Week 2 study guide


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The Present Perfect Tense
We will work on irregular verbs during the next class.
Please complete your learning journal and book assignments in chapters 1 and 2.
If you do not have the book, please see the receptionist before or during our next class.

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Week 2 study guide

  1. 1. Discovering Fiction Instructor: Danielle Ciccoli Week 2 Study Guide: Present Perfect and Irregular Verbs
  2. 2. The Present Perfect Tense Form: Has/Have + Past Participle Example: You have shopped at that store often. Have you seen the movie Transformers? No, I have not seen Transformers yet.
  3. 3. Use 1: Unspecified Time Before Now Past-----------------present-------------------future When an action happened at an unspecified time in the past. Do not use with time expressions like yesterday, one year ago, last week, when I was a child (DO NOT SPECIFY TIME) Examples: I have seen Transformers twice! People have traveled to outer space. I have not traveled to Asia yet. Have you ever gone to Buckingham Palace?
  4. 4. Think of Experiences When Using Present Perfect Tense !! Examples of Experiences Here: I have been to France Also, I have been to Mexico 3 times (we can count also) He has never road a train. He has road the train 3 times. Have you met the President? No, I have not met him.
  5. 5. Changes Over Time Example: For Children You have grown a lot since I last saw you! The government has been in a furlough. Scientists have split the atom.
  6. 6. Uncompleted Action that is Expected We are still waiting for something to happen and expect it to happen. Example: The rain hasn’t stopped. James has still not arrived! The Cubs game has not ended yet. What other examples can you think of?!
  7. 7. Multiple Actions at Different Times Sometimes we like to multi-task and we use the present perfect for this when the tasks are not yet complete. Example: We have attacked the enemy 5 times with force! Nathan has talked to several doctors about his condition, but still has heart problems.
  8. 8. Conclusion Sometime before now, but time is not important. The students have had 3 tests in the last week. The woman’s car has broken down a few times this month. Think of other examples?
  9. 9. Use 2L Duration from Past Until Now When something started in the past until now. Example: I have had the flue for 2 weeks. She has been studying English for 6 months. We have loved cartoons since we were little. Other examples please?!
  10. 10. Where do you put the Adverb? You have only been to Europe once. Have you only been to Europe once?
  11. 11. Active and Passive Voices Many Tourists have visited the monument The monument has been visited by many tourists
  12. 12. To Be Continued Any questions on this presentation?