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Batalha monastery


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Batalha monastery

  1. 1. Direcção Regional de Educação do Centro / Código – 403921Promoting Magic Places in Europe – Past, Present and FutureMeeting in Portugal (4-10 March)BATALHA MONASTERYBatalha Monastery is also known as Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória.King John I promised to build a big monument devoted to Holy Mary,Protector of Portugal, if he won the battle of Aljubarrota, against Castela.It took two centuries to be built, from the 14th to the 16th centuries; there wereseven kings during that period (all the family of King John I, king Duarte and KingPeter).The Monastery is a dominican one (the Dominicans appeared to revive thecatholic siprit). All the monument was built in gothic style, and in the so-calledimperfect chapels (they don’t have a roof), there are also the renascentist and themanueline styles.The Monastery is a part of the world patrimony and considered one of theseven Portuguese wonders.In the entrance, you can find recorded information, for those who want toknow more about this monument.Beatriz GraçaMaria Miguel