Jefferson county esc pd offerings


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Jefferson County ESC PD Offerings

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Jefferson county esc pd offerings

  1. 1. JEFFERSON COUNTY EDUCATIONAL SERVICE CENTER Mrs. Joy Howell, Superintendent 2023 Sunset Boulevard -:- Steubenville, Ohio 43952 Phone: (740) 283 - 3347 Fax: (740) 283 - 2709PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OFFERINGS BATTELLE for KIDS OHIO RACE to the TOP (RttT)
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OFFERINGSPD Delivery NumberEvent of P D of Days Cost * Mileage CEU’sCommon Core On-Site 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes**(Revised Standards / Model Curriculum) per participant(OPES) Ohio Principal On-Site 1 $55 per day IRS Rate YesEvaluation System per participant1-Hour Staff Development On-Site 1 $55 per day IRS Rate Yes(Collaboration) Concept per participantPrincipal Walk-Throughs On-Site 1 $55 per day IRS Rate Yes per participantMath Teacher Mentor Program On-Site 1 $55 per day IRS Rate Yes per participantBuilding Administrative On-Site 1 $55 per day IRS Rate YesLeadership Capacity per participantFormative Instruction On-Site 1 $55 per day IRS Rate Yes per participantCurriculum Mapping On-Site 1 $55 per day IRS Rate Yes per participantAspiring Administrators’ Program On-Site 1 $55 per day IRS Rate Yes per participant
  3. 3. PD Delivery NumberEvent of P D of Days Cost * * Mileage CEU’s“GERD” – Gifted, Enrichment, Response On-Site 1 $55 per day IRS Rate Yesto Intelligence (Intervention) and Differentiated Instruction per participantBloom’s Taxonomy On-Site 1 $55 per day IRS Rate Yes per participantAdobe Photoshop On-Site 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes** per participantFlash Animation On-Site 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes** per participantBlogging in the Classroom On-Site / Online 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes** per participantClassroom Podcasting On-Site / Online 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes** per participantMath: Online Tools On-Site / Online 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes** per participantGoogle Apps for Educators On-Site / Online 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes** per participantAdobe Acrobat 9 On-Site / Online 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes** per participant
  4. 4. PD Delivery NumberEvent of P D of Days Cost * * Mileage CEU’sGeocaching for the Classroom On-Site 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes** per participantDifferentiate with Technology On-Site 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes** per participantWeb 2.0 Storytelling On-Site / Online 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes** per participantSMART Board On-Site 2 $50 per day IRS Rate Yes** per participant* Cost includes all materials, handouts, etc.** College credit available for all 2-day sessions
  5. 5. Jefferson County Educational Service CenterOPES - Ohio Principal Evaluation System (Revised 2011)The OPES is a research-based model for the evaluation of school principals which is aligned with theOhio Standards for Principals and ISLLC, National and State legislation, current evidence and newfindings on effective leadership, and research linking leadership to student achievement and learning.The one-day training builds on what we know about the importance of ongoing assessment and iscomprised of three components: (1) A Professional Growth and Development Plan; (2) A system ofFormative Assessment and Coaching; (3) A Summative Evaluation Scoring System. The presenters arecertificated (September 6-7, 2011) by ODE/BASA to serve as evaluators of OPES.1-hour Collaboration ConceptThe 1-hour Collaboration Concept is a job-embedded, self-directed, student-driven approach toprofessional development. The concept is designed to build Professional Learning Communities, inwhich educators continuously strive to increase student learning and enhance classroom instruction.The concept will allow professionals to deepen their knowledge and understanding of what is taught,reflect on their practice, sharpen their skills, and share their experience with colleagues. Theprofessional development offering will lay the groundwork for the discussion, development, andimplementation of a PLC. It will center around three important elements: (1) Focus on Learning;(2) Collaborative Culture; (3) Results-Oriented Thinking.Building Administrative Leadership Capacity Building Administrative Leadership Capacity is an ongoing, job-embedded professional developmentprogram collaboratively developed each year by the district leadership team and the ESC professionaldevelopment staff. The program content is district data-driven and varies from year-to-year. Thistraining provides examples of program content and explains how the ESC staff facilitates theprofessional development activity.
  6. 6. Curriculum MappingThis professional development event will lay the groundwork for developing and implementingcurriculum maps. The training will focus on three phases: (1) Creating the Tools; (2) Analyzing / Usingthe Curriculum Maps; (3) Assessment System.The goals will be: ~ To gain information of what and when content is being taught ~ To identify gaps ~ To identify repetitions ~ To match assessments with standards ~ To review timelinesAspiring Administrators’ ProgramThe Aspiring Administrators’ Program is designed to provide and support a relationship that emphasizesa “holistic approach” to adult learning and encourages new and aspiring building administrators to growprofessionally as well as personally to provide a quality education for all students. The program will helpnew and aspiring building administrators experience professional success and personal satisfactionthrough the development of an honest and open mentor/mentee relationship built around worksupporting the five Ohio Standards for Principals and the ISLLC Standards.The goals of the program: ~ Participants will acquire enhanced confidence and competence as educational leaders and districts will be able to build a “pool” of potential administrators ~ Professional growth and development will be individualized and flexible to support the learning and needs of each participant ~ Highly-qualified and effective principals will find greater professional satisfaction leading to retention ~ Participants will develop enhanced networks and professional relationships“GERD” – Gifted, Enrichment, Response to Intelligence (Intervention) and Differentiated InstructionDo you need gifted, enrichment, response to intelligence (intervention) or differentiated instructionideas to enhance your 21st century agendas? This one-day professional development seminar can becustomized to your needs in one area, or the overall presentation (GERD) can address all four areas.Participants will learn definitions and usefulness and become familiar with materials, projects, and ideasthat can be readily adapted for individual needs of their advanced students.
