... Speed boats We are going to give a serenade to those girls They are going to get crazy with our music You know guys; Hard rock, Heavy metal, Ok? Watch it, run for your life! Hard Rock is not contest for hard shoes !
  31. 31. I’m scared of heights! I know you want to bring the kids to school and everything... ... But what you think the traffic police is going to say You can not transform yourself in a school bus
  32. 32. A Monsterrrrr! I’m going to call the police Spot don’t go away when I’m giving you a bath..... You are good Henry, Thank you for taking care of my books every day Thank you Henry, you are a gentleman I will have to change school
  33. 33. UFFFF! Bring the newspaper not the paper boy Spot, Why did you do that? come here Now you’ll see... Please don’t hit me With a little bit of luck you can catch something today If you keep it cool, you’ll catch something ...And if you don’t keep it quiet he won’t catch anything!
  34. 34. Why are you running backwards? I’m traveling to the past in my time machine Your thing is the Clasic music I hit the ball an ran as fast as possible You can not Play Coqui! Yes, but you ran to 3rd base instead of the first I have a woodpecker You have? The bird did a good escape job out of the box.
  35. 35. Henry you were great at the ball, great. Those swirls and jumps.... Sure... Someone put a tack on my chair My halloween costume will be a sensation I’ll get a pair of fins, feathers and with these roots I will build a beak I’m going to take a walk around the lake, I’m a duck: Quack, Quack Girls are going to get crazy about my costume! I forgot hunting season started WOOF, WOOF
  36. 36. Don’t get dishearten, you’ll see: In the next fight you will win You are going to win, I’m here to teach you how to fight What about me teaching and you boxing? Emy, what kind of fishing is that...? Flying fishes! Look how I change the water into... It looks like I got the wrong formula Boom!
  37. 37. Mine.. Mine.. We lost the ball but gain some bumps! These suspense movies hurt me a lot....
  38. 38. Go ahead and get it Henry. What happen to you today? You don’t even hit a melon We will have to use rubber bats Show me that ball that nobody is able to hit. Hey Henry I saw you in the market today Yes I was shopping for spinach ... And look what it did to my arms
  39. 39. My new invent: “Atomic Shampoo” Well, at least it helps me fly. This soup has not letters! HAVE THIS! Always is the same I have to dance at his beat! Here is a dictionary. Get as many letters as you want.
  40. 40. This is ready! I’ve discovered teleportation Henry, we are not going to fish anything here All the kids have fished something and you haven’t gotten any... I needed silence _Look the portrait I made of you... _I’m a misundertood artist.
  41. 41. Ja, ja... Out of the water you are nothing....... Ok, you won...., let me go and tomorrow we’ll play again... Don’t move Yudi, now William Tell will hit the apple with his arrows... Someone changed the story..... Henry, you can’t be absent from school anymore... The teacher has send three notes to your parents... Ok, Didi after tomorrow I won’t send my robot in my place to the school anymore...
  42. 42. The baby is very quite today He doesn’t stand up, he doesn’t yell or cry like he does other times.... Of Course..., I gave him 50 bucks to stay quite... Don’t give me more excuses. You’re late for our date..... I know you’re late because was raining.... .... But you don’t have to exagerate... Ja,ja ... I got you again.... dumm Martian Don’t tell me, You are going to threaten me with that thing.. Help..., Get me out of here,... I promise not to shoot you again with my water gun......
  43. 43. Let’s make a deal you don’t sing and I won’t throw my frisbee..... Coqui... This is the only egg I found...,an ostrich egg.. No problem Emy... ... I‘m ready for that too. How was the play? Did people applaud your acting? Amazing How was the public? Great! They pitch tomatoes like professional pitchers
  44. 44. Pitch that ball,... Lets try again Definitely,... Electric Baseball is not good for my health.... You are wrong again.... You play “C” Instead of “F” Like father like son Ufffff! ..Yet I forgot how he cursed...
