GSLingo October 2011


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GSLingo October 2011

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GSLingo October 2011

  1. 1. October 2011 GSL: Spanning the GlobeDirector’s Desk In this Issue I. Director’s Desk II. People A. Awards B. Degrees C. Patents D. Assignments/Details E. Retirements F. Journal Articles G. Condolences H. New Faces I. Family Pictures J. Other News Click to play III. Programs A. Flood B. New Railroad Project IV. Change V. Facilities VI. Communications A. “Get Smart” Tips B. Helpful Links C. Save the Date VII. What Do You Think
  2. 2. PeopleAwards“Federal Laboratory Director of the Year”Dr. David Pittman won the “Federal Laboratory Director of the Year” from the FederalLaboratory Consortium. Prior to Dr. Pittman becoming Director, GSL had won a single FLCAward for Excellence in Technology Transfer since the award was initiated in 1984; since2002, the laboratory has won four.Dr. Pittman receives 2010 Presidential Rank AwardDr. David Pittman, has been selected to receive the 2010 Presidential (Meritorious) RankAward, the highest award for career Senior Executive Service (SES) members. Each year,the President recognizes and celebrates a small group of career senior executive and seniorcareer employees with the Presidential Rank Award. Recipients of this prestigious award arestrong leaders, professionals, and scientists who achieve results and consistently demon-strate strength, integrity, and a relentless commitment to excellence in public service.ERDC Team Wins R&D 100 AwardThe joint ERDC-CERL-GSL team of Rich Lampo, Jim Wilcoski, Vince Hock and HenryDiaz-Alvarez, along with partners at Rutgers University, Axion International, and McLarenEngineering, were selected to receive a 2011 R&D 100 Award from “R7D Magazine” for the“All Thermoplastic Composite, I-Beam Design, High-Capacity Bridge System.”
  3. 3. Dr. Kent Newman Wins 2011 USACE Sustainability AwardThe award was presented for “Biopolymer Alternatives to Petroleum-based Polymers for SoilModification,” a culmination of cross-laboratory cooperative research starting with basic re-search (6.1) funding in GSL that transitioned to a demonstration project funded by the Envi-ronmental Technologies Security Certification Program. From left: W. Andy Martin, Dr. J. Kent Newman, and Dr. Steven Larson Not pictured: Dr. Victor MedinaTeams Win Army R&D Achievement AwardsTechnical Excellence– Tunnel Detection– Jason McKenna, Steve Sloan,Sarah McComas, Kevin Parkman, and Seth BroadfootTechnical Excellence-Corrosion-Resistant Porcelain Enamel for BondingConcrete to Steel-Sean Morefield, Vince Hock, CERL and Phil Malone andChuck Weiss, GSL.2011 SAVIAC Henry Pusey AwardWapawi Vanadit-Ellis, GEGB, and co-authors, James Gran and David Vaughan, have beenawarded the 2011 SAVIAC Henry Pusey Award for their paper “Progressive Collapse Testingof a 4-Story Reinforced Concrete Structure at 1/18 Scale”. They will be presented the awardat the 82nd Shock and Vibration Symposium in Baltimore on November 1, 2011. Jay Ehrgott was selected to participate in the NAE 2011 Frontiers of Engineering Symposium at Google in September
  4. 4. DegreesAirfields and Pavements Employee Successfully Defends Master’s Thesis:Mariely Mejias-Santiago, research civil engineer in the GSL APB Branch, successfully de-fended her master’s thesis at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez (UPRM) 9 February2011. The title of her thesis was “Triggering Mechanisms of a Rainfall-Induced Residual SoilSlope Failure.” This successful defense will allow Ms. Mejias to graduate from UPRM at theend of the current semester with a Master’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering.Structural Engineering Employee Successfully Defends Master’s Thesis:Henry Diaz-Alvarez, research civil engineer in the GSL StEB Branch, successfully defendedhis master’s thesis at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez (UPRM). The title of his thesiswas “Bending and Shear Load Rating of an Arch Ring Bridge.” This successful defense willallow Mr. Alvarez to graduate from UPRM with a Master’s of Engineering degree in CivilEngineering. Research Civil Engineer, Defends Thesis: Will Carruth, ERDC GSL, Airfields and Pavements Branch, defended his masters thesis “Laboratory Evaluation of Specialty Portland Cements and Polymer Fi- bers in Stabilization of Fine-Grained Soils” at Mississippi State University 23 February 2011Researcher Successfully Defends Masters Thesis: Tim Rushing,ERDC-GSL, successfully defended his masters thesis, "Full-ScaleEvaluation of Matting Systems for Temporary Roads," 2 November2010 at Mississippi State University.Joe Dunbar defended his dissertation inDecember 2010, and received his Ph.D.from the University of Delaware in May2011.
