Esri News for Electric & Gas Utillities—Spring 2012


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Esri News for Electric & Gas Utilities keeps you informed with software news, events, and user stories showing how GIS brings the geographic advantage to electric and gas utilities worldwide.

Stories in this issue showcase how GIS helps utilities develop enterprise dashboards, renewable energy plans, and mobile applications for field inspections.

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Esri News for Electric & Gas Utillities—Spring 2012

  1. 1. Esri Newsfor Electric & Gas Utilities Spring 2012Union Power Gets a Dashboard ViewBy Jessica Wyland, Esri WriterThe staff at Union Power Cooperative now has members throughout the five Southern indications. The cooperative’s GIS, based ona comprehensive view of the electric distribu- Piedmont counties of Union, Stanly, Cabarrus, Esri technology, serves as the foundation fortion network, with data from throughout the Mecklenburg, and Rowan. the merged into one real-time, easy- Union Power Operations Dashboard The work was completed by Union Power’sto-use map called Union Power Operations provides real-time and historical outage David Gross, manager of Operations andDashboard. information, data from the advanced metering Engineering Support, and Todd Harrington, Headquartered in Monroe, North Carolina, system (such as voltage and momentary inter- GIS administrator.the cooperative provides electricity and ruptions), up-to-the-minute work order type “We have taken the Electric Distributionenergy-related services to more than 65,000 and location details, and meter tampering [Operations] Dashboard template from  continued on page 14 Union Power crews maintain distribution lines.
  2. 2. Contents Spring 2012Cover 1 Union Power Gets a Dashboard ViewCase Study 4 Powering Communities with Clean, Renewable Energy6 Three Services, One GIS8 Q&A with Sean Flatt Esri News for Electric & Gas Utilities is a publication of the10 Field Inspections on an Android Electric & Gas Group of Esri.12 Accolades to the Map Gallery Winner To contact the Esri Desktop Order Center, call 1-800-447-9778 within the United States or 909-793-2853, ext. 1-1235, outsideEsri News the United States.13 Esri Career Opportunities Visit the Esri website at Esri Online View Esri News for Electric & Gas Utilities at /electricgas or scan the code below with your smartphone. Advertise with Us E-mail Submit Content To submit articles for publication in Esri News for Electric & Gas Utilities, contact Jessica Wyland at Manage Your Subscription To update your mailing address or subscribe or unsubscribe to Esri publications, visit International customers should contact an Esri distributor to manage their subscriptions. For a directory of distributors, visit Circulation Services For back issues, missed issues, and other circulation services, e-mail; call 909-793-2853, extension 2778; or fax 909-798-0560. Copyright © 2012 Esri. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. The information contained in this work is the exclusive property of Esri or its licensors. This work is protected under United States copyright law and other international copyright treaties and conventions. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, except as expressly permitted in writing by Esri. All requests should be sent to Attention: Contracts and Legal Services Manager, Esri, 380 New York Street, Redlands, CA 92373-8100  usa. The information contained in this work is subject to change without notice. Esri, the Esri globe logo, 3D Analyst, ArcAtlas, ArcCatalog, ArcData, ArcDoc, ArcEditor, ArcExplorer, ArcGIS, the ArcGIS logo, ArcGlobe, ArcIMS, ARC/INFO, ArcInfo, ArcLogistics, ArcMap, ArcNetwork, ArcNews, ArcObjects, ArcPad, ArcPress, ArcReader, ArcSDE, ArcSurvey, ArcToolbox, ArcTools, ArcUser, ArcView, ArcVoyager, ArcWatch, ArcWeb, ArcWorld, ArcXML, Business Analyst Online, BusinessMAP, CommunityInfo, EDN, Geography Network, GIS  Day, MapData, MapObjects, Maplex, MapStudio, ModelBuilder, MOLE, NetEngine, RouteMAP, SDE, Sourcebook•America, StreetMap, Tapestry,,,,,, and are trademarks, registered marks, or service marks of Esri in the United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions. Other companies and products or services mentioned herein may be trademarks, service marks, or registered marks of their respective mark owners.2 Esri News for Electric & Gas Utilities  Spring 2012
