Where have all the print journals gone? Adapting Print Collections to an E-centric World


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American University Library recently relocated its bound journals to consortial storage because of space constraints. Presenters will explain how usage trends justified the relocation; how document delivery now provides more efficient access to the items in storage; and how SFX and the ERM facilitate discovery of journal titles in storage.

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Where have all the print journals gone? Adapting Print Collections to an E-centric World

  1. 1. WHERE HAVE ALL THE PRINT JOURNALS GONE? ADAPTING PRINT COLLECTIONS TO AN E-CENTRIC WORLD Kari Schmidt, Electronic Resources Librarian Robert K. Reeves, Electronic Resources Applications Administrator American University Library, Washington, D.C.
  2. 2. Overview 2005 ~ 1 millionth volume acquired at AU Library 2005 ~ Working with WRLC consortia partners AU Library begins shifting title runs available in JSTOR to off-site storage facility 2005 ~ AU Library begins transfer to electronic-only serial subscriptions for key publishers 2007 ~ Access Services staff forecast a severe facilities crisis, estimating in 1 year’s time the monograph collection will have to be at 0% net growth 2008 ~WRLC cooperative collection development approves shared copy policy for serials 2009 ~ WRLC begins construction of 2nd off-site, high- density storage facility
  3. 3. Planning Library Administration forms Task Force for Strategic Collections Decisions to investigate methods for solving immediate space crisis In 2008, Collection Management Team approves Criteria for Subscribing to Serials in Electronic Only Format and approves aggressive shift to electronic-only journal collecting through a title-by- title analysis for the 2009 renewal cycle AU Library allocated space to accommodate 100,000 volumes in existing WRLC off-site storage facility
  4. 4. Justifications: Collection Trends In 2008, two-thirds of the reference collection moved to off-site storage with the majority of the active reference collection available online In 2009, over half of the serial collection maintained in electronic-only format JSTOR participation enhanced LOCKSS participation audited
  5. 5. Justifications: Service Trends 14,000Since asignificantproportion of 12,000the Library’sjournal 10,000collectionwas madeavailable 8,000electronically, # of e-Reserves Requests e-Reserves 6,000 Total # of Reservesrequests Requestsaccount formajority of 4,000Reservesactivity. 2,000 0 2006 2007 2008
  6. 6. Justifications: Service Trends 10,000In 2005, theLibrary 9,000upgrades to 8,000ILLiad withILL request 7,000integration 6,000on SFXservice 5,000 # of ILLiad Requests from SFXmenu; ILL Total ILLiad Requests 4,000departmentsees 3,000increase inILL requests. 2,000 1,000 0 2006 2007 2008
  7. 7. Justifications: Usage TrendsUse of the Total Print Journal Use 30000Library’sbound 25000serialscollectiondropped by 2000075% from2004 to 150002008. 10000 5000 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
  8. 8. Justifications: Usage Trends Total Electronic Journal Articles Accessed (COUNTERElectronic JRL1)journal use 1,600,000remains high 1,400,000with over 1million article 1,200,000accesses in 1,000,000both 2007and 800,0002008, upfrom 600,000767,211 in 400,0002006. 200,000 0 2006 2007 2008
  9. 9. Journal Relocation Project: OutreachUniversity Librarian met withProvost and DeansCampus-wide announcementDedicated web space on Librarysite detailedjustifications, timeline, andprocess(http://library.american.edu/jrp.html)
  10. 10. Journal Relocation Project: Preliminaries Enabling conditions  Earlier storage projects  Additional space allocation at WRLC storage facility  Local space constraints  Funds available for limited time  Additional WRLC staff hired to process requests Creation of new Visual Arts Collection Weeding the collection Contracted with local moving company to transfer volumes to storage
  11. 11. JRP: Moving Logistics Approximately 93,000 volumes to transfer Designed to minimize disruption to patrons Matching throughput capability at WRLC to the delivery capability of moving company Schedule  Movers on site two days/week from 9am-5pm  ~10,000 volumes sent to WRLC per week  Original timeline of Feb. 16, 2009 – Apr. 30, 2009; completed one week early
  12. 12. JRP: Accessions and Discards Volumes processed as received at storage facility Storage candidates compared against current storage holdings using custom query of Voyager ILS  75% of volumes accessioned  25% of volumes discarded Records updated for discarded volumes to indicate shared access to existing storage volume from other consortium institutions
  13. 13. JRP: Record Cleanup Holdings and item records modified for new storage locations Historical record inaccuracies addressed Records modified to account for idiosyncrasies of OPAC display
  14. 14. RecordCleanup: Before
  15. 15. RecordCleanup: After
  16. 16. Patron Access: Consortium Loan Service Consortium Loan Service (CLS)  WRLC-created system for direct lending between consortium schools and storage facility  Works with monographs and articles  Integrated with SFX for licenses that permit e- resource sharing Holdings for storage titles updated to allow for proper routing of CLS requests
  17. 17. Patron Access: SFX Integrated print holdings into SFX Local target with year/volume/issue level information Full text link directs patrons to OPAC
  18. 18. Patron Access: ALADIN Catalog
  19. 19. Patron Access: ALADIN Catalog
  20. 20. Patron Access: ALADIN Catalog
  21. 21. Patron Access: ERM A to Z
  22. 22. Patron Access: ERM A to Z
  23. 23. Patron Access: ERM A to Z
  24. 24. Patron Access: Usage CLS article requests from storage, 07/09-12/09 Print Journal Use, 07/08-12/08100 700 90 600 80 70 500 60 400 50 300 40 30 200 20 100 10 0 0 July August Sept Oct Nov Dec July August Sep Oct Nov Dec
  25. 25. Patron Access: Usage Top most requested titles Titles requested by year of from storage, 07/09-12/09 publication 90 Title Name Requests 80Christian century 13 70Commonweal 8 60American journal ofphysical anthropology 7 50American mercury 7 40 30Harvard business review 7Journal of behavior 20therapy and experimentalpsychiatry 7 10Life 7 0American journal ofagricultural economics 6
  26. 26. Challenges & Future Plans Integrate SFX print holdings target with CLS request form Analyze CLS reports for collection development purposes Track use of print holdings via ERM A-to-Z list Streamline updating of print holdings information in SFX and ERM
  27. 27. Kari Schmidt schmidt@american.edu Robert K. Reeves reeves@american.eduAmerican University Library www.library.american.edu