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  1. 1. D: 10/24/12A: Notes on the culture of the CanadaS: How are the United States and Canada similar?H: ALL DUE TOMORROW Native American Questions Missing Work from Quarter 1w.o.d: dominionWarm-Up: Answer questions 1 & 2 underConnecting to Literature on pg. 139 Write thequestions and answers.
  2. 2. Word of the DayWORD DEIFINTION SENTENCE PICTURE People of Most Métis mixedMétis people are European Inuit and French or and Inuit and Canadian British. ancestry in Canada
  3. 3. Canada’s Religious Freedom• Roman Catholic• Protestant
  4. 4. Languages• English• French
  5. 5. The Arts• Follow a lot of the early native tribes• Landscapes• Group of Seven used color and shapes to portray Canada’s beauty.
  6. 6. Education• Free public education ages 5 – 14, 16, or 18 depending on your province• Hours 9:15 – 3:45• September 1 – June 30 or 194 days• Learn French and English
  7. 7. Mobile Society• The majority of Canada’s population lives in Ontario.
  8. 8. Standard of Living• Life expectancy is 75• Median Income with 2 kids $64,000• In top 20 of world
  9. 9. Health Care• Provided by the government to all people for free or low co- pay• Drugs are free or low co-pay• Must have a referral to see a specialist
  10. 10. Sports & Recreation• Lots of outdoor sports – Winter & summer• Hockey• Skiing, skating and snowboarding• Football & baseball are spectator sports
  11. 11. Celebrations• Canada Day – made Canada a country• Typical holidays• Weddings & Anniversaries• Birthdays
  12. 12. Government• Parliamentary democracy – voters elect leaders to parliament that makes the laws• Parliament elects a prime minister or leader of the country
  13. 13. Political Divisions• 2 Branches• Provincial Parties
  14. 14. Transportation• Planes Subway• Trains Metro• Cars• Ferry• Boat• Bikes• Bus• Sky Train
  15. 15. Communication• Speech• Internet• Radio• Newspaper• TV• Written Works
  16. 16. Pollution• Acid Rain• Fossil Fuels• Mining
  17. 17. Overused Resources• Water – Great lakes are below normal• Fish• Iron, copper, gold• Fossil Fuels
  18. 18. Economics• Free Market Economy BUT the government runs some parts.
  19. 19. Agriculture• Potatoes• Fruits & Veggies• Grains• Cattle• Poultry• Fish
  20. 20. Technology Boost to Agriculture• Season and machines allows for commercial farming
  21. 21. Manufacturing• Energy• Wood & Paper• Processed Food• Metal
  22. 22. Services• Outdoor• Financial• Communications• Entertainment• Tourism
  23. 23. Foreign Trade• Most trading is done with the US and Japan• $1 billion worth with the US
  24. 24. Interdependence• NAFTA – Too much dependence on the US