  3. 3. GIS Means Business at Esri Electricand Gas GIS ConferenceBy Barbara Shields, Esri WriterParticipants at the 2011 Esri Electric and Gas GIS Conference in Kissam invited the audience to visit SCANA Corporation on the lastColumbia, South Carolina, met to discuss the value of GIS for improv- day of the conference to see firsthand how the company has imple-ing their operational and business processes. Attendance at the mented GIS.conference increased by 25 percent from the previous year, and many Lisa Hightower, GIS manager at CenterPoint Energy, demonstrated apeople were first-time attendees. drive-time application that has improved customer service. Rob Brooks Utility representatives attributed this increase to recent develop- of Esri showed GIS applications for Distribution Integrity Managementments in Esri technology that have placed GIS into the hands of more Program (DIMP) administration. Theo Laughner of Tennessee Valleyand more staff via web tools, automated routines, and accessible Authority (TVA) challenged the audience members to consider the roledata. This has resulted in a growth of applications, many of which were of GIS in their 15-year vision.demonstrated during the conference by GIS professionals and energy During the three-day conference, participants filled their agendacompany users. planners with best practice presentations, networking events, business The GIS user base for many utilities has grown because of enterprise meetings, learning labs, and vendor product/service demonstrations.hardware and software configurations as well as the Esri enterpriselicense agreement program. During a fast-paced Plenary Session guided by Esri’s Patrick Dolan,27 speakers gave very short talks about new tools, trends, applica-tions, and real-world stories. For instance, a power company managertold the story of how 60 tornadoes downed transmission lines across Thank You to Our SponsorsAlabama in just one day. To get the power back on, the utility provider Platinum Sponsors: Accenture, Rolta, Telventcreated maps detailing swath and structural damage, power status, Gold Sponsors: Clearion Software, Black & Veatch, Enspiriaand other analyses. Mobile GIS applications made it possible for Solutions, IBM, Océ, Canon Groupresponders to access the maps on laptops and iPhones. Social and Party Sponsors: Rolta, Ramtech, Utility Data Jeff Meyers, former president of Miner & Miner, was awarded the Contractorsfirst Esri Electric and Gas Lifetime Achievement Award. Esri’s directorof utility solutions, Bill Meehan, described Meyers as “the voice of the Break Sponsor: Accentureelectric and gas community.” During his Keynote Address, Meyers Breakfast Sponsors: IBM, New Century Softwaregave a history of GIS for utility facilities management and describedhow the evolution of technology continues to advance data visualiza- Thank You to the 2011 EGUG Officerstion, network analysis, and underground mapping models. Esri also thanks the Electric and Gas User Group (EGUG) Keller Kissam, senior vice president of SCANA Corporation, de- officers for their participation in producing this event:scribed GIS as a core technology of his business and gave examples of president Wayne W. Boone, Alabama Power Company; viceefficiency work processes for valve maintenance. president Theo Laughner, TVA; and conference chair “Everything that we do flows through our GIS,” Kissam said. “It is Wayne Meyer, SCANA.the hub, and everyone uses it. The liabilities we face on a daily basis farexceed the revenue that we can make on an annual basis. GIS reduces Welcome to the 2012 EGUG Officersrisk, gives us better knowledge of our system, and improves system President Theo Laughner, TVA; vice president Waynemaintenance.” Meyer, SCANA; conference chair John Ziakas, Questar Gas Company. Mark Your Calendars The next Esri Electric and Gas GIS Conference will convene in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 7–10, 2012. Go to to find more information about the 2012 conference and to access papers presented at the 2011 conference. Spring 2012 3
  4. 4. Powering Communities withClean, Renewable EnergyBy Mitchell Garnett, Esri CanadaOver the past 15 years, greenhouse gas emis- Site Selection,sions in Canada have risen over 35 percent, Project Managementmaking the country one of the largest emitters Finding optimal locations for development isof greenhouse gas in the world. a juggling act in which many often conflicting In addition to environmental and economic land-use issues need to be considered andrepercussions, the release of greenhouse gas balanced before a potential site is targeted.emissions into the air can have a detrimental For example, it is essential that the grideffect on the health of Canadians and lead to connection be cost-effective for the