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Questionnaire students


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Published in: Education
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Questionnaire students

  1. 1. Direcção Regional de Educação do Centro / Código – 403921Promoting Magic Places in Europe – Past, Present and FutureMeeting in Portugal (4-10 March)QUESTIONNAIRE .- STUDENTSWhat I liked most about the Meeting in Portugal.What I would like to do in another meeting.Is there anything in the Portuguese everyday life (in your host family) that is completelydifferent from your country?Have you got an idea of how you would motivate other students/teachers in your own schoolto visit Portugal?How did the meeting influence your future expectations relating to your profession? Did itstrengthen your motivation to learn something new (language, history…)?In the future, world you return back to Aveiro with your friends or family?Name: ______________________________________________Country:_______________