  5. 5. Jerry Ballard received his Ph.D. from Mississippi State in May 2011Distance Learning ProgramJose Rullan-Rodriquez and Omar Flores were accepted to the distance learning Ph.D. program in Civil Engineering at Mississippi State University.Ruth Hidalgo-Hernandez was accepted to the program for Mechanical Engineering atMississippi State University Jose Rullan-Rodriguez Omar Flores Ruth Hidalgo-HernandezLong–Term TrainingJody Priddy will attend the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to pursue adoctorate in Civil Engineering. His studies will focus on the mechanics of vehicle-terraininteraction.Lucy Priddy will attend the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to pursue adoctorate in Civil Engineering. Her studies will focus on developing an understanding of sus-tainable infrastructure and infrastructure systems through courses in systems engineering, riskassessment, decision-making and uncertainty, and statistics. Jody Priddy Lucy Priddy
  6. 6. Patents● Kent Newman, GSL, and others were awarded Patent No. 7,824,569, “Soluble Salt Pro-duced from a Biopolymer and a Process for Producing the Salt” November 2, 2010.● Dr. Jay Ehrgott and Denis Rickman, ERDC-GSL Impact and Explosion Effects Branch,received US Patent No. 7,926,423 for a “Tandem Wall Breacher Device.” April 19, 2011.● Bartley Durst, Toney Cummins, ERDC-GSL, and Billy Neely and Dr. Ed O’Neil ERDC-GSL, retired, were issued patent number 8,016,938 B2 for the invention “Structures andComponents Comprising Blast-Resistant Concrete Also Suitable for Limited Penetration ofBallistic Fragments.”Assignments and Details• Toney Cummins joined Research Group• Chris Moore will be the Acting Branch Chief for the Concrete andMaterials Branch for a 120-day appointment.• USACE HQ Developmental Assignment: Edgardo Ruiz, research civil engineer inERDC-GSL’s Structural Engineering Branch, has been selected for a one-year developmentalassignment at USACE HQ. He will serve as the ERDC liaison to the Critical InfrastructureProtection and Resilience (CIPR) Program for research and development efforts. Addition-ally, he will also assist in different stages of the development and application of the objectivesof USACE Campaign Goal 3b: Improve Resilience and Life-cycle Investment in Critical In-frastructure.• Transportation Research Board (TRB) Technical Committee Invitation:John Rushing has been invited to serve a three-year term on the TRB Committee on FlexiblePavement Construction and Rehabilitation, AFH 60.• The ERDC Tunnel Detection Team Receives Letter of Appreciation: SeveralERDC-GSL team members received a letter of recognition 29 April 2011 from Bernd McCon-nell, SES Director, Interagency Coordination Directorate, Peterson AFB, CO, North Ameri-can Aerospace Defense Command (NAADC) and United States Northern Command(NORTHCOM). This included the following team members: Sarah McComas, Seth Broad-foot, Dr. Steve Sloan, Kevin Parkman, Jen Picucci and Dr. Jason McKenna, Technical Man-ager of the Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration (JCTD).• GSA Mentor: Dr. Lillian Wakeley was selected by the Geological Society of America(GSA) as a Shlemon Mentor in Applied Geology for a second year. She served as a mentor atthe GSA conference in Logan, UT, 18 through 21 May 2011.