size ofincreased risk of respiratory and cardiovascu- the proposed development and that the sitelar complications. People living in Canada’s does not encroach on conservation areas ornorthern communities are especially vulnera- wetlands. Features such as roads and railways,ble and face potentially serious consequences residences, terrain and slope, and existingto traditional lifestyles, resource develop- infrastructure must also be analyzed for cur-ment, and conservation. rency, accuracy, and completeness to identify One of the keys to reducing greenhouse any potential conflicts or interference issues.emissions is to replace traditional energy To conduct this analysis, Mainstream usessources with cleaner, renewable energy. In ArcGIS for Desktop and the ArcGIS Spatiallight of this, Mainstream Renewable Power is Analyst extension. Through Esri technology,helping communities across the country fully an array of datasets can be overlaid to quicklyaccess their renewable energy assets. With analyze information and determine the feasi-over 16,000 megawatts in the development bility of selected sites. Sites are then chosenpipeline, they’re using GIS to locate potential where the resource is adequate, grid access issites for wind farms and solar energy power available, and there is an abundance of suit-plants, as well as to manage projects as they able land. Map layers also enable Mainstreamprogress through the development process. to identify areas considered undesirable for development such as protected ecosystems or national parks. “Site evaluation involves an intensive“Through meaningful research process that requires many ques- tions to be answered: Where is the energy maps, we can clearly resource? What is the structure of the terrain? The site was originally selected for its wind communicate our due What are the constraining factors?” said Craig resource and available grid capacity, and the Weber, GIS specialist, Mainstream Renewable project has since moved to the measurement diligence to potential Power. “With GIS technology, we can answer phase. Esri technology is used to identify stakeholders.” these questions through a straightforward suitable locations for erecting meteorological layering process and identify sites that are masts and deploying measurement sta-Craig Weber, Mainstream both technically appropriate and economically tions, providing a powerful planning tool forRenewable Power feasible.” Mainstream’s Energy Analysis Group. The 3D analysis tools in ArcGIS are also Powering Homes in the Prairies used to conduct viewshed analysis. The In Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Mainstream visibility of new sites should be as unobtru- has secured more than 2,000 acres of private sive as possible, with minimal impact on the agricultural land for a potential wind farm de- landscape. For the public, authorities, and velopment. It is anticipated that this project, landowners involved in a project, this analysis known as the Flaxcombe Wind Farm, could can be very helpful because it reveals how the result in up to 60 wind turbines and poten- installation will look and will be integrated into tially generate enough energy to power over the surrounding area. 50,000 homes.4 Esri News for Electric & Gas Utilities  Spring 2012
  5. 5. Case Study Ñ A potential development site is identified through ArcGIS. “Without the participation of private land- local stakeholders and community groups to with the organization’s document manage-owners, our projects simply wouldn’t move solicit feedback about the project. ment system. The integration of these twoforward,” said Weber. “Through meaningful “We believe that wind energy is a great systems will enable project managers, whomaps, we can clearly communicate our due way to supplement the income of farmers may be unfamiliar with GIS, to maintain anddiligence to potential stakeholders, identify and contribute to the economic development update data in a controlled and user-friendlypossible constraints, and assure landowners in rural communities,” said Steven Xuereb, environment.that all necessary steps have been taken to Flaxcombe Wind Farm project manager.ensure the safe and successful development “Typically, a project of this size would attractof a wind farm.” more than 100 construction jobs and up to five Visit Within the next year, Flaxcombe will enter permanent technical jobs, as well as providethe environmental assessment phase of the substantial tax revenue to the municipality.”project, and ArcGIS will be used to visualize To more effectively support projectbird and bat migration, as well as wildlife management around the globe, Mainstreamhabitat and vegetation, to ensure the small- is currently moving toward a server-basedest environmental footprint. As the project GIS environment. ArcGIS for Server has beenadvances, Mainstream will be reaching out to selected because of its ability to integrate Spring 2012 5