  45. 45. Let me see what happen to Henry and his magic tricks Help me....! Henry!..... How do I turn back into a boy again?...... I’m a lethal weapon with my Karate Now, you will see.... Mine is a broomstick.... Oooppsss. It stopped That’s the problem It uses ice cream for fuel....I’d invented a car that works with alternative fuel....
  46. 46. Did you see the baseball series? I was seeing it when one of you hit a ball and broke my T.V. We are in the stone age and I’m the Chief of the Warriors.. At that time as in this, women were always in charge.... Let’s see what we have for supper.... Magic beans.......
  47. 47. Looking at those flowers, Iwould like to write a poem... They died... My vibes are too weak today.... Blow the candles... Next year it’s downwind for me... Look like Yiyi floats in space.... Now I will walk that way... Back to the drawing board...
  48. 48. Thank you coqui if it wasn’t for you I couldn’t go so far.... You are a gentleman ...Did you said gentlemen or horse-man.
  49. 49. Don’t move Coqui, I’ll get you a haircut. Which one of your five hairs do you want me to cut? I told ya, It is imposible... It wouldn’t fit into the house The neck is too long __it couldn’t be my pet? Poor giraffe We have to take it back to the Zoo What happen to Spot today? He is wild about his neighbor she-dog.
  50. 50. What would a soccer icecream taste at? Have you seen indians over here? Follow the arrow! Yesterday little George was barking He got bad manners from the dog. You see?
  51. 51. Now you will see Yiyi levitating Wake up. something went wrong! The invisible man delivering Pizzas, What would they think next? Room of Mirrors No more pizzas. They make me fat.
  52. 52. Oh is late for school. However The golden eggs hen Gosh, I forgot to ask... How much does she pay in taxes?
  53. 53. This is my last invention Henry. What is this thing good for? To wash your face well in the morning. Henry have you caught something? Yes,... a lot ... Of junk. gninrom doog iuqoc* *Good Morning Coqui I’m Talking backwards and everyone think that I’m multilingual gninrom doog iknup* *Good Morning Punki
  54. 54. Lemme go back to my dolls Today we are not taking the school bus... I have a better idea... ... The school Skateboard Boring rain! I won’t be able to go out, I’m going to call Henry up to talk. Now she calls me to tell me nice things over the phone.
  55. 55. _ We shouldn’t go anymore to that forsaken place _Never, ever. _Too much pollution Yiyi,.. Would you like to go with me around the world That’s amazing coqui C’mon use your imagination Look Coqui Cotton It is not sugar cotton, it’s just cotton.
  56. 56. _Don’t go out Yiyi, It says here the temperatures are dropping. Freezing all over... True..., a lot of ice... this is my friend Johnny the eskimo _ Look Yiyi, a can of magic beans Haven’t you finished yet? At what time are we going to eat those fast pastries?.... There they go....
  57. 57. I’m crazy in love with youYiyi, stay here and hold these flowers Sorry Yiyi I thought you were on fire...There is heat in my heart and this love burns.... I’m learning to talk with animals I was talking to my neighbor’s dog It seems I offended him in some way....
  58. 58. Shaaarkkkkk! It is going to eat me ...But first I need a dentist. I programmed it to make fast Icecream Oooopppssss!Henry, What is the new program you installed in the machine? Who invented the Banana’s PeelLook at my last invention...Hey guys!
  59. 59. I put shrimp and they don’t bite Don’t try anything else and bring a pizza I better try with worms When I say: ”You’re going to take a bath” I mean it _What kind of Shampoo do you prefer? Hummm! Are you following the murderer, Henry Holmes No Coqui Watson I’m after a half dollar
  60. 60. Pizza! ...Only the paper, idiot, not the pizza. ...Maybe he’ll follow the leader.Ok,.. I’ll have to teach you a lesson.C’mon Spot...