  7. 7. Retirements● Jose L. Llopis, Research geophysicist in the Geotechnical Engineering and GeosciencesBranch, retired 31 Dec 2010, with 31 years of service.● Richard W. Peterson, Research civil engineer in the Concrete and Materials Branch, re-tired 31 Dec 2010, with 42 years of service.● Coy D. Flanagan, Jr., Engineering technician in the Structural Engineering Branch, retired1 Jan 2011, with 37 years of service.● Roosevelt Felix, Jr., Engineering technician (Materials) in the Concrete and MaterialsBranch, retired 1 Jan 2011, with 31 years of service.● Richard N. Tennant, Engineering technician (Civil) in the Mobility Systems Branch, re-tired 1 Jan 2011, with 33 years of service.● Elton Ray Brown, Research civil engineer in the Engineering Systems and Materials Divi-sion, Research Group, retired 31 Jan 2011, with 25 years of service.● Dennis D. Moore, Research civil engineer in the Impact and Explosion Effects Branch, re-tired 3 June 2011, with 30 years of service. Journal Articles“Hydrodynamic Forces on Spillway Torque-Tube Gates,” written by Louis de Bejar,ERDC-GSL, and Richard Stockstill, ERDC-CHL, was published in the Journal of HydraulicEngineering – ASCE, volume 136 number 10, Oct 2010.“Virtual Penetration Laboratory: New Developments” Journal Article and BookChapter: Drs. Mark Adley, Andreas Frank, Kent Danielson, Stephen Akers, and JamesO’Daniel and Bruce Patterson authored the refereed journal article “The Virtual PenetrationLaboratory: New Developments.” The article was published as Chapter 12 in the bookMaterial under Extreme Loadings: Application to Penetration and Impact.Researchers publish in International Journal of Pavement Engineering: HaleyBell and Drs. Ray Brown and Reed Freeman, ERDC-GSL Airfields and Pavements Branch,recently published the article "Hot Mix Asphalt Fatigue Criteria Comparisons: Evaluationversus Design" in the International Journal of Pavement Engineering.Researcher publishes in Journal of Transportation Engineering: Dr. AlessandraBianchini, ERDC-GSL, Airfields and Pavements Branch, recently published the article“Evaluation of Temperature Influence on Friction Measurements,” in the Journal of Transpor-tation Engineering.
  8. 8. CondolencesMike George, SvEB, and Taylor George, MSB, on the passing of Mike’smother-in-law and Taylor’s grandmother, Johnnie Vee BroomeDr. Randy Jones, MSB, on the passing of his mother, Mrs. Ann JonesAl Crawley, CMB, on the passing of his father, Mr. Tiger CrawleyGwen Foster, EXO, on the passing of her father, Mr. James “Babe” Rorex, Jr.Ryan North, GEGB, on the passing of his grandmother, Betty York.Missy Lynn, MIO, on the passing of her nephew, Christopher Michael Lynn, Jr.Web Mason, and Quint Mason, APB, on the passing of Web’s mother and Quint’s grand-mother, Mary E. WorleyDr. Lillian Wakeley, ESMD, on the passing of her mother-in-law, Mrs. Elaine WakeleyJustin Roberts, SvEB, on the passing of his father, Mr. Jimmy RobertsAndrew Harrison, APB, on the passing of his father-in-law, Kenneth FreyChevoone Allen, UROC, on the passing of her brother, Thomas “TP” JacksonLinda Ragan, CMB, on the passing of her mother, Millie JonesJose Albarran, StEB, on the passing of his fatherTracey Waddell, IEEB, on the passing of her father-in-law
  9. 9. New Faces of GSLGSL-EL Block Party
  10. 10. Ensley Reid Broadfoot, daughter Ellie Nicole Robbins, daughter of of Seth and Hallie Broadfoot, Bryant and Angela Robbins, was was born February 11, 2011 born April 11, 2011 Grace Sophia Edwards, daughterAva Catherine Henry, daughter of Lulu Edwards, was born of Justin and Bonnie Henry, May 24, 2011 was born April 1, 2011Edison Mac Guilbert, Grandson of John Peters, was born August 31, 2011 Gage Timothy Verzwyvelt, son of Alisha and Nick Verzwyvelt, was born June 29, 2011
  11. 11. Jonathon and Ginny Griffin were married August 6, 2011. Congratulations! Courtney and Drew Warnock were married February 5, 2011. Congratulations! Paul and Katherine Allison were married May 7, 2011. Congratulations! Eric and Sonya Morgan were married May 21, 2011. Congratulations! Jared and Maury Minor were married September 2, 2011 Congratulations!Ghosts and Goblins and Snowmen and Reindeer… the Holidays are near, send us pictures of your little ones in their holiday gear. Please send pictures to Pictures will be in the next GSLingo