  6. 6. Three Services, One GISBy Arnisa Davis, GIS Project Manager, MLGWMemphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW), the ArcSDE database and a Citrix implementation. different data layers with the flood zones inUnited States’ largest three-service municipal MLGW is able to interface with many external the background. A temporary ArcGIS websiteutility, serves nearly 430,000 customers and applications from within ArcGIS. For example, was set up to allow crisis management andcreates the land base for the entire Shelby MLGW interfaces with its customized Banner engineering teams to view gas, water, andCounty, Tennessee, area. MLGW has been customer information system (CIS) to improve electric facilities within different flood zoneutilizing GIS for more than 20 years to assist accuracy of addresses stored in both systems levels. ArcGIS was instrumental in providingwith meeting public safety goals and deliver- and accesses its document image system data via the Internet to communicate risk toing reliable service to customers. from within ArcGIS. executives and the crisis management team. Most of the government agencies with The utility also implemented Esri’s ArcGISwhich MLGW shares data also use Esri Workflow Manager (formerly Job Tracking Water Implementationsoftware. MLGW had to convert data from for ArcGIS [JTX]). MJ Harden created nine The water implementation was completed inits legacy format to shapefile format to share workflows for the Land Department. Workflow August 2011 and introduced new interfaces toits land-base data with the Fire and Police Manager allows the Land Department to CIS consumption information and the creationDepartments and Emergency Management track commercial and residential jobs that of web reporting. Web reporting providesAgency (EMA). The difficulty and length of need addresses or other street informa- MLGW with an opportunity to view flow testtime required to translate the files limited tion. The software allows operators to track and tap information from within the desktopdata publication to one time per quarter. project completion, identify which staff application or via the web utilizing HTMLMLGW decided in December 2008 to member worked the job, and target comple- pop-up windows. GIS also provides a way topurchase an enterprise license agreement tion dates. It also allows the team leader to create map books for wells near addresseswith Esri and Telvent. MJ Harden, along with assign specific work request areas in the GIS and water tracing.Ptarmigan and SSP Innovations, was selected based on highest needs. Once the other teamfor the implementation of the Esri/Telvent members receive the work request by e-mail,enterprise solution. the specific area is identified in ArcGIS. A project with such great magnitude MLGW also implemented the Telvent toolspresented many challenges for MLGW. Utility with versioning that allow staff to utilize a lo-staff researched products for three years. To cator, an attribute editor, a QA/QC tool, Mapsucceed, vision teams were created, made up Book Explorer, and stored displays. MLGW isof both nonmanagement and management able to create predefined map templates andemployees. The GIS Vision team researched generate maps based on grids with specificthe benefits of implementing an enterprise layers.GIS. Team members performed cost analysis, Staff can view imagery by connecting toanalyzed return on investment, and presented ArcGIS Online and viewing world imagery,results to upper management. The vision including data from Esri partner Pictometry.teams empowered end users to take owner-ship of implementations. Company IT experts Gas Implementationsupported and provided guidance when The implementation of gas and cathodic pro-needed. Many of the team members visited tection has been the most challenging of allother utility companies that had implemented the processes for MLGW. Nevertheless, gasan enterprise solution. Requests for proposal was implemented in March 2011, and the GISwere developed for software and implemen- tools have provided users with the benefitstation, with the vision team members to create of map books, stored displays, and tracingall the business and functional requirements. capabilities. SSP Innovations created a custom cathodicLand Implementation protection trace that colors gas lines basedIn July 2010, MJ Harden converted and on whether the line is a node or rectifier. Theintegrated the land information with an en- implementation of gas allowed MLGW to pro-terprise GIS. MJ Harden, Ptarmigan, and SSP vide data for risk analysis for the DistributionInnovations designed a data model based on Integrity Management Program (DIMP).MLGW’s needs. The data was converted from During the 100-year flood that Memphis ex-  Imagery and utility data can be viewedEnghouse CableCad to ArcGIS with an Oracle perienced in May 2011, GIS helped staff view together.6 Esri News for Electric & Gas Utilities  Spring 2012
