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Published in: Technology, Career
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  1. 1. Biodiversity
  2. 2. Amongst the planets of our Solar System we stay on earth.
  3. 3. The earth is surrounded by three layers i.e land, water and atmosphere(air).
  4. 4. These three layers along with living and non living things in it forms the ‘environment’ around us.
  5. 5. Living things of environment – Plants, Animals, micro-organisms.
  6. 6. Non-Living things of environment - water, stones, sand, mountains, air, rain, temperature, etc.
  7. 7. We can see living things in all the three parts, Land, water and air of environment.
  8. 8. Animals and plants around us The variations observed in the shapes, sizes, body parts, body structure, life patterns and habitats of these living beings is called as biological diversity or bio-diversity.
  9. 9. There are about 10,00,000 species of animals, 2,50,000 species of plants and innumerable species of micro-organisms on earth.
  10. 10. Species of animals depending on their habitat.
  11. 11. Species of plants depending on their habitat.
  12. 12. Types of animals based on their shape.
  13. 13. Types of plants based on their shape.
  14. 14. Types of animals and plants based on their eating habits.
  15. 15. Bio diversity is observed because of land, temperature and rainfall in the environment.
  16. 16. Every living being exists because of dependancy on others.
  17. 17. Food, shelter, clothing, medicines are the daily needs of man. Our various needs are satisfied in various ways because of bio-diversity.
  18. 18. It is only because of bio-diversity nature’s chain (food) gets created, maintained, balancing the environment.
  19. 19. Reasons for the decline in bio-diversity.
  20. 20. Exponential growth of population
  21. 21. Forests are cut down to fulfill the basic needs of man like food, clothing and shelter.
  22. 22. Because of which many rare species of plants and animals are getting extinct.
  23. 23. To meet the demand for foodgrains, farmers are using single crop method reducing the production of multi crops, variety of vegetables.
  24. 24. In case of animals, local varieties are getting replaced by hybrid and imported breeds threatening the existence of local ones.
  25. 25. Pollution is causing many species of plants and animals to become extinct.
  26. 26. Forests are cut down for activities such as huge dam construction, factories, roads, etc. This is destroying the jungle and the animals staying there.
  27. 27. Measures to conserve bio-diversity.
  28. 28. Creating National Parks and Sanctuaries
  29. 29. To nurture some species of animals and plants in zoological or botanical gardens, respectively.
  30. 30. To compile and document traditional knowledge.
  31. 31. Preserving strains of local varieties.
  32. 32. Seed Banks
  33. 33. Reserved bio-diversity zones.