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Summer 2013 brochure

  1. 1. ERDC Graduate Institute Summer 2013 Brochure of Courses For Additional Information Contact Cynthia Montalbano, 601-634-4279 Or Dr. Albert Bush, 601-634-3549Calendar: Summer Semester 2013Ten-Week Term MSU/TAMU1-12 April 2013 MSU Primary Pre-Registration for Summer/Fall 2013 terms.5 June 2013 MSU: Final registration and payment of tuition and fees.31 May 2013 TAMU Final registration and payment of tuition and fees.3 June 2013 Classes begin for TAMU.6 June 2013 Classes begin for MSU.7 June 2013 Last day to drop a course (2nd class day) MSU.10 June 2013 Last day to register or add a class (3rd class day) MSU.4-9 July 2013 Break19 July 2013 Last day to drop a class (28th class day) MSU.30 July 2013 Last day to withdraw MSU..6 August 2013 Classes end for MSU.8-9 August 2013 Exams for MSU.12 August 2013 Classes end for TAMU.13-14 August 2013 Exams for TAMU.First Term MSU5 June 2013 Final Registration and payment of tuition and fees.6 June 2013 Classes begin.6 June 2013 Last day to drop without grade. (1st class day).7 June 2013 Last day to register or add a class (2nd class day).25 June 2013 Last day to drop a class (14th class day).26 June 2013 Last day to withdraw from university.3 July 2013 Classes end.8 July 2013 Final Exams.Second Term MSU9 July 2013 Final Registration and payment of tuition and fees.10 July 2013 Classes begin.10 July 2013 Last day to drop without grade (1st class day).11 July 2013 Last day to register or add a class (2nd class day).29 July 2013 Last day to drop a class (14th class day).30 July 2013 Last day to withdraw from university.6 August 2013 Classes end.8-9 August 2013 Final Exams.
  2. 2. RegistrationRegistration for all MSU and TAMU students will be held on-line. All students must furnish a copy oftheir on-line registration form to the Graduate Institute, and Corps employees must furnish a copy oftheir approved purchase request (SF 182) to the Graduate Institute.All “classified” MSU students must obtain a RAC (Registration Access Code) from their advisor beforeregistering for class. “Unclassified” students should contact Rita Burrell at 662-325-5923 or email her (Please have your 9 digit MSU ID number and course number if youcontact Rita Burrell and make certain that you have met your pre-requisites.)In order to ensure that classes make, registration should be completed by April 13, 2013.Tuition and FeesMSU - $1569.00/3 semester hours ($348 tuition per hour + $150 distance learning fee per hour +$25 instructional technology fee per hour), except as noted for MBA classes.Thesis/Dissertation Research hours: $348 per semester hour.TAMU - TBDWithdrawals and RefundsRequests to withdraw from a course must be submitted in writing to the Director, GraduateInstitute. (Form is available on MSU Internet) Refunds, if applicable, will be by the universityaccording to its policy. (Please see dates above regarding deadlines for withdrawal.)TextbooksBooks can be purchased by the student at the college’s bookstores or any retail source.MSU books can be purchase online at:
  3. 3. Courses: Summer Semester 2013 Mississippi State UniversityCivil EngineeringCE 8433.501 Advanced Foundation (3). Instr. Dr. O. Taylor, ERDCThis course covers design principles of shallow and deep foundations for structures. Differentmethods for calculating bearing capacity and settlement of both shallow and deep foundationsunder different loading conditions will be discussed. This is a continuation of CE 3433 withemphasis on unusual soil conditions and foundations.MW 1:00-3:15p.m., Building 3072, ERDCChemical Science and EngineeringCHE 8713.501 Scientific Proposal Inst/Dev (3). Instr. Dr. R. Bricka, MSUDetailed instruction in scientific research proposal preparation and review including, article andproposal reviewing, budgeting, literature searches, broader impact statements, and full proposaldevelopment and defense.MTWRF 9:00-9:50a.m., Building 3072, ERDCComputer Science and EngineeringCSE 6990.501 Special Topic in CSE: Web Based Graphics and Vis (3). Instr. Dr. T. Jankun-Kelly, MSUIntroduction to using graphics and visualization over the web. Overview of web-basedprogramming, 2- and 3D graphics libraries and technologies, and web-based visualization.Prerequisites: CSE2813 or equivalent.TR 12:30-3:00p.m., Building 3072, ERDCGeosciencesGG 8423.501 Earthquakes & Volcanoes (3). Dr. R. Clary, MSUA study of plate tectonic boundary interactions with an emphasis on earthquakes and volcanoes.MSU InternetGR 6303.501 Principles of GIS (2). Instr. Dr. J. Rodgers, MSUSpatial analysis and topological relationships of geographic data using Geographic InformationSystems, with emphasis on GIS theory.MSU Internet