  7. 7. Case Study MLGW staff can search features using GIS tools.What’s Next? central repository during an emergency orThe utility is currently working on converting disaster.the primary/secondary electric and streetlight Overall, Esri and Telvent provided MLGWfeatures from CableCad to ArcGIS. Downtown with an enterprise GIS solution that allows thenetwork electric and telecom are being utility to share data with external customersconverted from paper or AutoCAD, to be im- and police, fire, EMA, and other emergencyplemented this year. MLGW also implemented entities. Internal users are able to interfaceArcGIS for Server and ArcFM using Silverlight with other applications that store data inand a mobile application for field crews. relational databases. MLGW staff are excited Through a joint venture with the University about the new tools that enterprise GIS willof Memphis, the utility is also creating a bring to the company.shared portal for the six-county Urban AreaSecurity Initiative (UASI) to allow emergency Contact Arnisa Davis atagencies and police and fire departments toaccess critical infrastructure data from one Spring 2012 7
  8. 8. Q&A with Sean Flatt Sean Flatt is the GIS mapping coordinator for Middle 2. What do you plan to do with GIS? Tennessee Natural Gas (MTNG). Recently, Esri writer We are currently using GIS technology in the planning and construc- Jessica Wyland interviewed him about his utility’s use tion of all new mains, as a decision-making tool for our engineering of GIS. department, and to perform ad hoc analysis for a number of company- wide objectives. All MTNG personnel have access to an internal web 1. What attracted you and mapping application running the Flex Viewer API, which provides MTNG to GIS technology? access to maps of our system and allows some basic GIS tools andThe challenges of managing an underground utility network have functionality. In the coming year, we are planning to expand our GISmade GIS technology an incredibly beneficial tool for many natural program into additional mobile applications. By utilizing ArcGIS Servergas utilities. At MTNG, we serve at least part of 21 different counties and the ArcGIS Online platform, we are going to be sending our GISin rural middle Tennessee. With such a large service area, maintaining applications into the field with Esri apps for the iPhone and iPad. Notdetailed maps of our system can be challenging. GIS provides the only will this be a mobile access point for our maps and GIS data, butability to efficiently and accurately map our natural gas system, as well we will begin using these iPads to perform various reporting and dataas detailed basemaps. We are also facing the challenge of having to entry for our yearly system maintenance projects. This will provide areplace an experienced work force over the next several years. Many powerful tool in the field for our service personnel, allow us to easilyof our operations personnel have worked at MTNG for over 21 years monitor the progress of these projects, and also eliminate the needand have tremendous knowledge of the industry and specifically our for manually entering this information into a database later. The abilitysystem. Although that knowledge cannot be replaced, by ensuring the for our end users to essentially be an active part of our GIS programmost accurate and detailed information possible is available to our new and to be able to not only easily access our maps and data but alsoemployees, we hope to be able to continue to safely and efficiently contribute information and data will open doors to a number of practi-provide natural gas service to our customers. cal applications.8 Esri News for Electric & Gas Utilities  Spring 2012
