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Stars and our galaxy


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Published in: Technology
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Stars and our galaxy

  1. 1. Stars and our galaxy
  2. 2. We can see sky from earth. In sanskrit sky is called ‘kha’. Whereas sun, planets, moon and stars are called celestial or heavenly bodies.
  3. 3. We see many stars and group of stars in the sky
  4. 4. The star nearest to earth is SUN
  5. 5. The other group of stars which we can see from earth have been named according to the shape they represent. These are called as Nakshatrass.
  6. 6. The sun, the planets that revolve around it, their satellites all together form our solar system.
  7. 7. In our solar system there are planets named Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune .
  8. 8. Planet , Distance, Satellite, diameter Chart
  9. 9. The axis of earth is not perpendicular to it’s orbit but slightly inclined. Hence Earth has seasons.
  10. 10. Moon is the satellite of the earth.
  11. 11. On Full Moon Day, the Moon appears to be round. After that it appears smaller and smaller till at last on New Moon day we don’t see the moon. Again it starts appearing bigger and bigger till Full Moon.
  12. 12. These different shapes of the moon that we see as it waxes and wanes are called phases of the moon.
  13. 13. The moon rotates around itself and revolves around the earth. Everyday it rises 50 min later than on the previous day. The moon takes 27.3 days to complete one revolution around earth. It takes the moon the same time to complete one rotation around itself. That is how we only see one side of the moon from earth.
  14. 14. Apart from stars, planets, satellites we can see asteroids, comets and meteors in the space.
  15. 15. The salt water sake in Lonar ,Buldhana district, Maharastra , India was the effect of falling meteor .
  16. 16. Apart from this man had also sent some artificial satellites in the space.
  17. 17. These satellites are useful to us in many ways.