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Complex Communications Networks for Complex Needs

  1. Complex Communications Networks for Complex Needs
  2. What’s a Complex Communications Network? Certain applications require complex communications networks that use radios of various capabilities. ESTeem offers a wide range of radios to meet our clients’ communications network needs, from high data throughputs to high penetration through difficult terrain.
  3. Connecting via Ethernet All ESTeem radios have an Ethernet interface, which means different radios with different capabilities can be linked together to create complex communications networks that operate in any terrain at any distance. These networks take advantage of the benefits offered by each of the company’s radios.
  4. Water District Example A large water district might use Horizon or Edge 900 radios to collect data from pumping stations across difficult terrain and then connect to a high-speed Horizon 2.4 GHz radio to “back-haul” the data back to the central office. These different radios can be linked through the common Ethernet interface to create a single network providing the data the water district needs when the district needs it.
  5. Expanding with Cellular ESTeem’s different radio frequency bands can link with each other and are compatible with the Edge Access+, the company’s cellular solution that features encrypted VPN connections, integrated WiFi and built-in LTE. The Edge Access+ enables secure communications, whether around town or across the globe. Using a combination of both local radio and cellular communication offers limitless options for a wireless network.
  6. Global Manufacturer Example A manufacturer with factories around the world has automatic guide vehicles (AGVs) – mobile robots that roam the factory or warehouse floor, carrying out myriad activities. Horizon 900 radios can be used to collect data from the AGVs, which then connect to an Edge Access+ to relay the data to the main operations office, half a world away.
  7. Bridging the Gap The compatibility of ESTeem’s radios with each other and with the Edge Access+ means companies can have a hybrid communications network that meets their needs, no matter the distance or terrain. Contact ESTeem today for simple solutions to your complex communications needs.
  8. The ESTeem Advantage For over 30 years, we’ve designed, engineered and manufactured industrial wireless radios and modems - all in the US and all specifically focused on solving our customers’ most difficult networking challenges, no matter what the frequency. Through all those years, we’ve stuck to the philosophy that applications will not bend to fit the hardware. The solution must fit the application, and we work with our customers to ensure they get the right wireless solution to fit their needs. To that end, all of our models come with full compatibility baked in (195E/Horizon, 192/195 Narrowband), and we write our software/OS specifically for the components used for optimum efficiency and performance. To learn how ESTeem can deliver the cost-effective, reliable wireless network your operation needs, submit this simple contact form.
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