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The AFI Network: monitoirng continuous cover forests in Europe


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This poster by Phil Morgan (Association Futaie Irrégulière (AFI)) and Edward Wilson (Silviculture Research International) was presented at the Society of American Foresters National Convention, Silviculture Matters!, North Charleston, South Carolina, 23-27 October 2013.

Summary: The Association Futaie Irrégulière (AFI) is a private-land forestry group interested in managing uneven-aged forests. A protocol has been devised to monitor forest development and collaborate in applied research.

Full Abstract: The Association Futaie Irrégulière (AFI) is a leading organisation of private forest owners, based in France, who have adopted continuous cover forest management systems. The association has established a network of research stands throughout western and northern Europe to monitor the development of uneven-aged forests. The network currently numbers over 100 stands, and is expanding to new territories and countries including Canada and the US. Each stand is monitored according to a common protocol recording dendrological and economic factors. Stands are selected on the basis of structure, species mix, site type, geographical distribution and regional characteristics. To date, the network has contributed over 40,000 records to a continuous cover database that is centrally maintained and managed, and used for meta-analysis. The protocol for stand assessment has proved to be robust and efficient, and has provided evidence of cost-effective delivery of quality timber and enables forest owners to quantify a range of ecosystem services. In addition, AFI also provides support to members with local research stands and projects, and in technical support with forest inventory. The AFI is affiliated to Pro Silva, the close-to-nature forestry association.

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The AFI Network: monitoirng continuous cover forests in Europe

  1. 1. The AFI Network: Monitoring Continuous Cover Forests in Europe Monitoring on 3 levels & Training in transformation AFI Research stands A European Network of 118 Research stands established over 20 years, recording species mixtures, site types, regional characteristics and geographical spread Providing baseline information from permanent sample plots Monitoring dendrological and economic development used in meta-analysis Local research stands Abbreviated protocol to monitor local stand development Gives a baseline record of individual stand characteristics Allows forest managers to refine management for forest area from key indicator stands Gives valuable increment data to determine sustainability and economic performance Adheres to AFI protocol enabling future upgrade to the Network Forest inventory Sets a systematic grid across a whole forest The AFI abbreviated protocol applies to all sample plots Determines baseline growing stock for the whole forest Provides a record of sustainable management Quantifies flux in timber quality Values economic variation of the forest asset The Marteloscope A powerful training tool for continuous cover forestry and single tree selection 1 hectare plot where all the trees are numbered, plotted and identified, measured and graded In training exercises, trees are selected by recording individual tree numbers The advanced software provides immediate analysis of results and the trainee selection is scored and set against strategies and optimal cut Philippe Morgan, Association Futaie Irrégulière Ted Wilson, Silviculture Research International