  9. 9. Case Study Esri on the Road3. How did the small utility ELA make this possible? IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference andThe ELA has helped our GIS program take a huge leap forward. With Expositionthe ability to use the full suite of Esri software and extensions, we May 7–10, 2012have been able to not only investigate but actually implement many Orlando, FL, USAproducts that we would have previously not even considered because www.ieeet-d.orgof cost and scale. Not having to limit our number of GIS licenses alsomeans we don’t have to limit our number of GIS users. The ELA makes Mindshare 2012it possible to let even the most occasional user have access to the May 8–10, 2012software and hopefully increase not only their familiarity with GIS but Orlando, FL, USAalso their appreciation for the power of this technology within our www.ventyx.comorganization. UTC TelecomIs the small utility ELA right for you? Find out at May 20–23, 2012 Orlando, FL, USA www.utctelecom2012.utc.orgSpringer Handbook of Windpower June 3–6, 2012Geographic Information Atlanta, GA, USA World Gas ConferenceA newly released research and application-oriented text, Springer June 4–8, 2012Handbook of Geographic Information, features a chapter written by Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaEsri experts regarding the use of GIS for energy and utilities. The wgc2012.comchapter was coauthored by Esri director of utility solutions Bill Meehan,former Esri gas and pipeline industry manager Rob Brook, and Esri Smart Electricity Worldwriter Jessica Wyland. July 2–4, 2012Springer Handbook of Geographic Information is organized in three Melbourne, Australiaparts: Basics, Geographic Information, and Applications. The book is for scientists at universities and industry as well as advancedand PhD students. 2012 Milsoft Users Conference June 12–14, 2012 Nashville, TN, USA Springer Handbook Esri International User Conference of Geographic July 23–27, 2012 Information. Kresse, San Diego, CA, USA Wolfgang; Danko, David M. (Eds.), 1150 p., 688 illus., 116 tables. Springer- Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg 2012. Spring 2012 9
  10. 10. Field Inspections on an AndroidBy Jozef Kaslikowski, TCEMCFor several years, Tri-County ElectricMembership Corporation (TCEMC), whichserves more 53,000 members in centralTennessee and southern Kentucky, has beenmoving GIS into more areas of its operation.One of the last untouched processes wasinspection of field equipment. Until recently, inspections were tracked onpaper. Staff would have to deal with lists ofpoles made at the substation or more recentprintouts of circuits. The process was inef-ficient and frustrating to both the operationspersonnel and the engineering staff who hadto interpret the notes. Often, follow-up tripswere needed to identify the correct facilitieswith issues. This delayed the turnaround timeon corrective actions. Given the large amountof data collected in this way, reporting andtracking were not practical. The paper process endured due to onemain reason: ease of use. Until now, mobiledevices and software have been awkward  Completed Pole Inspections with Issues Identified by Department and cumbersome to use. It can be difficult to train users who are unfamiliar with computers. The equipment tends to be expensive, not to mention the issues of battery life and data synchronization. However, the new iOS and Android tablets make an entirely new platform on which to build easy-to-use solutions that can be oper- Android Screen Shot of the Pole Inspection Form ated with two fingers and are cheaper than a laptop. ArcGIS API for Android made it possible to package the entire basemap of TCEMC and all the equipment to be inspected into an Android tablet so that any member of the crew can perform inspections in the field. Each device contains a GPS to show current10 Esri News for Electric & Gas Utilities  Spring 2012
  11. 11. Case Study the equipment, and any issues that were iden- separately resolve its own issues without tified during the inspection. At the end of the affecting the other. day, when network connectivity is restored, The completed inspections are stored in the completed inspections are automatically a SQL Server database that can be used for uploaded to the GIS database. reporting and analysis. Since all the informa- The administration of the system is minimal, tion is time stamped, the progress of the and every effort was made to automate tasks inspection cycle can be observed using the when possible. The pending inspections are new query layer and time-aware layer features identified by comparing GIS data to the list of of ArcGIS. By storing the equipment attrib- inspections that have been recently com- utes at the time of inspection, users can see pleted. The routing of the identified problems movements of GIS