  12. 12. Other News UPRM Students Arrive The 2011 UPRM Summer Students at ERDC Night at the Mississippi Braves Game LDP Class of 2012 Front Row LR: Jason Morson, Mariely Majias- Santiago, and Ashley Manning Back Row LR: Devin Sham, Gregory Norwood, and Jose Rullan-Rodriguez Mike Doyle was selected 2011 Parent of the Year for Sherman Avenue Elementary, he also was selected District Parent of the Year
  13. 13. SURPRISE!!!!! Dr. Pittman’s Surprise 50th Birthday Party August 30, 2011OH NO Dr. Pittman turns the BIG 50!!
  14. 14. Programs GSL Responds to the FloodThe USACE Reachback Operations Center (UROC) conducted aerial assessments from 30April to 6 May 2011 in support of Operation Watershed at the Birds Point New MadridFloodway. The Automated Route Reconnaissance Kit (ARRK) was used in its airborne con-figuration to provide rapid geo-referenced data sets to document flooding and implementationof the three crevasses used to reduce pressure and lower the flood stage on primary levees.The data sets, which were available for viewing upon flight completion, were posted to theUROC’s Reachback Engineer Data Integration (REDi) Web site for dissemination to Corpsof Engineers leadership, emergency management personnel and on-site ERDC team mem-bers. New Railroad R&D Project LaunchedERDC-GSL researchers recently initiated a fast-track program to develop an electronic rail-road inspection database system (ERIDS) at the request of the Army Installation Manage-ment Command (IMCOM). To insure maximum benefit to installations, GSL and ERDC-CERL researchers met 5-7 April to coordinate many aspects of this new program. The GSL-CERL team is building on existing inspection software developed by CERL integrating aglobal-positioning system, automated report generation, and other best-available software andhardware. The GSL Railroad Inspection Team is responsible for inspecting and estimatingrepair costs of thousands of miles of military, short-line, and industrial track on most Armyinstallations. ERIDS will feature real-time comparisons of current and previous inspectiondata, GIS-based condition records, and will decrease the time and manpower required foreach railroad condition assessment. The work supports Corps missions in sustainment engi-neering and installation O&M.
  15. 15. Change• Project Management Workshop: The purpose of this workshop is to provide guid-ance and generate consistency across GSL on project management practices. The next work-shop will be held October 18-20, 2011.• USACE R&D Conference Scheduled for 8-10 November 2011 in NewOrleans has been cancelled: Due to the current economic situation in our nation andbudget constraint within the Department of Defense.• Director’s Visits: Dr. Pittman went around to each Branch and Division for an informalmeeting of the employees and learn more about what each Branch and Division has to bringto the Laboratory. This was a way to increase communication throughout the Laboratory. GSL– Major Goals and ActionsBusiness Trends and Changes • New Programmatic Areas - Multi –scale modeling, high performance materials development - Growing: Force Protection - Nascent: Remote assessment of infrastructure, geothermal energy sources • Areas of declining income and/or lab interests - Infrastructure protection, traditional geotechnical/structures support (maintain core capabilityNew Business Development Goals and Strategies • What you are going to get - Program: Maintain FY11 budget levels - People: Maintain FY11 staffing levels, 25%+ staff turnover ((losses + gains)/existing strength) • When & how are you going to get it - Deliberate planning with professional help - Continual focus on bottom line: take care of people, emphasis on excellence, focus on core competency, cultivate critical relationships.