  61. 61. We have been walking and walking and we haven’t seen the exotic animal It is not true... It does not exist Henry is always making things up Are going to play baseball or what? No coqui,.. we can’t do it like that... I know you want to keep an eye in the field all the time... Not that “home” , the home plate
  62. 62. It is a hard Job It is awfull I Hope somebody else will bath the whale tomorrow . Heavy metal!Ah, Mozart! Ah, Bethoven!
  63. 63. What happen Aren’t you Happy?We picked these flowers for you,... Happy bithday! Are you still filming those fleas in love? Yeah, but I think I’ll never finish that movie... The female has been putting make up in her face for almost 5 hours already How am I gonna be happy if you took all the flowers of my garden I said: “Spot get it” not “ eat it”
  64. 64. Last time we danced you stomped on me like ten times Wait a second CoquiMusic is playing... Do you want to dance? Why the little Lion did’nt take care of the bird?.... Why the mom of the little lion left? Why don’t you eat this candy and let me see the movie? Yiyi Always the same It always happen to you when you read love poems
  65. 65. _ Let me try first and remember I’m a Lady... _ Thank you Punki,... You are a gentleman I’ going to go out. The football fever started again... Maybe is not a genius, but he have such a temper Paint me, paint me, paint me....Paint me, paint me...
  66. 66. Oh, No again!!!! Punki, have you seen the omelette I was cooking?..... Coffeeee! Hurry up, I need those eggs to make a cake for Henry’s Birthday .... Great! Here you have them,... special for the bithday’s cake Well, it is the coffee I give to my dolls and they don’t complaint
  67. 67. How can you keep your balance? I don’t know how to take away the crazy glue off my head I love to put my finger into your cake... Well I love to pitch the cake.Yeah? Make your stomach into a Bag... Now , lets go over there Hi!
  68. 68. Spot doesn’t respect me anymore Have you tried to teach him with a newspaper? Yeah, but he takes it away and starts reading it. Mom! Mom! I taught you how to talk, not how to make fun of me. This is my new bomber hen I don’t see the bomber part... No? Look how it throws the eggs
  69. 69. See you tomorrow Emy, Sweet dreams... Look at this object I’m going to hipnotize you... Feel as if you were sleep,.. Aummm! Don’t keep going... Ok I’m going to read you the latest news about the U.F.O,s and Martians... You were great today in your concert, everybody was applauding... Everyone was yelling and applauding without stopping. They were not applauding me, but a dancing dog that someone brought.
  70. 70. _This is great... _This is music... _Not what you play with your little flute... But what my grandmother is going to say when she sees you here? I know you don’t want to go back to the zoo and you feel great here... We thought about it and we don’t have another choice The good invention was for me to become invisible That’s such an invention, I want to see where it goes.. A bycicle that rides by itself
  71. 71. Ha,Ha Hello Henry! Throw the ball so you will see who am IYou have nothing in your arm Henry, What’s going on? You are stiff, and cold. Are you sick? Help! call a doctor please! What do you think of the wax sculptures I’m making?
  72. 72. I won’t take you to school with me any more You made my first day and my relations with the teacher miserable You went into her purse to scare her... There is a Martian in this planet and I learned it by a comic strip I know you are very unconfortable in your hamper... I know is hot outside But the refrigerator is a “no-no”
  73. 73. It comes with the hen who contributed with her eggs... Your birthday cake comes with something special... Hey Martian! What gives? A Venusian girl is winking at me... Then newspapers start publishing stupid things about ovnis and martians... It is the third night that you go out and start flying around the city.... Today you are not going out of the house!
