Exposing Library Content with the NISO Metasearch XML Gateway Protocol


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The University of Illinois uses a locally developed metasearch service, "Easy Search". We have recently added the ability to query the metasearch program as RESTful web service, allowing library content to be promoted to external web pages such as departmental web presences or courseware.

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  • Mention why DLF & Aquifer use different techniques than object/iframe, extol the organizational, headache-free-for-users value of the iframe/object approach.
  • Exposing Library Content with the NISO Metasearch XML Gateway Protocol

    1. 1. Exposing Library Content with the NISOMetasearch XML Gateway ProtocolElizabeth German, Josh Bishoff, William MischoGrainger Engineering LibraryUniversity of IllinoisElectronic Resources & LibrariesFebruary 2, 2010Austin, Texas
    2. 2. Introduction• Beth, egerman@illinois.edu , @eligerman• Josh, bishoff2@illinois.edu, @josh4lib• #nisomxg• Project is funded by: – Institute for Museum and Library Services; – National Science Foundation National Science Digital Library (NSDL)
    3. 3. Summary• Problems and solutions• Easy Search• NISO MXG Overview• Examples of our implementation• The future and beyond
    4. 4. Metasearch• As a solution• Problems still• Easy Search at Illinois
    5. 5. DLF 2008 Fall Forum
    6. 6. Need for malleability• Libraries need to be able integrate their content into the workflow of their users.• Must promote content to a diverse set of environments/platforms. – Incorporation into… • Digital collections • Courseware • OPAC • Class/Research websites • Subject guides • Personal portals
    7. 7. NISO Metasearch XML Gateway• “low-barrier-to-entry method to expose content to metasearch services and more effectively interoperate with metasearching applications.”• Based on well-understood and widely adopted information standards: XML, SRU
    8. 8. From NISO Metasearch Initiative, Metasearch XML Gateway Implementers Guide, Version 1.0
    9. 9. The Importance of Middleware• The Easy Search Web Service: – Parses queries to optimize for each resource – Serves as a knowledge base of disparate vendor IR functionality – Represents disparate responses coherently – Offers links to the user to the resource at the point of completed search
    10. 10. Easy Search XML Gateway• http://search.grainger.uiuc.edu/searchaid3/sa resultsug.asp?version=1.1&db=scopus&query =gaas• Parameter “version” denotes the SRU version• “db” is our in-house database codes• “query” is the string to be searched
    11. 11. XML Response
    12. 12. What you can do with this• Embed custom search interfaces into – Departmental Web Pages – Courseware – “widget” providers • iGoogle, Windows web Gadgets • Google & Windows Sidebar• Meet library users where they work• Provide real functionality, not just links
    13. 13. Examples• American History Online (DLF Aquifer)• IMLS Digital Content Creation project – Connecting secondary resources with primary• NSDL• The Widget Package – Embedding Library resources with courseware, Google gadgets, university portals, etc.
    14. 14. Website IntegrationNSDLhttp://search.grainger.illinois.edu/searchaid3/pr oxythruJB.asp?url=http://nsdl.org/search/?q= clock&verb=Search&s=0&n=10&audience=3American History Onlinehttp://www.dlfaquifer.org/IMLS DCC http://imlsdcc.grainger.uiuc.edu/history/
    15. 15. From http://www.dlfaquifer.org
    16. 16. iGoogle, CMS examplesiGoogle http://www.google.com/ig/directory?url=had es.grainger.uiuc.edu%2Fjosh%2F2010projects %2Fgadgets%2Fhealthsci.xopenCMS http://cms.library.illinois.edu/cms/liblabs/easy .html
    17. 17. Problems and the Future• NISO MXG – Some vendors releasing APIs – Little standard adoption among vendors• Easy Search XML – Further integration in services – Promoting to other libraries, departments
    18. 18. Selected source code, Implementation Documents, Contact Information• …Forthcoming at presentation.• Josh Bishoff – bishoff2@illinois.edu• Beth German – egerman@illinois.edu
    19. 19. Additional Reading• NISO Metasearch Initiative Metasearch XML Gateway Implementers Guide, Version 1.0, http://www.niso.org/publications/rp/RP- 2006-02.pdf• SRU: Search/Retrieval via URL: http://www.loc.gov/standards/sru/11/18/2009 NSDL Annual Meeting