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Esri Technology for Law Enforcement


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Esri Technology for Law Enforcemen

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Esri Technology for Law Enforcement

  1. 1. Transform Data into IntelligenceEsri®Technology for Law Enforcement
  2. 2. Esri®Technology—Smarter PolicingEnable Smart DecisionsAnticipating and responding to crime requires lawenforcement agencies to overcome data deluge-inducedbarriers. They need to make information actionable andshareable. Esri partners with you and not only offers softwareYour budgets have tightened. Your demands have grown.Has your capability increased?In today’s law enforcement environment, catching criminals isn’t enough. You need smarter planning.You need smarter investigations. You need smarter response. Esri has the tools, technology, andexpertise to deploy true intelligence-led policing. You can use location-based analytics and mappingintelligence to do more than catch criminals. You can predict where crime will occur and ensure thatyou have the right resources in the right place at the right time. With Esri as your partner, you’ll turndata assets into crime-fighting weapons.and services but also maintains an active community oflaw enforcement users, partners, and workgroups that areimmediately available to help you succeed. You can leverageproven technology and best practices to meet the mission.
  3. 3. Empower Organizational CapabilitiesEsri supplies a scalable integration platform that meetsyour needs—no matter your size or budget. What doesthis mean? Simply put, your vast resources—such as RMS,CAD, AVL, live video, and social feeds—become useful toeveryone. From the police chief to the patrol officer, Esrigives law enforcement complete situational awarenessthat can be shared via the desktop, within the cloud, or onmobile devices.Deploy Intelligence-Led PolicingEsri gives you high-end analysis that’s immediately actionable.You’ll visualize information to make connections and identifypatterns. Personnel can be deployed to the areas where theyare needed most, based on the data. Historical and currentcrime data can quickly and easily be examined to predictcrime spikes and identify trends as they develop. Police canengage the community through online web maps that allowcitizens to see what’s happening in their neighborhoods.Esri Technology Enhances Organizational Capabilities• Effectively allocates scarce resources• Supports mission workflows through tools, software,applications, and platforms• Optimizes data integration• Facilitates information sharing• Improves situational awarenessEsri Technology Facilitates Intelligent Policing• Crime analysis and forecasting• Real-time crime centers• Computer statistics (CompStat)• Officer and community safety and accountability• Community policing/Information sharingLearn More about GIS for Law
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