  74. 74. NopeEmy come down I need to talk to you I wanted to advise you that someone was eating bananas around. It goes with the territory. We are not going to be on timeDon’t experiment anymore and lets go in the School bus The tacher is going to time us out
  75. 75. _ Oh no ! Batman again! I Invented the supersonic tire? _ I always have to help you come down when you get stranded_ Always the same, I know Yesterday I unified my computer with the guitar.... There is small problem... The computer doesn’t want to give me the guitar back
  76. 76. Yesterday the Cowboy won, today the Indian won It has apples and everything Of course, is the smallest bonsai in the world What are you looking at? I don’t see anything The movie is over.... Go home, Take that costume off and tomorrow we’ll see another mistery movie _Thank you Henry, see you tomorrow...
  77. 77. A good tree to climb If Tarzan did it, I will do it to Help ! I have vertigo Look how it flies. The control tower is now closed. Now I understand what is a mirage in the middle of the dessert (Sand)
  78. 78. Henry hasn’t looked at me today, I going to make him notice me... ... in some way Next time I better call him using the phone The TV is not working! No again! Now I have to pose all day long as a TV What happen with the giant pizza that I ordered one hour ago. It just arrived.
  79. 79. _The treasure of the pirates should be around here..... PSSSTTTT... Emy!...... Silly girl, crying because her doll got busted. I”m the best, I can fight against any weapon I have to improve my system against the baseball.
  80. 80. The martian gave it to me, It is a pistol that works as a lie detector I’m going to say that I’m a good boy and I behave... Did you see? It works.... I can throw stars... EEEEEH? Aughhhhhhh! I’m going to help you see the stars misterious warrior. throw smoke bombs... I can attack with my sword.... I’m not Emy, I’m a misterious Ninja Warrior. I can....
  81. 81. I can’t hit that l’il thing. I give up, tell me how you do it? Do you really want to know it? Put some crazy glue in your shoes and go up! Yiyi, this cake is missing something Frosting
  82. 82. What an invention I can fly anywhere I want to _Eh Oooh Ohhhh! You copy my invent Nope! I did it first! Henry your dad bougth you a new Water matress Where are you going Henry? Your bedroom is in that direction Now I’m ready to test it
  83. 83. Look like I turn the guns around like the legendary cowboys Nurse my finger is stuck in th gun! Thank you! Punky, did you see how good remote control glove fights?
  84. 84. The best image in TV, look I’m going to turn it up I told you it was the best image on TV I’m going to give you a small lesson... ...I Don’t like to be abusive... ...With girls.... If you want use the elevator, I’m affraid of elevators... And you are going to use the stairs?... No I’m going to jump for a window using my parachute
  85. 85. What are you doing Henry? Trying to domesticate a wild horse It is really tough... I think it is going to be impossible Get this.... Oh God What have I done? Poor Henry! You hit very hard..., you broke again my robot With this invention I’m get to school faster... My calculations seem to be out of whack.
  86. 86. _Go ahead Spot get the frisbie Bite it You bite it, I rather bat Stop it Henry ! Peace! Everytime he has to go to the dentist he does the same Great,... even better than Da Vinci... It’s a color masterpiece So everybody is a critic?!..
  87. 87. I hate planes... ... And this plane hates my hairstyle... You are sick Spot you have not eaten today.... I’m going to take you to the Vet... I don’t want to go to the Vet,... I just wanted to go to a restaurant. Ha
  88. 88. This is too much.... _I Know it is cold..... ..But everyone has to get out of my bed... I got it,... Now the shark is mine.... Well if you can’t beat them...join them. I’m going to make a Hard Rock Cafe Hard Rock Coffe with cream
  89. 89. Too much glue Come here little ant we are going to take care of you EH? Have you seen that before? It should be the mom Don’t go out Yiyi itis very cold outside... _Temperatures will drop to... ...To how many degrees?
