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Day 3 Conference Welcome by Erik Weaver


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vNAB Day 3 Conference Welcome

Published in: Technology
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Day 3 Conference Welcome by Erik Weaver

  1. 1. NAB  Cloud  conference    
  2. 2. Mission 2 It is the mission of ETC’s “Project Cloud” to unite technology leaders and studio executives to assess and define methods that accelerate use of cloud-based resources for the evolution and future of film and media creation, and production.  
  3. 3. Film - Tape - File - Network AKA  “Cloud”   3
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Defined 4 Cloud  compu4ng  is  a  model  for  enabling  convenient,  on-­‐demand  network  access  to  a   shared  pool  of  configurable  compu4ng  resources  (e.g.,  networks,  servers,  storage,   applica4ons,  and  services)  that  can  be  rapidly  provisioned  and  released  with  minimal   management  effort  or  service  provider  interac4on.  This  cloud  model  promotes   availability  and  is  composed  of  five  essen4al  characteris4cs  (On-­‐demand  self-­‐service,   Broad  network  access,  Resource  pooling,  Rapid  elas4city,  Measured  Service);  three   service  models  (Cloud  SoMware  as  a  Service  (SaaS),  Cloud  PlaOorm  as  a  Service  (PaaS),   Cloud  Infrastructure  as  a  Service  (IaaS));  and,  four  deployment  models  (Private  cloud,   Community  cloud,  Public  cloud,  Hybrid  cloud).  Key  enabling  technologies  include:  (1)   fast  wide-­‐area  networks,  (2)  powerful,  inexpensive  server  computers,  and  (3)  high-­‐ performance  virtualiza4on  for  commodity  hardware.    
  5. 5. Frank’s Definition of Cloud “Someone  else’s  computer”     5
  6. 6. Advanced Definition You  have  a  documented  API   6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. 8