How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks


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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your mainproduct and ancillary tasks?
  2. 2. In the real world, the production company of a film would producedboth the film and the poster, therefore they would have similarfeatures and be linked, however the review would have been madeby the magazine company and therefore have their own layout.To ensure that my film and print products looked professional andconvincing, I wanted to make sure that the poster showed a correctrepresentation on the film, and also that the review was a realisticviewpoint of the film. I wanted the poster and the film to relate toone another in several ways.
  3. 3. Something that I really wanted to do wasto have a scrapbook theme throughoutmy ancillary products and my film. Ithought this would make it morepersonal to the audience as the themewas a personal issue.In my poster I incorporated scribbles onthe top, as this would add to thescrapbook effect, and also includedimages from the interviewees as if theyhad been stuck into a scrapbook. Alongwith the lined paper as the backgroundand the handwritten type font, I feel like Ihave achieved the look that I was goingfor.
  4. 4. In my film I have tried to keep the scrapbook theme as it would then link to theposter. The first shot include a photoalbum opening which again relates tothe poster as it includes the sameimages that have been printed on thefront of the poster. This would straightaway let the audience know that theposter and the film were from the samefilm company, who were creating theadvertising and the film.Along with this I including quotes andthe background to these quotes lookedlike an old piece of paper whichconnotes back to the scrapbooktheme, as if someone had saw thesequotes and written then down in a notepad.
  5. 5. The editing in our film included a repetition of a certain transitionwhich gave a visual sense that someone was turning over thepages of a scrapbook. This was included at the beginning when thepictures and quotes were shown, that are included in theposter, but also near the end whilst the narrator was giving aconclusion.
  6. 6. ReviewWhen it came to writing thereview I wanted to include a clipfrom the film and also the posterso that the reader would get afeel to the genre just by glancingan the images. It would bedifficult to have the same layoutand theme throughout thereview as I had for myposter, therefore to combine thetwo, I just included print screensfrom my film.
  7. 7. Genre Smiling image connotes happiness, the love heart connotes that romance may be involved in happiness.My short film has a hybrid genre, ahappiness/romantic genre and adocumentary. This would be usefulfor the audience to know because itcould determine to whether theywould watch the documentary. MyPoster includes documentaryfeatures such as the images of theinterviewees, and the caption Happy facesunderneath suggests that its going to connoteto be something that everyone could the genre.relate to.
  8. 8. Genre A romantic scene, along with the happiness shots from films again which connote the genre, just like the poster. Throughout my film and the poster I have tried to keep the genre constant and obvious to the audience.