  90. 90. The Baby doesn’t pee in the bed or on the floor Our inteligent Spot taught him.... To do it in the same way he does Did you see how we took away the blanket and there was not any ghost _There’s a ghost in the buff roaming around. I tried all the spot removers and nothing, I’m an original Dalmatian
  91. 91. You called Punky by phone and offended him on my behalf... You told him that he was a coward and didn’t know how to fight He though it was me. Here is the Beehive We are going to start our Experiment Ehhh? Carefull It looks like the bees made the experiment with us _Check how cold is the water
  92. 92. Do you want a ride in a carriage Why don’t you dance? Because I like Rock and Roll Shark, Run I mean Swim Help! I don’t know what’s all the noise about,...... I’m Vegetarian
  93. 93. What would the martial arts manual say about this? You got it, I love “salsa” too You are going to be the main attraction That’s great You dance like.... He is not dancing, He is high on caffeine. I didn’t know martians liked to dance... This afternoon you are going with me to the club
  94. 94. Trying to get the Whale to the Veterinarian Coqui: Can’t you play another Instrument but the trombon? Hurry up Let go to the motorcycles competition Competition haven’t started yet.... ...And we have two broken down motorcycles
  95. 95. I’m a ghost not a regular sheet I”m sir Emy the most valiant knight of the kingdom There is not anyone able to fight me in this town,... Cowards....... I’m the owner of this electric magnet so I’m not affraid of any medieval knight
  96. 96. Look Didi I planted magic beans! Wait I’m Going to look for something.... I bought some magic species for your beans ...For that you need a lot of practice and concentration. Untie me please. Look! Ehhh? I’m practicing Kung-Fu with these chains. Look Didi... For this I need a lot of practice and concentration.
  97. 97. Yiyi look at this.... Someone has changed my food again, besides... I’m not interested in changing my pizza for your bones There’s not enough space for everyone We all had the same idea!We have to stop the party Guys lets have a costumes party in my house I have a good idea._I’m going to get mine My dad has one... I know what I’m going to use Here I have mine... Mine is a secret Lets get dressed soon, the party is going to start
  98. 98. Go Punky run... I Have to make a confession,... I don’t love you anymore Sorry my gas tank is empty Look Yiyi, who does it look like? He should be Tarzan I don’t know if Tarzan or King kong Gosh so much work and they confuse the character It is funny how bats hang down in the trees I will try to do the same I will be like batman
  99. 99. I sent spots to buy Pizza like two hours ago I’m worried about him,.. I dont know if something happened to him Don’t worry about him,... worry about what happened to the pizzas If you really want to go back to your planet... I will send you in my special catapult HR-300, is my last invent... If it doesn’t fail in half an hour you will be in Cape Canaveral, then you will get a space ship and then.... Four,Three, Two, One, Zero... You didn’t get to Cape Canaveral but you almost hit the center of earth
  100. 100. _I think it is a bad idea to teach the whalle how to bring the newspaper We are going to eat the cake that Yiyi made How good is that cake, because last time.... ... It was awful Do you remember? The frosting was sour... I couldn’t eat it...What do you say about the flavor, was it horrible...? This time it is not so bad... The frosting is delicious
  101. 101. Wait a Sec...That zoom reminds me.... Beeesssssss! Ha, ha, my new ecological weapon. Keep shooting........ Lets attack my brave men. Come and fight, Henry _What happen coward, Give up... Eh girl, you are not strong enough to kick the ball ... Somebody get me a dentist
  102. 102. Want to see my last invention? A new electronuclear skateboard, It can break any speed... You won’t believe the distance it goes just by hitting this buttom. Ohhhh! Dad is going to spank me... I’m going to make popcorn Wait Start
  103. 103. What are you inventing Henry? I’m creating a new formula to grow up, I want to be big... Bah!, what a foolishness, boys always want to grow up... I’m going to play with my doll... What was that noise? I Failed: no muscles, no moustache. Leave my moms’ wigs in peace, you are a dalmatian not a poodle
  104. 104. Tell me Henry What are you inventing? A machine to work quiet and without interruptions Can I test it? I don’t know if it is going to work Did you see how good it is now I can work in peace...Do you really want to try it?Sure... I’m ready to see that action Movie
  105. 105. Um! strawberry..., Let me try it Yiyi... You tell me that and alwayseat all the ice cream Please, just one lick... Ok, just a bit.... I didn’t know you liked rubber balls that much. I’m going to catch a fish bigger than Emy’s Don’t say! There goes a brave fisherman
  106. 106. Ladies and Gentlemen look how the pigeon comes out of the hat.. It doesn’t come out, I don’t know why if it was ready ... It shouldn’t be, It has to go out... I told you a thousand times. If you want to act in this number you have to loose weight.... Don’t bother me Tonight I going to the concert
  107. 107. I have an idea It is ready My last invention The automatic bycicle-grass cutter. The carpet...
