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Copyright vs. Open Access – Coffee Lecture No. 24


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Coffee Lecture im Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center

Published in: Education
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Copyright vs. Open Access – Coffee Lecture No. 24

  1. 1. || Copyright vs. Open Access Barbara Hirschmann, ETH-Bibliothek 15.05.2014Barbara Hirschmann 1 Welcome to the Coffee Lecture No. 24
  2. 2. || 15.05.2014Barbara Hirschmann 2 What is Open Access? «Open access […] literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.» (Peter Suber, 2012) accessible without costs for the reader possibility to reuse
  3. 3. || Green OA Gold OA Self-archiving in OA repositories Publishing in OA journals 15.05.2014Barbara Hirschmann 3 How to implement Open Access?
  4. 4. || 15.05.2014Barbara Hirschmann 4 Copyright Issues – Green OA  Non-exclusive licence  Exclusive licence  Transfer copyright
  5. 5. || What does this mean?  Publishing agreements are negotiable  Use the SPARC author addendum  Read the publication agreement with great care  Transferring copyright doesn’t have to be all or nothing 15.05.2014Barbara Hirschmann 5 Copyright Issues – Green OA “The ETH Zurich expects authors where possible, to retain their copyright.” [ETH Zurich OA Policy]
  6. 6. ||  Publishers usually allow some sort of self-archiving  Where to look it up?  Copyright Transfer Agreement  Publisher/Journal Website  SHERPA/RoMEO Database 15.05.2014Barbara Hirschmann 6 Copyright Issues – Green OA “ETH Zurich requires of staff and postgraduate students to post electronic copies of any research papers [¨…] into the institutional repository ETH E-Collection, if there are no legal objections.” [ETH Zurich OA Policy]
  7. 7. || 15.05.2014Barbara Hirschmann 7 Which version?  Usually Postprint (= author’s manuscript after peer review) When?  Possible embargos between 2 and 24 months Where?  Author’s website  Institutional repository  Disciplinary repository
  8. 8. ||  Creative Commons Licenses 15.05.2014Barbara Hirschmann 8 Copyright Issues – Gold OA CC BY: Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY NC: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License
  9. 9. || 15.05.2014Barbara Hirschmann 9 Contact