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GIS for Transportation: from International Management to Customer Information


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Presentation by Mario González from EMT (Local Transportation Agency from Madrid´s Townhall) at Esri European User Conference.

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GIS for Transportation: from International Management to Customer Information

  1. 1. Welcome #EUC11
  2. 2. o 225 bus routes.o 2.100 buses.o 5.000 bus stop (2.100 transfers).o Network: 3.900 kms.o Six depots.
  3. 3. o From 1947 to 2000 (for 53 years) the design and planning of the routes has been a hard work. This type of work was carried out by a department with a huge specialization.o Tools: paper, Clipper (1992).
  4. 4. o In 2000 there was a big change with the incorporation of SAE (Advance Transport Management System) with GPS.o Tools : MsAccess, AutoCAD, Visual Basic.
  5. 5. o In 2006, as a result of an external consulting, the advantage of implementing and planning GIS was demonstrated for the bus routes.o Goals: Productivity and efficiency.
  6. 6. o ARCGIS Server 9.2 Enterpriseo Completely customize application in .NET.o Client-server architecture with a SOA architecture based on Web-services with embedded Arcobjects.o Creation of all transport geodata specific points (stops, poles, bus shelters) and network paths.o Real-time integration with the SAE system.o Integration with all EMT business systems.
  7. 7. o Client application to manage routes network.o Daily performance web application.
  8. 8. o Migrate to Arc Gis Server 9.3.1o Creation of a routes module with Network Analyst.o Maps services to be extended.o Developing a layer of SOA GeoServices.o Integration and complete offer for customer connections using SOA/OGC standards Goals Improve user information.
  9. 9. o SAE Web application.o SAE Android application.
  10. 10. Thank YouMario González FernándezEmpresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid, 914 068 882