  108. 108. If they don’t fit you itis going to be impossible... You are not going to skate. There are no sizes for dinosaurs This size doesn’t work In the store they didn’t have it bigger This was the biggest they coud make... Danger in the goalposts I knew it, I’m not good at goalkeeper
  109. 109. I”m the best hitter, Emy I hit the ball like nobody else Look at the ball how far it goes, I’m the best homerun hitter The best hit in this park history I imagine your dad is the best at paying broken glasses bills in the park area My best invent, I only press a button.... I discovered the teleportation
  110. 110. Come in Didi, Look what I invented!... This little machine can make ten meters of spaguetti per second Look it up, I’m going to patent it to sell it in stores Uf! It produces a lot... Henry is taking a long time and this machine doesn’t stop You just arrived in time, I had to eat a lot so the house wouldn’t be filled of spaguetti... The rabit that has to come out of the hat. Do you want it boilled or in sauce?
  111. 111. Today is Spots birthday... We are going to have a party... Lets set the table and invite the kids Everything is ready Oh no, look at this Spot invited all the dogs in the city... That’s it! Today indians are improving their aiming
  112. 112. Ehh! Guys! Take it away Coqui and run... That’s not a football, it is my world Globe That’s why we are having a world championship of football _I’m not going to dance today I feel tired I need to take a vacation
  113. 113. In a little bit we are going to start the Costume contest Yiyi told me she was getting the most original The contest is going to start and Yiyi does not appear Let’s go to her house. We’ve been waiting for more than one hour Yiyi,... Why are you taking so long. What is your costume of...? I’m going as a Coca-Cola bottle I’m going to surprise Emy, Today is his birthday He doesn’t know that I made this cake Happy Birthd..... Welcome, come in
  114. 114. Aughhh! Don’t insist Henry You are not going to win George... He is specialist in hitting under the belt UFF! You’ll see little guy Uff! It couldn’t be, I”m going to knock you down I’m sending Pizzas usin my remote control
  115. 115. Now he will come up, he is going to hug me and ask for a kiss I’m going up Yiyi Yiyi could you please give me a little bit of the strawberry ice cream your gradma made yesterday Blue moon.... larararara Oh Punky is really romantic, bringing me a serenade.... His love should be really strong is 2.00 A.M. in the morning Even if you don’t want to. You have to go to the veterinarian It doesn’t hurt much Always the same when you have to get your shots
  116. 116. Come over here kids Sit for a minute and wait... _When I’ll say: “one, two three, come to eat One, Two, Three... Lets eat He lied to us. I can not stand up. He putted glue in the seat Guys, come over here the cake is delicious Higher Henry, Higher Like this?
  117. 117. Yes, but they left all the dirt you placed under the carpetDid they take the carpet, Yiyi? They are coming to pick up the carpet in my room They are leaving I haven’t caught nothing all day long. In two hours I haven’t seen a fish. I`wonder why?
  118. 118. George is going to stay with the nanny robot, she will take good care of him. _Ok, let’s go _Eat the food baby.... Couple of hours later Lets go home, it is late. I wonder how is the baby doing? Oh noo! Poor nanny! Eat the food baby, eat the food.... Today we are going to take a walk in the park I’m going to do a bonfire as the indians use to I’m comming in peace on behalf of the firefighters indians
  119. 119. _Right now I’m going to return all the Batman movies Yiyi, this letter soup has only numbers Why? Your teacher wants you to improve your math.