data as well as changes in to the appropriate department is done equipment between inspection cycles. automatically. TCEMC has taken advantage of newly avail- A web-based application was created to able hardware and Esri’s APIs to provide an manage the resultant corrective actions for easy-to-use yet powerful inspection tracking the departments and to incorporate the infor- system. By building on common consumer- mation into the engineering staking package. based equipment, TCEMC has many choices Engineering staff can be assigned individual of vendors and several different price points or bulk tasks based on territories. Operations available. The advantage of the Android- supervisors can manage their corrective based solution is the freedom of custom actions based on service areas. Correction app deployment and the use of a standard tickets can be printed with an included map Windows PC for development. provided by the same ArcGIS for Server service that the tablets use. Each assignment is tracked, and additional notes can be added Contact Jozef Kaslikowski at any point. Finally, each department can at Connecting ArcGIS to the Android Platform Free App Now Availablelocation and cameras that can be used todocument problem areas. Google Android users can now access data and mapping capabilities on their ArcGIS for Desktop is used to create a smartphones with the ArcGIS for Android application, which lets users find andbasemap, which is then converted to a tiled share maps as well as deploy GIS data and functionality on Android devices. Themap cache by ArcGIS for Server. That informa- free app is now available and can be downloaded directly from Google playtion is then automatically downloaded to each Amazon Appstore.tablet daily along with pending inspectionrequests. The inspections are overlaid on thebasemap using touchable graphics in the ArcGIS for Android is built on ArcGIS Runtime Software Developer Kit (SDK). Thisinspection app. The user simply touches each SDK lets developers create custom, spatially enabled applications for Androidpiece of equipment that requires inspection, devices and is designed to use web services available from ArcGIS. ArcGISand the appropriate form is displayed to Runtime SDK for Android is now available for free and can be downloaded fromrecord the report. The inspector’s name is the ArcGIS Resource Center.logged for each inspection, as well as the lastgood GPS coordinate, the time the form was Visit, the current known attributes of Spring 2012 11
  12. 12. Accolades to the Map Gallery WinnerThe winner of the 2011 Esri Electric and Gas GIS Conference Map “Without the ability to analyze voltages on a large scale, serviceGallery was Application to Analyze Distribution Voltage Levels, cre- personnel would have had to make several inspections documentingated by Roxana Giusca and Lynn Maniaci of Pioneer Rural Electric voltages in the area to create an overview of the conditions,” saidCooperative in Piqua, Ohio. Maniaci, substation and automation engineer at Pioneer Rural Electric The map shows a snapshot of voltages at electric meters for 11 coun- Cooperative. “Utilizing GIS technology has greatly improved the effi-ties within the Pioneer Rural Electric Cooperative service area. The con- ciency of our field crews and enhanced the reliability to our members.”cept was to verify voltages during peak periods of usage to maintainindustry standards and validate engineering analysis voltage modes. Contact Roxana Giusca at Esri News for Electric & Gas Utilities  Spring 2012
  13. 13. Esri News Esri Online Listen to New Podcasts Visit to see the latest Speaker and Instructional Series podcasts. Become a Fan Join thousands from around the world in an online com- munity on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Check out these Facebook pages: Esri, Esri UC, EnergyGIS. Follow Esri and participate in conversations on Twitter with these hashtags: #Esri and #ArcGIS. • Follow Esri’s utility industry writer Jessica Wyland: @EnergyGIS. • Follow Esri’s director of utility solutions Bill Meehan: @bill_meehan. Join the EGUG LinkedIn group. Spring Lineup on Esri TV Tune in to the latest videos, such as those from Esri describ- ing step-by-step instructions for using Visit Esri Career Opportunities Attend a Free Online Training Seminar Live training seminars bring the GIS instruction you need to your desktop. Technical experts lead these hour-long ses- sions, which are streamed live. Should you miss the interac- tive presentation, you can access the recording online. VisitJoin Esri and Transform Your Future for more information.Apply your industry expertise in a challenging new way at Esri. Weare looking for individuals to share our passion for helping companies Webinarsworldwide make better decisions using geospatial technology. Listen to a new series of monthly EGUG webinars with up- coming topics that include mobile GIS, distribution integrity•• Account Executives—Electric & Gas, multiple locations management program (DIMP), and networks. To learn more,•• Electric Utility Industry Solutions Manager visit and click the Webinar Series link.