Native American PPP Directions


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Native American PPP Directions

  1. 1. PowerPoint Directions• Each slide has directions for what information and pictures needs to be included. How you arrange the information and where you put pictures is up to you.• The design template and font you use is up to you but make sure people can read all of your information and see the words and pictures.• Make sure you replace underline words with your own information• DO NOT USE TRANSITIONS, SOUNDS or CUSTOM ANIMATIONS!!!!!!• Follow the directions on each slide CAREFULLY
  2. 2. PowerPoint Directions Cont.• You can use pictures from the Internet or clip art but they have to MATCH YOUR REGION. I suggest you use the internet BUT remember you have to site each website you use for pictures.• BEFORE you begin your PowerPoint MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL OF YOUR WORK SITED INFORMATION!!!• After you have finished a slide make sure you delete any of the directions from the page.• Before you move onto the next slide you MUST save this PowerPoint to your own file server and rename it with YOUR REGION NAME & PERIOD. For example Great Plains p2
  3. 3. Grading• If you have been given this PowerPoint your research is done and has been graded this is how the PowerPoint will be graded. – Information – 40pts – Pictures – 40 pts – Following Directions – 10 pts – Works Sited – 10 pts PLEASE NOTE The 10 best Power Points, one per region, will be uploaded to the classroom blog page for next weeks assignment. These 10 will receive 10 pts of extra credit.
  4. 4. Tips and Tricks• Captions – Insert a textbox• Pictures – You can make them your background just make sure they are formatted so you can see the words. – Here are some great websites for Pictures • sons/na_regions/index.htm •
  5. 5. The (Region) Native Americans •Include the following •Name of your region •Name of your group members •Class period •Map of the region or Picture of the region
  6. 6. Tribes of the (Region)• Include the following – List of the tribes in the region pointing out the most important/influential ones – Pictures of at least two of the tribes or people of the tribes with a caption of what tribe it is.
  7. 7. Foods in the (Region)• Include the following – A list of the foods eaten in the region – Why they ate those foods – Pictures of at least three of the foods eaten
  8. 8. Clothing of the (Region)• Include the following – Description of the clothing that was worn and what it was made out of – A picture of what women wore – A picture of what men wore – A picture of what kids wore
  9. 9. Homes of the (Region)• Include the following – Names of the homes they lived in – Describe what it was made out of – Picture of any home that is mentioned with a caption of the home it is.
  10. 10. Native American Religions• Describe the religion of your region – Include a picture of a God, religious ceremony or religious tradition. – Be sure to explain what your picture is of.
  11. 11. Tradition or Ceremony of the (Region)• Describe the tradition or ceremony you found• Include a picture of it.
  12. 12. Arts/Crafts of the (Region)• Include the following – A list of eth arts/crafts from the region – Pictures of at least three of the arts/crafts of the region. – Captions with the picture naming the arts/crafts
  13. 13. A Famous (Name of the Tribe)• Tell who the famous person was and why they are famous.• Include a picture of that person.
  14. 14. Interesting Facts from the (Region)• Include the following – Your five interesting facts – A picture for at least two of your facts with a caption of what they are.
  15. 15. Works Sited• Include the MLA format for each of the research tools you used.• You can use Citation Machine to help you – =1&newstyle=1&stylebox=1 – You can copy and paste from citation machine• If you need more than one page for works sited ADD A NEW PAGE
  16. 16. Before you are finished• Make sure you have deleted all directions from each slide.• Delete all of MY blue slides then save your PowerPoint.• Follow the directions on the board to turn in your PowerPoint.