  120. 120. It is hot Yiyi, I need something very cold Wait for me I need to do something Henry Here, have something cold... Elsewhere they charm snakes, here they plant on them. I’m going to plant this tree It’s a real beauty
  121. 121. My first car My first ride for the park... It is amazing..... It will be my first great race Karla, today you mesmerized everybody... Everyone wanted to dance with you. How did you do it? Easy... I told them that I would treat everyone who danced with me to an icecream. My first major accident
  122. 122. You can not eat one apple for every shot I miss.... Little world I missed again, wait I’m going to try again... Now, with a different angle Go, go! Horsie! From tomorrow on:They have to pay me if they want me to babysit! This is too much, Stop George
  123. 123. With my magic I will move the water from one glass to the other. Ey! the rain was in the second act.
  124. 124. Be careful It is coming again Ufff! Stop Henry you have tried a lot and look what have you done Definitely,... You are not good as Helicopter pilot Let me see that Japanese inmovilization Technic that you learned... Everything was a lie, don’t run away come and fight... Humm,... I can not move....
  125. 125. This is great, way to run... Look like it arises Come Punki,.. Give it a try Come in Henry... I had it! The last time I become a skateboard! Oh baby you haven’t touched your cereal. Aren’t you hungry? If you don’t talk to me I can not help you. I saw you feeding the same junk to the parrot
  126. 126. Henry, there is a mouse in my closet Lets find some help in Coqui’s house Do you have something to trap a mouse?_I’m going to get my mouse trap _Very good _Now we put the cheese and the trap is ready _We only have to wait for the mouse to fall in the trap._ He is going to eat the cheese, Jaja _That sound means it felt. _May I know who put this stupid trap in my way? _Look a comet _Where it will go....? _At least we know the destination of this football
  127. 127. Look for it over there... I can’t find it here either Coqui have you seen the baby? _He got lost? We have to call the police He was crying because he wanted jelly _Jelly?_Jelly! I found him ”Gone with the Wind” another big drama I should go to Hollywood to make a good martian comedy
  128. 128. We the valiant fishermen have decided... ...To go fishing tonight in the river Humm the sunrise is close and they haven’t come back Here they come but without fishes Let me light on a fire Nice cold the one you caught.Come with me my brave fishermen Gosh,... this machine is broken, it is laughting and laughting like crazy.... Hahahahahaha ! Those cables tickle me a lot....
  129. 129. Who’s knocking at the door? This is the fifth time I open and... There is nobody! Oh no again I need a head shrink I was out of key a bit but their aiming was not!
  130. 130. Pitch, that I’m the best at batting.... Well I need to work a little bit more....
  131. 131. Let me try Are you tired strong men? You wouldn’t be able to raise them. I just glued them Pizzas Yiyi, Air delivered Pizza is not a good idea.
  132. 132. Look Yiyi the Mayor Bear Write it down; I’m going to tell you what I’m seeing I see the moon and a comet No, I saw a fly ball that is coming directly to hit your telescope What happened? Didi you see an Ovni?Ohhh Nooo! Out of the area Didi we men are fighting! Come with me my little doll,... Men are always thinking of wars
  133. 133. It was a good idea to celebrate the end of school with a costume dance What noise is that in the backyard? I’m going to see what happens Who left Spot untied in the backyard? It was me, why? Because Punky got a cat costume Get those Dogs, We need to follow some prints... What happen with those dogs? I was heating them !
  134. 134. I invite you to compete... Tomorrow we will meet here to see who has the best idea on how to flight like a bird Go to work, we have little time left I’m going to try my invention before Emy arrives Ehhhh! Uffff My invent failed but you didn’t invent anything Do you believe so? I did something better I bought a plane ticket A dog in the house? A snake in the house?
