Learning Session 2-5 A Good Stop for Young Adults


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Career Resources, Inc., located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, will provide a workshop that explores the various services for young adults who are entering our workforce development system. The workshop will focus on the unique challenges that young adults face in our system and explore the available options that exist both formally and informally. The workshop will focus on the various entry points as well as address the common workforce development goals of education and lifelong learning.

Specifically the workshop will focus on programs that serve youthful offenders, TFA recipients, young fathers and young people with disabilities. A plethora of program options from STRIVE, Adult Education, National Workforce Readiness Credentials, Job Development and Disability Resources will be discussed along with wrap around services such as Earned Benefits, Financial Stability and related supports. The goal of the workshop is to encourage providers to look more holistically at ways in which they too can serve young adults in their respective regions.

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Learning Session 2-5 A Good Stop for Young Adults

  1. 1. Presented by,Scott K. Wilderman Debra Keel
  2. 2.  July – September (Group 1) October – December (Group 2) January – March (Group 3) April – June (Group 4)
  3. 3.  Literacy  No High School Diploma  Poor Math & Reading  Digital Literacy Issues Job Readiness Life Challenges  Ex-Offender  Young Families Employer Demands Lack of Resources Outreach
  4. 4.  Certified GED/ABE Instructor on-site Partner with Adult Ed Open Entry/Exit Partner with Regional Educational Service Center (RESC)
  5. 5.  On-Line E-Learning System Provides essential computing skills for those new to computing as well as people interested in improving their current skills A Digital Literacy Certificate Test for students who want to demonstrate their mastery of all five courses.
  6. 6.  Summer Youth Job Fair STRIVE Occupational Skills Training  Green Jobs  Healthcare
  7. 7.  As of September 2011  44% of the JFES group more than 21% of CT’s has transporation JFES population is 21 or barriers. younger.  Childcare barriers for More than 40% are 22- this group is 57%. 29 years old.  More than 60% of this 45% of this population population has 2 or has less than 12 years of more barriers to formal education. employment.
  8. 8. Comprehensive  On site GEDaccess to services tosupport successful  Access to Keytraintransition into developmental trainingemployment  Access to Workkeys Nationaland/or training Career Readiness Credential  Access to Digital Literacy Courses  Contracted career training  Development of Career Portfolios
  9. 9.  Structured 3-4 week training on personal responsibility, attitude and "soft skills." Can be run a summer youth program. Developing communication skills and confidence. Job Placement, Long-term support and follow-up and Career Counseling.
  10. 10.  Established an ex- offender round table. Integrated ReEntry Works into One-Stop Dedicated Staff Highly Supportive Job Development and Advocacy
  11. 11.  Parent Education Counseling support and self-help Conflict Resolution and Anger Management Pregnancy Prevention Health and Wellness General discussion, recreational activities and family gatherings Career Counseling and Job Placement
  12. 12. The Aging Workforce & Population Trends 15 -24 year olds increased by 18% in CT from 2000 to 2010.  The 6th fastest growth rate in the nation.  Jobs fell in Stamford 19%, Bridgeport fell by 13% and Hartford by 12%.  Unemployment for CT young adults in 2010 was 18%.  Those youth who were employed worked in Retail, Food Service and Health Care/Social Services
  13. 13.  The decline of Ct’s largest cities reversed in this last decade The largest 5 cities – Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, Waterbury & Stamford all gained populations in the past 10 years. The growth has been attributed to the increase of 20 24 year olds in Hartford, New Haven & Bridgeport
  14. 14. Career ResourcesProvides Tools for YoungAdults that help themdocument theirReadiness forWork…and improvethose skills.
  15. 15.  A job skills assessment system that helps employers select, hire, train, develop, and retain a high- performance workforce
  16. 16.  is the complete interactive training system for career readiness skills, based on ACTs WorkKeys® assessment system and the National Career Readiness Certificate.
  17. 17.  Certificate allows individuals to demonstrate their level of skill in the most common skills required for success in the workplace
  18. 18.  Benefits Information Workshops One-on-One Consultation Ticket to Work Training Programs Help with Job Searches Adaptive Equipment Learning Disability Screening Self-Service Center
  19. 19.  Energy Assistance Food Stamp Assistance Housing Medical Transportation Mental Health Childcare Many More!!!!
  20. 20.  Budget Coaching Financial Literacy Earned Benefits VITA Site
  21. 21. Facebook Pagesfor various programs Linked-In Virtual One-Stop
  22. 22. Career Resources, Inc. 350 Fairfield Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06604www.careerresources.org