  4. 4. GR 6363.501 GIS Programming (2). Instr. Dr. Q. Meng, MSUDesign and implementation of geo-processing scripts. Incorporation of modeling languageswithin geographic information systems (GIS) analysis. Seamless integration of other softwareprograms with GIS software.MSU Internet (Tuition: $1369)GR 6473.501 Numerical Wx Prediction (3). Instr. D. J. Dyer, MSUThis course provides students with an overview of the theory, processes, developments andapplications of existing numerical weather prediction platforms.MSU Internet (Tuition: $1169)GR 6603.501 Climatology (3). Instr. Dr. K. Sherman-Morris, MSUStudy of the elements and controls of weather and climate, distribution and characteristics ofclimatic regions.MSU Internet (Tuition: $1169)GR 6933.501 Dynamic Meteorology II (3). Instr. J. Dyer, MSUQuantitative analysis and consideration of atmospheric circulation including jet streams, mid-latitude cyclones, vorticity and atmospheric kinetics.MSU Internet (Tuition: $1169)GR 8553.501 Research Methods in Geo (3). Instr. Dr. A. Mercer, MSUDefining research problems, formulating hypotheses, collecting data, using analytical techniques,substantiating conclusions for geoscience topics; written and oral presentations of researchprojects required.MSU Internet (Tuition: $1169)GR 8573.501 Research Applied Met. Instr. Dr. A. Mercer, MSUDiscussion and application of current research in applied meteorology. Individual or small groupprojects with research presentations. Seminar (Tuition: $1169)GR 8633.501 Climate Change (3). Instr. Dr. J. Rodgers, MSUIn-depth examination of changes in earth’s climate through time. Focus is placed on causes,measurement, implications and complexity of climate change.MSU Internet (Tuition: $1169)Industrial EngineeringIE6613.501 Eng Stats 1 (3). Instr. Dr. L. Strawderman, MSUIntroduction to statistical analysis. Topics include: probability, probability distributions, dataanalysis, parameter estimation ,statistical intervals, and statistical inferences.MTWRF 8:00-9:50a.m., Building 3072, ERDC
  5. 5. Mechanical EngineeringME 6443.501. Mech Systems Design. (3). Instr. Dr. E. Jones, MSUMechanical design projects involving analysis; industrial standards and considerations for safetyand manufacturability; the use of computers in design and manufacturing automation(CAD/CAM).MTWRF, 9:00-9:50a.m., Bldg. 3072, ERDCBusinessBQA 8233.501. Quant Analysis & Bus Research. (3). Instr. Dr. W. Hill II, MSUInvestigation of the managerial decisions and statistical techniques used for conducting businessresearch, collection and analysis of data, and presentation results.MSU Internet, Tuition: $1866FIN8113. Corporate Finance. (3). Instr. Dr. K. Roskelley, MSUAn examination of the interaction between financial accounting, cash flow extimation, capitalbudgeting, risk and return, capital structure, and working capital management.MSU Internet, Tuition: $1866MGT 8123. Strategic Bus Consulting. (3). Instr. Dr. B. Spencer, MSUA study of strategic management covering environmental analysis, competition between firms,competitive advantage, and strategy implementation culminating in a consulting project withparticipating organization.MSU Internet, Tuition: $1866 First Five Weeks - 6 June – 8 July 2013Industrial EngineeringIE 6753.501 Sys Engineering and Analysis (3). Instr. Dr. S. Bullington, MSUSystems concepts, methodologies, models and tools for analyzing, designing, and improving newand existing human-made systems.MTWRF, 1:00-2:50p.m., Building 3072 ERDCBusinessBL8112.511 Law Ethics Disp Res (2). Instr. Dr. J. Bryant, MSULegal and ethical issues faced by the business firm with emphasis on prevention and resolutionof disputes, including mediation, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution.MSU Internet. Tuition: $1244
  6. 6. BQA 8233. Quantitative Analysis and Business Research. (3). Instr. Dr. R. Taylor, MSU.Investigation of the managerial decisions and statistical techniques used for conducting businessresearch, collection and analysis of data and presentation results.MSU Internet. TUITION: $1866MKT 6213. Internet Marketing. (3). Instr. Dr. Robert Moore, MSUIntroduction to practical marketing use of Internet technologies, including basic principles,impact on business and society, and strategic implications.MSU Internet, Tuition $1866MKT 8153. Strategic Marketing Management. (3). Instr. Dr. J. Collier, MSU.Market strategic analysis, research and planning necessary to effectively match marketingstrategies with changing macro, micro and organizational environments.MSU Internet. TUITION: $1866 Second Five-Week Term - 7 July – 9 August 2013BusinessACC 8112.521 Fin & Acc Rpt Anal (3). Instr. Dr. J. Addy, MSUAnalysis of financial statements and internal accounting reports to help management makedecisions.MSU Internet. TUITION: $1244BIS 6523.521 Fin & Acc Rpt Anal (3). Instr. Dr. R. Pearson, MSUCurrent and advanced business programming topics. In-depth experience in programming in oneor more current state-of-the-art languages.MSU Internet. TUITION: $1866BIS 8112.521 Mgt Info Tech & Sys (3). Instr. Dr. G. Templeton, MSUCourse includes the description, acquisition or development and use of systems from a local andglobal perspective. Technology-enabled concepts are used for student assignments.MSU Internet. TUITION: $1244MGT 8111.521 Human Resource Issue. (1). Instr. Dr. J. Vardaman, MSU.Survey of nature and influences of human resource management in organizations. Case studiesare used to apply and reinforce theory.MSU Internet. TUITION: $622MGT 8112.521 Leadership Skills. (2). Instr. Dr. J. Vardaman, MSUSurvey of major behavioral skills used by managers to help them understand and influencebehavior in an organizational setting.MSU Internet. TUITION: $1244