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The Security You Need for Your Wireless Network

  1. The Security You Need for Your Wireless Network
  2. Top of Mind Data security seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. And it’s no surprise, with reports of new security breaches showing up on a regular basis. This has left many companies scrambling to protect their data. But not ESTeem. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort on wireless network security, ensuring our customer’s data transmissions are as secure as possible. We’ve intentionally thought through every possible scenario and even interviewed customers to discover their deepest concerns.
  3. Layers of Security All this attention to detail has led to a sophisticated system that offers layers of security to ensure your network is protected, down to each data transaction. Our wireless network security options include: Access Control List This does exactly what it sounds like – it’s a list that controls what devices can access your network. The list uses filters to allow or restrict devices on the network based on their MAC addresses – the unique, 6 hexadecimal field address assigned to each Ethernet device at the manufacturer. A MAC address can’t be changed, is traceable and serves as a permanent fingerprint for the device.
  4. More Layers Disabling Broadcast Probes & Hiding SSID Your network can’t be hacked if it can’t be found. Disabling broadcast probes and hiding SSID (Service Set Identification) prevent bad actors from discovering your network. Protected Management Frames Forged management frames spoofed from other devices can disrupt a valid user session. Negotiated between the client and the access point, Protected Management Frames (PMF) are a next-generation strategy to prevent such spoofing.
  5. Layers on Layers Proprietary Bridge Communication The ESTeem Horizon Series is compatible with international open communication standards, but the peer communication between the units is a proprietary communication link. No other wireless hardware can access the ESTeem peer network when bridging between Ethernet networks, which creates an effective security barrier for our radios. When used in conjunction with other security measures, the proprietary link can restrict access to your wireless network even further.
  6. Advanced Options The layers of security available with our Horizon Series radios extend to several strategies that can provide additional wireless network security. These include: • Disabling remote access • Disabling port access • Setting a new administration password for each radio
  7. Proper Precautions While our Horizon Series radios provide layers of security, there are other actions you can take to protect your data transmissions, such as: • Banning key reuse • Regularly surveying the network for unauthorized access points behind your firewall • Implementing an additional level of authentication The most important action is simply to implement the available security measures. Research shows hackers attack systems with lax security. Don’t give them that opportunity.
  8. The ESTeem Advantage For over 30 years, we’ve designed, engineered and manufactured industrial wireless radios and modems - all in the US and all specifically focused on solving our customers’ most difficult networking challenges, no matter what the frequency. Through all those years, we’ve stuck to the philosophy that applications will not bend to fit the hardware. The solution must fit the application, and we work with our customers to ensure they get the right wireless solution to fit their needs. To that end, all of our models come with full compatibility baked in (195E/Horizon, 192/195 Narrowband), and we write our software/OS specifically for the components used for optimum efficiency and performance. To learn how ESTeem can deliver the cost-effective, reliable wireless network your operation needs, submit this simple contact form.
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