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  1. 1. We see in society that there are many differentsubcultures and this is something which we wantto represent within our film. Stereotypes aresomething which clearly separate people withintheir social groups and so using the stereotypesof clothing will help create the indie style we arewanting to represent. Style is something whichHebdige says is a way of defining subcultures.
  2. 2. For our female character we want to mix the modern vintage clothing and thenewer styles for teenagers. We thought that clothing such as skinny jeans may bea good option and then a leather or denim jacket as this would be using andvintage style through the denim jacket but would be keeping up with the newtrends often associated with indie by wearing the skinny jeans. Shoes aresomething which we also should consider; shoes such as converse and vans areshoes which often represent the indie style but an example of shoes we don’twant the female character to be wearing are creepers as they are very modernand not in keeping with our genre.We don’t want our female character to fall in to wearing the “hang-on’s” hipsterstyle of upside down crosses, moustaches, necklaces and the brightly colouredhair. We want the female character to be in her teenage years and be in keepingwith the indie style.
  3. 3. These images show the style which we aim to represent in our musicvideo; the converse are something which indie teenagers wear whenthey are, for example going in to town and in our music video thetwo characters will see each other walking down the street and sothis is a similar situation where the female may be wearing converse.A hat is featured in many of the images of the girls and this issomething which I think would be a good idea to include as it showsindividuality which is what indies aim to represent. The high wastedshorts and the patterned dresses are an alternative style, it is a bitdifferent and maybe stands out as being different and unusual whichis another stereotypical trait of a indie teenager.
  4. 4. These are images of clothing and styles that we did notwant to represent; when researching about the indie stylewe found out that the vintage indie style is what indieteenagers like to follow and the brightly coloured hair andthis style of shoe is not fitting with that. The brightlycoloured hair is something which draws in the attention onthe female character and this is something we don’t want aswe want the focus to be around the artist.
  5. 5. In the music video there were originally meant to be four malecharacters which created the band due to changes within the bandwe thought it would be best to just focus around a lead singer.The costume of the male character we feel should be in keepingwith the female character and her style and therefore we think heshould be in shirts with a tie with some skinny trousers. Theshoes we feel should be simple, for example Converse/Vans ormaybe just some smart shoes but we want to keep away from themodern styles such as Air Max trainers.
  6. 6. These images represent the style that we want to create withour male lead singer/character. The hat is again somethingwhich is shown in these pictures, it is something which wecan consider for the male costume as it is alternative and abit different. In two of the pictures the males are wearingcasual shirts and this is something we shall defiantlyconsider for the male costume as it is smart still not tooformal. Converse is again shown and if our male characterdoes where a shirt the Converse will contrast well and createa very alternative style.
  7. 7. These are outfits/accessories which we do not want our malecharacter to be wearing. The air Max trainers in the middle arevery modern and show a completely different style andsubculture. Although the males in the other two pictures arewearing hats, they are not the style of hat which fits in with theindie style and therefore would not be targeting the rightaudience for our song. The bright colour trousers/tracksuitbottoms are very informal and this is something also which wewant to stay away from as not only is it not part of the indiestyle it is much too casual for our music video.