  135. 135. Now you will see the new surf champion in the beach Yiyi, let me get the new champion of surf out of the sand Storks don’t bring anyone from Paris. When have you seen a Stork working as Gynecologyst in a hospital?
  136. 136. Así eran en los años 1991,1992,1993 They were like these in the years 1991,1992,1993 Life is different in my planet People don’t hate each other, there are not wars Is life so boring in your planet? _Do you know how the kids are made? _Yes, I know _The father puts a seed in the stomach of the mom and after nine month a child is born I think you confused the Botanic class with Anatomy class So... are you really from another planet? Yep!... And I can transform myself into anything..... A dog.... ...or an Elephant... ...And We say that life in our planet is complicated...
  137. 137. I don’t know if this is the right path, but I guess this the right speed to travel to the future What do you do when you are sad? I Get happy..., and that’s all! To simple problems,... simple solutions Very romantic
  138. 138. When you travel through space,... you see the earth and it looks great... This world is fabulous From far away it looks like a big cheese This planet is millions of years old and has been always round and blue... Who knows why in all this time this palnet haven’t done diet and exercise to loose some weight? Today I love everybody... ...Can you put love in a bank? No,... I don’t beleive so.... Don’t worry, Love is one of the few things you don’t need to put in a bank to multiply.
  139. 139. Some people fall in love in this season... Winter is as beautiful as Spring because in this season of the year christmas is coming..... Hummm! ... but not everybody. Do you imagine If in colombus time they would have planes maybe they’d dicovered America before Maybe, maybe not... ...Was he affraid of the heights? If I kiss You, You will become a charming prince I’m sorry! Croakk!
  140. 140. I invented a car that works with the energy of the lightning Well it should work with the energy of the lightning With that hair cut I would love to use you as broom to clean the floor Amazing the way some people think... Earth is round and nobody thinks of using it as a football... ... In life it doesn’t matter if the path is easy.... ...Or difficult The important thing is to reach the goal Some people saythat monkey is man’s best friend Well they say that of the dog, but... Anyone can have the friend that he wants to...
  141. 141. Do you like flowers? To be honest I will eat anything. Are you always thinking of food? No, sometimes... ...I think how to eat it. I would like to live in a different world Your world can be different in the future The things I like the most of this world is the colors Do you imagine a world without colors? Yes!
  142. 142. What are you doing? I’m thinking of a different world Why are you jogging? To loose some weight Then why do you eat so much? _To gain the weight I have to loose Did you know that in the old ages men asked girls to become their girlfriends hitting then with stick in the head? I don’t know why they didn’t used electric guitars to make them to fall in love _Ilove music... _But I don’t have a good ear... -or rithm, and I don’t know how to dance It is like wanting to go to the moon without a spaceship
  143. 143. I would like to be as good as Isadora Duncan You like Isadora Duncan,...Hahaha And who is Isadora Duncan? The cartoonist put you upside down? No, I don’t think so ...and what are you doing ? I’m trying to change the world Do you think we can do it? Men can not be more perfect than sun and sun has spots Sun burns with the same light he heats Grateful people talk about sun’s light,ungrateful people talk about spots. José Martí What is the meaning of that painting? I don’t know I guess that’s why they call it abstract art
  144. 144. I don’t know why you say girls are dominant I see I know to fly is not normal.. ...In human beings But is good to fire the dreams on from time to time When man smiles he becomes a better human being Then... Dinosaurs never smiled? If man would smile often , human race would never be extinguished
  145. 145. All men are the same.... Always playing with their toys Do you imagine Colombus discovering America in a plane? I do, but.... Some doctors implanted a liver of a monkey in a human being I guess they only will know is the procedure was successful if... The man doesn’t starts to jump from tree to tree... Who could give him the fuel to return in 1492 Eat your food boy doll ...Well then don’t eat it If I would eaten my food now you would be going to a psychiatrist
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