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Central America


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Central America

  1. 1. D: 11/13/12A: Notes on Central AmericaS: How do countries of Central America make money?H: Aztec codex Due Fri. 11/16w.o.d: ecotourismWarm-Up: Complete the CentralAmerica Reading
  2. 2. Word of the Day WORD DEIFINTION SENTENCE PICTURE The practice Ecotourism of using a is big inEcotourism places natural Central resources America to attract tourists. due to its rainforests.
  3. 3. I. Landa. Sits where plates meet causes many volcanoes & earthquakesb. Volcanic eruptions in the Central Highlands make soil very fertilec. The low lands on either side of the highlands create many lakesd. Made up of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama
  4. 4. II. Climatea. Mostly tropicalb. Mountains regions are cool year-roundc. In the Lowlands May to November is warm & rainy and December to April it is hot & dryd. Hurricanes hit in fall and summer
  5. 5. III. Economya. Farming – 50% of the people are farmers i. The wealthy own plantations of coffee, bananas, sugarcane & cotton ii. Substance Farms for families grow beans, corn and rice and raise livestock
  6. 6. IV. Rainforestsa. Give expensive woods like mahogany & rosewoodb. New medicine is developed from plantsc. Lumbering is done by cutting down trees which is ruining the treesd. Some forest are set aside for eco- tourism
  7. 7. V. Industrya. Very few factories but they do make clothes, computer chips & medicines, People who do not farm work hereb. Tourism is a growing market to Central America
  8. 8. IV. Panama Canala. Stretches across Panama to allow ships to travel from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean.b. Ships have to pay a fee to use it.
  9. 9. VII. Historya. Settled by the Mayans until the Spanish took overb. Today all countries are democratic some have presidents but Belize has a parliamentary-democracy
  10. 10. VIII. Daily Life– Most people live in Guatemala speak Native American languages and are Roman-Catholic– Salsa is the number one music and dance.– Baseball & futbol (soccer) are the number one sports