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ESADE BBA Class Profile


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Published in: Education
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ESADE BBA Class Profile

  1. 1. ESADE BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Class profile HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE THERE IN THE CLASS? I t 66% - 80 - 34% MEN STUDENTS WOMEN WHAT ARE THEY LIKE? 69 E E V ATHLETES MUSICIANS ARTISTS GLOBETROTTERS VOLUNTEERS Many of our students Our elustooms are Many of our students These students love to We also have students pleyfonhedifietent hometo peoplewhoaxe define thewmelvesu tnveluouriddwewodd. W‘l‘4O xnclunteeret NCO: ESADE teams: fut: -ll. passionate about music. pnotogrnphy. design taking advantage of in summer. Many of botbel| .v0lleybeIl. They also hold and luhion lovers We even the shortest break them trove’. to other bulvetbell. tennis and p0p'l0¢k jun sessions also hlve students who to enjoy 0 quick 9e: - countries to do field- eheerieoding every Friday. Don miss like to act in play; in way and explore the work and help with que- them! their fteetime. most unusual places. cihe projects in prison. WHERE ARE THEY FROM? IFI3 @ M1“ 70% 17 90% INTERNATIONAL NUMBER OF NATIONALITIES STUDENTS SPEAKING STUDENTS REPRESENTED IN THE CLASS 3 LANGUAGES SPAII cm" mtiuu us: umro mason mm "55" mm: . . SLOVENII IIIJHITIZS IOWCCO SMTIIRUIUD lfllllll CERIIIT lllll IHIIEIUIDS wwv. -.¢~. sadc. ¢~du, ’b3:a