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General introduction


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Presentation by Benedict Wauters (ESF Flanders)

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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General introduction

  1. 1. Europees Sociaal Fonds International seminar on supporting social innovation with the European Social Fund 26-27th October 2015 , Brussels, Hotel Bloom
  2. 2. Europees Sociaal Fonds International seminar on supporting social innovation with the European Social Fund 26-27th October 2015 , Brussels, Hotel Bloom Louis Vervloet General Director ESF Agency Flanders Welcome and introduction
  3. 3. Innovation and the ESF in Flanders • Flanders has a long established tradition in allocating ESF for innovation • This tradition continues in the period of 2014-2020 • It was our ambition to establish our new operations in support of innovation on the cutting edge of practice and knowledge
  4. 4. Innovation and the ESF in Flanders Priority axis ESF in EURO 1 Loopbaanbeleid curatief: 162 325 134 2 Loopbaanbeleid preventief: 67 114 353 3 Sociale inclusie en armoedebestrijding: 81 327 223 4 Mensgericht ondernemen: 35 067 997 5 Innovatie and transnationaliteit 32 312 147 8,5 % of total ESF
  5. 5. Innovation and the ESF in Flanders • Hence, we embarked on an ESF project of our own: – “Meer werk maken van innovatie voor werkgelegenheid en arbeidsmarkt” / “Make innovation work for employment policy and the labour market” (ESF project 4895) – Colleagues from Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic reinforced our reflections
  6. 6. Recap on the project • Phase 1: – extensive literature review from which we derived key principles – seminar in Brussels • Phase 2: – study visits – training – more reading – exchange event in Brussels – decision point: positive validation of the ”Toolkit” • Phase 3: – further elaboration of the toolkit, taking into account remarks from expert during validation… – based on more reading, training… – and the launch of the first “Innovation via Exploration” call under the new ESF programme in Flanders
  7. 7. We reviewed innovation literature from the last 10 years • General articles on innovation, creativity, …: – Harvard Business Review – Sloan Management Review – McKinsey Quarterly – Strategy and Business (Booz) – Others… • A range of articles oriented to innovation in/by the public sector • A range oriented to social innovation • All summarised in fiches!
  8. 8. Including also larger publications …etc…
  9. 9. In total we covered around 100 publications!
  10. 10. We had a look at what others are doing abroad… • MINDLAB, Denmark • Centre for social innovation, Malmö • La 27 ième region, France • OECD OPSI conference (Observatory on public sector innovation) • SEE (Sharing Experience Europe) Design Innovation Policy conference, Brussels
  11. 11. We got together with others in Flanders… MIX Call voor Innovatie met de Creatieve Industrieën
  12. 12. We got trained… • IDEO online service design training • Flanders In Shape / SPIDER project on service design • I-propellor / Oksigen on social innovation • Flanders DC innovative business models • Sociale Innovatie Fabriek on pitching concepts for funding • Transition management • Lego Serious Play…
  13. 13. Then we read some more… Etc..
  14. 14. ..and some more… Etc..
  15. 15. Now we are here to share some key insights with each other!
  16. 16. Etc.. Service design: Pearson Lloyd, UK Behavioural science: Ideas 42, US Human development and capabilities: University of Pavia, EU CRESSI project, IT Transition theory: DRIFT / EU Transit project, NL
  17. 17. Our focus in the main programme Session with Scottish collages after the main programme
  18. 18. All of it bundled in…
  19. 19. All of it bundled in… Full of practical tools and guidance as well as theoretical frameworks Focus on new “services” but taking account of the need for systems innovation
  20. 20. Open Space from 17-18h • Czech experience with their ESF call for social innovation: – Workshop room 1 (A&E in UK with PearsonLloyd) • Scotland and U lab: – Workshop room 2 (Ideas 42 and Education) • Others can meet in the lobby, near the coffee etc…. • Write a brief intro and let me know before lunch, then we will “advertise” after lunch
  21. 21. I hope you will find the seminar to be exciting and thought provoking ! Thank you!