E-Book on the Roll @ The University Alabama Libraries


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A panel presentation on E-Books at the University of Alabama Libraries. The presentation will revolve around selection, acquisition, collaboration, promotion of e-books.

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E-Book on the Roll @ The University Alabama Libraries

  1. 1. E-books on a Roll @ The University of Alabama Libraries Electronic Resources & Libraries 2010 February 3, 2010 Austin, TX
  2. 2. Panelists• Millie Jackson, Associate Dean for Collections, UA Libraries• Mangala Krishnamurthy, Reference Librarian, Science & Engineering Library• Beth Holley, Head, Acquisitions, UA Libraries
  3. 3. Background• Began in the late 1990s – netLibrary – Big historical packages – E-Reference collections in Science & Engineering
  4. 4. E-Reference in Rodgers• ENGnetBASE• AccessEngineering• Knovel• McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology• Smithsonian Physical Tables• Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
  5. 5. E-book progress• Mid 2000’s – Some growth but … – still some hesitancy – Still wanted print for many disciplines
  6. 6. At the same time …. Print journals decreasingElectronic journalsincreasing
  7. 7. Opportunities • Capstone College of Nursing DNP program • Added R2 summer of 2008 • Analyzed circulation of print collections at Rodgers, fall 2008 • Transferred funds from print to electronic books
  8. 8. Pilot projects• Added 3 Springer e-book packages for 2009• Collaboration between UA, UAB and UAH to purchase more R2 digital library content• Safari Tech Books
  9. 9. E-book Collections in Rodgers Library Save time for the User *• Capstone College of Nursing • Three distance education programs • Use of mobile devices • R2 Digital Library• Springer Pilot project • 2009 front list and 2005-2008 backlist • Monitored use of E-books by faculty and students • Need for a mix of print and electronic *Ranganathan’s Laws
  10. 10. Results of the pilot… Every book its reader*• Collaboration with UA, UAB and UAH allowed us to add 259 e-books to the collections• Took advantage of discounts from Rittenhouse *Ranganathan’s Laws
  11. 11. More e-books… The library is a growing organism*• Added Academic Complete from ebrary, fall 2009• 2010 purchasing Springer and Elsevier e-books*Ranganathan’s Laws
  12. 12. Promoting the collections • LibGuides • Website • Added records to catalog • Twitter, Blog, RSS • E-mailed faculty • Met with faculty • In house displays/table tents
  13. 13. Promoting the collection• Revised existing tutorials• Requested that faculty encourage students to use e-books• Feedback from faculty and students
  14. 14. Acquisitions process• Ordering options – Subscription – Perpetual access – Patron driven acquisition
  15. 15. Availability• Publisher platforms• E-Book aggregators• Downloadable PDF’s or HTML
  16. 16. MARC Records • Vendor • Serials Solutions
  17. 17. Issues/Problems• Funding• Terminology (ebrary/echo)• License agreement addendums• Dual hosting• E vs. print• Digital Rights Management (DRM)• Statistics• Readers
  18. 18. Advantages of E-books• Available to multiple users/locations 24/7• No lost, stolen, or damaged books• No additional physical space or shifting required to expand collections• Opportunities to add specialized collections
  19. 19. Disadvantages of E-books • Difficult to catalog and make accessible to users • Platforms vary • Leasing vs. owning • Paying perpetually for continued access
  20. 20. Final thoughts• Require new workflows• Require thinking differently about funding and access• Publicity, raising awareness• Increased use of e-books
  21. 21. What’s next?
  22. 22. Questions?• Millie Jackson, Associate Dean for Collections, UA Libraries mljackson@ua.edu• Mangala Krishnamurthy, Reference Librarian, Science & Engineering Library mkrishna@ua.edu• Beth Holley, Head, Acquisitions, UA Libraries bholley@ua.edu • Thank you! • Photos courtesy of iStock • Cartoon courtesy of Tuscaloosa News