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  1. 1. Greek Gods,Goddesses, Myths and Heroes! By, Emma Ryan
  2. 2. Hera Greek GoddessHera is the god of loveand relationships!
  3. 3. Hera Greek Goddess Hera would protect overmarried woman andchildbirth.
  4. 4. Hera Greek GoddessHera was married to Zeusand was the first greekgoddess!
  5. 5. Hera Greek GoddessHeras favorite city is Argosand her animals are the cowand peacock.
  6. 6. Hera Greek Goddess Where do we see heras name today? HERA Woman Cancer Foundation Hera l Hera Sings/ These are some websites where wesee heras name today!
  7. 7. Greek God Zeus!Zeus is the god of sky andthe ruler of Olympian Gods
  8. 8. Greek God Zeus!He is lord of the sky, the rain god. Hisweapon is a thunderbolt which hehurls at those who displease him!
  9. 9. Greek God ZeusZeus was a weather god,mainly with rain, hail, snow,and thunder.
  10. 10. Greek God ZeusZeus was know as many things,"Gatherer of clouds"" Father of Gods and men"" Lord of the sky"" The rain god"
  11. 11. Greek God ZeusHe is represented as the god ofjustice and mercy, the protector of theweak, and the punisher of the wicked.
  12. 12. Greek God ZeusZeus is married to Hera but, isfamous for his many affairs. Hera Zeus
  13. 13. Greek God ZeusZeus lived on Mt.Olympus with histhree brothers, Zeus took the sky torule, Poseidon received the sea, andHades got the underworld.Mt. Olympus
  14. 14. Greek God ZeusWhere do we see Zeuss name today? Zeus pet supply ZEUS l Scientific supply Zeuss Closet Zeus- Digital theatersThese are some websites where we see zeussname today!
  15. 15. Athena Greek GoddessAthena is thedaughter of Zeus
  16. 16. Athena Greek GoddessAthena is the Goddess of the city,handicrafts, and agriculture alsoknown as the " Goddess of Wisdom"
  17. 17. Athena Greek GoddessAthena sprang fully grown in armourfrom her forehead to her toes.
  18. 18. Athena Greek GoddessAthena invented the birdle, whichpermitted man to tame horses, thetrumpet, the flute, the pot, the rake,the plow, the yoke, the ship, and thechariot
  19. 19. Athena Greek GoddessWhere do we see Athenas nametoday?Athena- DiagnosticsAthena- Greek RestaurantAthena-Salon Spa
  20. 20. Greek God HadesHades is a brother ofZeus
  21. 21. Greek God HadesHades is the god of wealth - Due tothe precious metals mined from theearth.
  22. 22. Greek God Hades Hades is the "King of the dead" hewas the lord of the underworld hewas very greedy and ruled over allthe dead!
  23. 23. Greek God HadesHades had a helmet thatwould make him invisible.
  24. 24. Greek God HadesHades had a wife namedpersephone.
  25. 25. Greek God HadesWhere do we see Hades nametoday?Hades- Homework HelpHades- Simulation Framework
  26. 26. Greek God ApolloGreek God Apollo is the godof music playing the lyre.
  27. 27. Greek God ApolloApollo is also an archer, far shootingwith a silver bow & arrow.
  28. 28. Greek God ApolloApollo is the god of healingwho taught men medicine.
  29. 29. Greek God ApolloApollo is also The god oflight, and the god of truth;who can not speak a lie.
  30. 30. Greek God ApolloApollo was the son of Zeusand Leto.
  31. 31. Greek God ApolloApollos daily tasks were to, harnessthe chariot with four horses, and drivethe sun across the sky.
  32. 32. Greek God ApolloWhere do we see Apollos nameToday?Apollo TheaterApollo design technologyApollo global managementApollo career canter
  33. 33. Greek Heroes!
  34. 34. Greek Hero TheseusTheseus is the king of Athens and thesecond most important hero inancient greece.
  35. 35. Greek Hero TheseusTheseus is very powerfulstrong and wise.
  36. 36. Greek Hero TheseusIn order for Theseus get to Athens hewent through a long Journey goingthrough many labors known as the"Labors of Theseus."
  37. 37. Greek Hero TheseusDuring these labors Medea tried topoison Theseus, Medea was caughtand sent to exile in Asia.
  38. 38. Greek Hero TheseusOne of Theseuss know acts waskilling the minotaur and savingeveryone!
  39. 39. Greek God TheseusWhere do we see theseuss nameToday?Theseus- Professional Services
  40. 40. Hercules
  41. 41. Greek Hero HerculesHercules is famous for hisextraordinary strength and power!
  42. 42. Greek Hero Hercules Powerful!
  43. 43. Greek hero HerculesHerculess father was ZeusHercules Zeus
  44. 44. Greek Hero HerculesIn madness herculesmurdered his wife andchildren.
  45. 45. Greek Hero HerculesHercules is mostly famousfor performing 9 arduouslabors.....
  46. 46. Greek Hero Hercules1) Killed the Nemean Lion andHydra.
  47. 47. Greek Hero Hercules2) Caught the Erymanthian Boar
  48. 48. Greek Hero Hercules3) Drove off the Stymphalian Birds.
  49. 49. Greek Hero Hercules4) Cleaned all the stables ofAugeas
  50. 50. Greek Hero Hercules5) Captured the Cretan bull
  51. 51. Greek Hero Hercules6) Made off with the girdle of theamazon queen hippolyta.
  52. 52. Greek Hero Hercules7) Killed Geryon
  53. 53. Greek Hero Hercules8) Captured cerberus
  54. 54. Greek Hero Hercules9) and finally took the goldenapples of Hesperides.
  55. 55. Greek Hero HerculesWhere do we see Herculess nameToday?Hercules- Tire and Rubber companyHercules- The famous movie!
  56. 56. Medusa
  57. 57. Greek Myth MedusaMedusa is a myth, Medusa is themyth with a girl with snakes for hair.
  58. 58. Greek Myth MedusaMedusa Once was a lovelyyoung girl who had aboyfriend....
  59. 59. Greek Myth MedusaOne afternoon medusa andher boyfriend went to anempty temple.
  60. 60. Greek Myth MedusaShe started to kiss herboyfriend.... of course at thistime she was beautiful and"normal"
  61. 61. Greek Myth MedusaAthena watched them kissfrom the sky and was upsetto see her temple used thatway!
  62. 62. Greek Myth MedusaAnd then Athena put acurse on medusa to growugly and have snakes forhair.
  63. 63. Greek Myth MedusaMedusas boyfriendran away frightened!
  64. 64. Greek Myth MedusaAll of Medusas sisters gotcursed as well
  65. 65. Greek Myth MedusaIf you looked into any of them into thesnakes eyes you would turn into astatue!
  66. 66. Thank You for watching! Greek gods Goddess Heroes and Myths! By, Emma Ryan!