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MediaCamp: Communications for Public Scholarship


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Presentation for the Digital Sociology Mini-Conference of the Eastern Sociological Society 2016 about MediaCamp, social media skills building workshops for academics conducted in 2014 by the Just Publics @ 365 project at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

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MediaCamp: Communications for Public Scholarship

  1. 1. @MissReadings Polly Thistlethwaite Chief Librarian The Graduate Center, CUNY MediaCamp: Communications for Public Scholarship
  2. 2. Deborah Lupton, 2014
  3. 3. Just Publics@ 365 Fifth Avenue
  4. 4. Lots of Components… • Summits: big events • Knowledge Streams: podcasts, videos, data viz, ebooks • Social Justice Topic Series: drug policy • POOC : Participatory Open Online Course • MediaCamp
  5. 5. learning from journalism
  6. 6. legacy academic scholarship pre-21st century, analog, closed, for academics only
  7. 7. changing discovery
  8. 8. We used this to find things.
  9. 9. changing archiving & scholarly publishing
  10. 10. Academic journals are not so open or accessible.
  11. 11. Academic libraries expenditures 1986-2008: • journals up 374% • books up 86% About my budget …
  12. 12. changing scholarly production
  13. 13. MediaCamp Workshops for Academics, Activists
  14. 14. “[w]e’re taught to teach, we’re taught to research, we’re taught to write, but we’re not usually taught how to talk to the media.”
  15. 15. Evidence of Reputation
  16. 16. Measuring impact beyond academic readership…
  17. 17. Beyond inches of citing sources…
  18. 18. Alt- metrics
  19. 19. digitallegacy
  20. 20. Open Access Increases Impact
  21. 21. digitallegacy
  22. 22. Podcast Series
  23. 23. …one senior faculty member, with arms crossed against chest, declared that he would “not be made to learn the Internet.” --Engaging Academics and Reimagining Scholarly Communication for the Public Good: A Report, 2014
  24. 24. Self-published e-books
  25. 25. 2013 2016
  26. 26. @MissReadings Polly Thistlethwaite Chief Librarian The Graduate Center, CUNY
  27. 27. “There is nothing important that cannot be made interesting.” “One mistake that is made is leaving this work to the communications departments. … There is an authenticity that comes from the people behind the work reaching out that no communications department can match.” -- Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein to World Bank researchers, Nov. 15, 2015
  28. 28. “There’s a lot of talk among sociologists about ‘public sociology’ but few of us actually know how to practice it. Thanks to MediaCamp, I now have a better sense of how to communicate my research to non-academics and to scholars outside of my fields of expertise. I’m blogging about already-published research, trying out new ideas, and making new contacts via Twitter.” - Arlene Stein, Professor, Sociology, Rutgers University