  16. 16. Facilities Construction on old CERC Building in preparation for IEEB, ESMD, and MSB move Reroofing of Bldg 5014Changes to Hangar 2 Repaving of parking lot NE Casagrande Bldg. Employees hard at work in their new offices
  17. 17. Communication“Get Smart” is a unique contribution: it affords an understanding of e-mail not simplyas another form of technology-enabled communication, but linked intimately to leadershipeffectiveness.The Get Smart! Guidelines:Ask yourself these questions before sending an e-mail: 1. Would You Want It to Appear in? 2. Would You Say It Face to Face? 3. Is It Necessary? Or, About that Root Canal… 4. Does It Pass the Morale Test? Or, Who You Callin’ Jelly Belly? 5. What’s So Funny? 6. Is it Culturally Savvy? Or, Are You the Only One in a Tiger Suit? 7 What Would Your Lawyer Say?If you bear in mind a few principles, you can make a positive, powerful impression in yourelectronic communications.• Just remember every time someone reads your e-mail, they form an impressionof you, so make a conscious choice about the kind of image you convey. Ref: Get Smart! How e-mail can make or break your career And Your Organization Mary Lynn Pulley and Jane Hilberry
  18. 18. Save the Date● Corps Day (October 6, 2011)●HENAAC ConferenceOrlando, FL (October 6-9, 2011)● GSL Town Hall and PicnicOctober 13, 2011● ACI 2011 Fall ConventionCincinnati, OH (October 16-20, 2011)● Project Management WorkshopBldg 3396, Main Conference Room (October 18-20, 2011)●ASCE 141st Annual Civil Engineering ConferenceMemphis, TN (October 20-22, 2011)●Project Management WorkshopOctober 18-20, 2011●Briefing Techniques ClassNovember 1-3, 2011 Don’t forget to put the dates on your calendar!!
  19. 19. Helpful Links Military OneSource Online Library Resources & SafariMilitary OneSource provides library resources available at no charge to service membersand their families. A particularly helpful benefit for Guard and Reserve members and theirfamilies who may not have access to installation libraries.On-line Library ResourcesLinks to electronic databases, e-books, and audio books● Elecontronics books (Safari, NetLibrary, My iLirary● TumbleReadables on-line books for kids K-12● Prep for standardized tests (SAT, ACT, GRE, and CLEP)● Customized college and distance-learning searches● Home Improvement Center● Auto Repair Reference Center  Safari Books On-lineIs an on-demand digital library that provides searchable, on-line access to the full content ofthousands of books, prepublication manuscripts, short documents, articles, and training vid-eos from the world’s leading authors and publishers.● Provides anytime● Anywhere access to most current and authoritativetechnology●  Design and business information from leading publishers Military OneSource is available 24/7. You name it. They can help 1-800-342-9647 Overseas: xx-800-3429-6477 Find access codes on-line:
  20. 20. What Do You Think Winning caption by Speler MontgomeryDr. Pittman: “ Hey Bill, whatcha wearing tomorrow? Let’s wear red Corps shirts, blue jeans,and brown braided belts. Oh, and don’t forget to wear your sneakers– its casual Friday.”Speler MontgomeryOther great captions that were submitted:“Sharon I guess you missed the memo on everyone wearing these cool blue Corps ofEngineer shirts.” Chuck WeissDr. Pittman says: “ Sharon! Quick, call security! Bill’s not wearing his CAC Card!!!”Robert Browning“ Sharon, you’re out of uniform. That means we’ve got to put your name in the UN-OFFICIAL block on the bulletin board!!” Gary Anderton
  21. 21. What Do You ThinkYou provide the caption and see if your caption is selected as our favorite. Thewinning caption will appear in the next edition of the GSLingo, and the winneralso receives an iTunes gift card!! What is your idea for a caption Pictured left to right: Clay Hooker and Mike King Send your submissions to Shelley Tingle at