  7. 7. Building Rigorous Lessons with Bloom’sClassroom teachers responsible for students eligible to take state assessments (OAA/OGT)need this tool to plan and design lesson plans to match Revised Academic Content Standardsperformance indicators with the six levels of rigor identified as Bloom’s Taxonomy. Ananalysis of each state tested grade level and content area is available for teachers’ use incompleting this process.Formative Instruction/AssessmentsUse of short-cycle, ongoing evaluations to diagnose student needs, plan next steps in theinstructional process, provide students with immediate feedback to inform their instructionand promote student self-discipline in their journey to succeed is fundamental to commongrade level assessments constructed by a consensus of teachers for all Academic ContentStandards. (Whole Faculty Study Group settings).Standards Revision and Model CurriculumThe Revised Academic Content Standards have re-directed educators from minimumstandards to college and career readiness expectations for students. Curriculum alignment(horizontally and vertically), designing of mapping or instructional calendars, identifyingessential standards, and developing common lesson planning/assessment to match Bloom’slevels of rigor is an in-depth approach to instruction through inquiry-based teaching anddifferentiated instruction with focus on 21st Century Skills.Principal Walk-ThroughsThe Principal Walk-Through professional development program is designed forprincipals/administrators utilizing the Downy model. The program focuses on the rationaleand protocol for walk-throughs, using three-minute walk-throughs to promote and support acollaborative atmosphere and conversation about teaching and learning, and gathering dataabout instructional practice and student learning through Reflective Questioning protocolsused by the principal/administrator.Mathematics Teacher Mentor ProgramThe Mathematics Teacher Mentor Program is an approach grounded in the concept of mentorand teacher teaming to: 1. Improve student achievement 2. Strengthen content knowledge 3. Strengthen knowledge in math pedagogyHigh-quality, on-site professional development will target instructional strategies proven tohelp students better learn, understand, and apply mathematics.
  8. 8. Jefferson County Educational Service CenterJCESC/VLA Two-Day Professional DevelopmentAdobe Photoshop On-Site SessionThe two-day Adobe Photoshop examines a variety of tools that enable participants to work withlayers and selections. Pictures and graphics can be retouched and transformed to enhance studentlearning. Explanations using this software to make brochures, collages, and social media will beprovided. Participants will also learn how Photoshop can be used to individualize anddifferentiate instruction.Flash Animation On-Site SessionFlash Animation software allows for individual creations to enhance learning. This hands-onpresentation for educators explores the Flash environment and works with animation techniques.Participants will learn to use these techniques to make videos for both student and teacherprojects. Educators will have the opportunity to publish their own creations.Blogging in the Classroom On-Site Session/OnlineDue to its popularity, blogging has become a communication tool. Educators will learn aboutsocial media and its impact on education as well as explore blogs as a classroom tool. Onlinesafety will be addressed as teachers are introduced to several blogs geared toward students.Participants will create and update their own blogs.Classroom Podcasting On-Site Session/OnlineParticipants will utilize online podcasting web-based software to learn about the uses ofpodcasting in education. This powerful tool can be used to motivate students and encouragetheir own interpretation of events. Podcasts can be created and shared on the Internet.****Headphone and microphone are required.Math: Online Tools On-Site Session/OnlineThe Online Tools presentation enables teachers to explore online math resources and to useinteractive math tools. Participants will learn a variety of creative techniques to appeal to allgrade levels and have opportunities to join and interact in a Math wiki. They will leave thetraining with ready-to-use resources.****Headphone and microphone are required.Google Apps for Educators On-Site Session/OnlineGoogle Apps for Educators will teach participants to investigate tools such as Googleapplications they can use in their classrooms. Participants will become familiar with activitiesusing online tools for all grade levels. Teachers will have opportunities to create calendars,documents, and customized browsers.
  9. 9. Adobe Acrobat 9 On-Site Session/OnlineThe Adobe Acrobat 9 software provides a tool for creating a variety of electronic materials.Teachers will have opportunities to explore this software to design and edit a final product.These interactive forms can be used in and out of the classroom to create a paper-freeenvironment. Multimedia creations help teachers build PDF portfolios for themselves and fortheir students.Geocaching for the Classroom On-Site SessionGeocaching has become an educational venue as well as a popular hobby. This two-daypresentation allows educators to participate in a high-tech scavenger hunt. The GPS technologycan be incorporated to support a number of academic areas. Many ideas for using Geocaching inthe classroom will be presented.Differentiating with Technology On-Site SessionParticipants will work with several resources that address differentiation for ALL learnersincluding special needs and gifted. They will discover Response to Intervention (RTI) strategiesthat enhance the learning process of tech-savvy students. Participants will create a Weebly to usein their instruction.Web 2.0 Storytelling On-Site Session/OnlineWeb 2.0 Storytelling provides educators opportunities to explore a variety of digital technologiesto tell stories and prepare presentations. Participants will actively engage in creating their ownWeb 2.0 projects that may be incorporated into their instruction. They become familiar withtechniques such as Prezi, Glogster, GoAnimate, and many more.****Headphone and microphone are required.SMART Board On-Site SessionEducators will learn to manipulate and utilize SMART Boards to prepare multi-media lessonsand to engage their students. Hands-on activities will highlight features that can be used topromote learning. This interactive technology will be an asset to any classroom environment.