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How do you say slideshare


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With over 40 sounds in English and only 26 letters in the alphabet - English spelling is a disaster. By happy accident the 16 vowel sounds (that's right 16 VOWEL SOUNDS) are featured in the names of 16 colors. Colors are the simple - no exceptions solution to accessing English spelling and pronunciation. Here's a presentation to show you how the app works.

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How do you say slideshare

  1. 1. How to Use How Do You Say? Pronunciation and Spelling App Judy Thompson
  2. 2. English spelling doesn’t make sense How Do You Say? provides a bridge from to spelling pronunciation (red, head, said) /red/, /hed/, /sed/ and from listening back to spelling
  3. 3. The Bridge is a Simple Color Association By happy accident the 16 vowel Sounds of English are featured in the names of 16 colors: Long a is in Gray /Ay/ Short a is in Black /a/ Long e is in Green /Ey/ Short e is in Red /e/ Long i is in White /Iy/ Short i is in Pink /i/ and so on….
  4. 4. The 16 Vowel Sounds in North American (NA) English Look Like This:
  5. 5. Back to the App There are four tabs or buttons: Home, Reference, Dictionary and Contact This is Home. That was easy.
  6. 6. Reference 1) English Pronunciation - four Key Principles 2) English Spelling - spell from listening 3) English Phonetic Alphabet - 40 sounds of North American (NA) English 4) Thompson Vowel Chart - with audio support
  7. 7. Four Truths of Pronunciation Not clear about the Key Principles? There are dropdown arrows with more info:
  8. 8. The Vowel Chart
  9. 9. PRONUNCIATION DICTIONARY The moment we have all been waiting for: How Do You Say? Pronunciation Tool Enter a word you can spell but not say in: The app will take you to the page that features that word with the color and spelling, EPA phonetic spelling and synonyms (if any). The pronunciation is in the color. I’ll show you →
  10. 10. How Do You Say suit for Example? Type in suit because spelling is crazy and learners have a lot of trouble with suit. Two good guesses come up suit and suite I want the clothing one so I click on the top entry.
  11. 11. suit Word: is the spelling EPA: is the sound (English Phonetic Alphabet) Color: is the pronunciation Synonyms: are different meanings for the same word (English is crazy) suit is a blue word because suit and blue have the same vowel sound /Uw/ *There is one color for every word in English
  12. 12. suite Just for fun let’s back up and click on suite suite is green The vowel sound in suite is the same vowel sound as in green /Ey/ In brackets (sweet) is a Homonym, a word that sounds the same but is spelled differently sweet - /swEyt/ English is crazy.
  13. 13. Pronunciation Recap To find the pronunciation of a word that You can spell but not say, 1. Go to the Dictionary button 2. Type the word you want to say in Search Word 3. Click on the word for its Color/Pronunciation and synonyms The app has the pronunciation of the 2,000 most common English words organized by color dictated by the main vowel sound. Learn vowel sounds from the Vowel Chart in Reference. WARNING: Don’t spell word entries with capital letters
  14. 14. SPELLING DICTIONARY The Color button in the top left corner takes you from listening to spelling.
  15. 15. Spelling Listen to the vowel sound in the main syllable of the word you want to spell. What color is it? Click on that color - the word is found listed alphabetically in its color chapter. For fun let’s pretend we can’t spell ‘alert’. It sounds like /a lErt/. It’s Purple.
  16. 16. How do you Spell /a lErt/…? Scroll down Color List to Purple and Click. There it is! Words are grouped alphabetically by color or main vowel sound. It’s a SOUND DICTIONARY.
  17. 17. How Do You Say? Recap To find the PRONUNCIATION of a word you know how to spell, enter it in To find the SPELLING of a word you have heard, determine the Color of the main vowel sound and find the word listed alphabetically in its Color chapter. Hint: Your word has to be one of the 16 colors from the Vowel Chart in Reference – there are no exceptions.
  18. 18. Back and Forth To get back to the Dictionary main page from anywhere click Dictionary at the bottom of the page or All at the top of the Color List. If the word you want is not in the How Do You Say? app click Add a the top right. Or email
  19. 19. Contact The last tab or button is Contact. You can reach me any number of ways for more info on our products, questions or comments. Enjoy the App!
  20. 20. Sound Dictionary Products How Do You Say? The app is available for $2.99 For Apple and Android products from iTunes and Google Play How Do You Say? Is also a reference book that can be ordered from Amazon $19.95 US or The book How Do You Say? Includes Pronunciation, Spelling, Definitions and Expressions. How Do You Say? Was originally released in 2012 as Grass is Black. PDF of the original Grass is Black – $14.95 from