•• Technical Analyst—Energy/Utilities, Washington, DC•• Training Solution Sales Representatives, multiple locations Electric and Gas Resource Center The Electric and Gas resource center is the place whereLearn more about career opportunities you can find ArcGIS maps and apps that help you manageon our utility team and apply online at geographic information, visualize trends, and publish great web maps. Visit and click the and Gas link. Spring 2012 13 13
  14. 14. Union Power Gets a Dashboard View  continued from cover Esri and made it work for us,” said Harrington. faster. Within the first week the meter tamper-“The dashboard provides “We added data from Oracle on the ing widget was live, it recovered over $3,000 more information to our customer information side and automated in meter tampering that we may have never re- metering data in an Oracle database, Milsoft covered or [would have] taken the next billing employees and is much data on SQL Server, and some GIS data on cycle to discover.” faster and easier to use SQL Server along with Esri’s web services.” The dashboard has also saved the utility a So far, Harrington said, management is very considerable amount of time. Since every- than our existing digital excited and pleased with the dashboard. thing is automated, personnel are no longer maps.” “We learned that the dashboard not only tied up with the time-consuming tasks of provided more information to our employees extracting data, cleaning it up, and producingTodd Harrington, Union Power but was much faster and easier to use than maps.Cooperative our existing digital maps,” said Harrington. “It Harrington has trained field service person- has helped us discover meter tampering a lot nel, all customer service representatives, and14 Esri News for Electric & Gas Utilities  Spring 2012
  15. 15.  Using the dashboard, Union Power can find faulty equipment before it fails and causes an unplanned outage.dispatchers on the dashboard. He also plansto train the linemen and set up data connec-tion in the crew’s trucks. The utility community has responded Watch the Video:with excitement to Union Power OperationsDashboard. Last year, Harrington spoke about Electric Distribution Operationsit at the national Esri Electric and Gas User Dashboard TemplateConference. He and Gross also presented An electric or gas operations manager can use the Electrictheir work at the TechAdvantage Conferencein conjunction with the National Rural Electric Distribution Operations Dashboard template to quicklyCooperative Association’s annual meeting. answer questions. What is the current operational status of “Based on feedback from other utilities, we the network? What incidents or outages are occurring, andhave developed some very innovative con- where? Are there any external environmental events that cancepts,” Gross said. “This project will continue impact operations? The template can be used as a guideto evolve, adding value to our members as it for implementing a common operating picture to improveplaces the efficiency of advanced technology operational decision making in response to outages andat employees’ fingertips.” other service-impacting events. Check out the video and download the template at Union Power Operations Dashboard an outage overview that keepsmanagement, the communicationsdepartment, and customer servicerepresentatives aware of how many and whichcustomers are out of power. Spring 2012 15
  16. 16. Presorted 380 New York Street Standard Redlands, California 92373-8100  usa US Postage Paid Esri 129634 27.7M4/12spWhere ideas are born SMArcGIS online… cloud GIS… mobile GIS… They alladd up to one conclusion: this is not the year to miss theEsri International User Conference (Esri UC). This is whereyour ideas come together to shape the future of GIS.Join us in San Diego, California, to discover the nextgeneration of geospatial technology for your organization.Register online at International User ConferenceJuly 23–27, 2012 | San Diego Convention CenterGet in-depth, hands-on training at preconferenceseminars July 21–22. Copyright © 2012 Esri. All rights reserved.