programme7-8-9 november 2010
partners           welcome           On behalf of the Netherlands Registrars Group (NRG) we           are delighted to wel...
programme 7 & 8 novembers u n d a y, 7 n o v e m b e r 2 0 1 0                                                    m o n d ...
12.30 - 14.00      Lunch                                                         15.45 - 16.45        Grote Zaal          ...
programme 9 novembert u e s d a y, 9 n o v e m b e r 2 0 1 0Concertgebouw, Concertgebouwplein 10                   Grote Z...
15.30 - 16.30       Grote Zaal                       Solistenfoyer                 evening event                Session   ...
concertgebouw floor planGround floor                                                           First floorA Grote ZaalB Sp...
conference chairs and speakers              Bart Ankersmit                                                             Lau...
M a r j o l e i n C r e m e r ( o n b e h a l f o f A g n e s We i j )     Greg Gahagan               Marjolein Cremer is ...
Wo u t e r H i j n b e r g                                                 René Italiaander               Wouter Hijnberg ...
Derk Loorbach                                                                   management functions. Since 2007 he is co-...
Michiel Nijhoff                                                              Enrico Rizzi               Michiel Nijhoff is...
Jonathan Schwartz                                                        Paul Spies              Jonathan Schwartz founded...
informationConcertgebouw                          BadgeConcertgebouwplein 10                  Your official name badge mus...
European Registrars Conference 2010 - Program
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European Registrars Conference 2010 - Program


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European Registrars Conference 2010 - Program

  1. 1. programme7-8-9 november 2010
  2. 2. partners welcome On behalf of the Netherlands Registrars Group (NRG) we are delighted to welcome you to the 7th European Registrars Conference. The conference programme, with its theme Bein’ Green, features an interesting range of keynotes, sessions, networking opportunities and social events. We anticipate that ERC 2010 will be packed with engaging and informative discussions and exchanges on how hard it is bein’ green. The conference location at the Concertgebouw puts you in the heart of our beautiful city with the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum only a stone’s throw away. A conference of this magnitude does not happen without the hard work of many individuals. We are greatly appreciative of the countless hours and tireless efforts of the organizing working groups and the large number of volunteers. The conference is also fortunate to have a great number of sponsors whose material support is making this conference happen. No conference without delegates and it is to all of you to whom we wish to extend our sincere thanks for contributing to what we hope will be a very successful event. Welcome to Amsterdam and ERC 2010. Cindy Zalm Chair, Netherlands Registrars Group (NRG)2 welcome 3
  3. 3. programme 7 & 8 novembers u n d a y, 7 n o v e m b e r 2 0 1 0 m o n d a y, 8 n o v e m b e r 2 0 1 0 Concertgebouw, Concertgebouwplein 1017.00 - 18.30 Private viewing of The Temporary Stedelijk Grote Zaal at the Stedelijk Museum from 09.00 Registration and coffee Stedelijk Museum, Paulus Potterstraat 13 09.45 - 10.05 Musical intermezzo This event is sponsored by the Stedelijk Museum 10.05 - 10.10 Welcome Cindy Zalm, chair Netherlands Registrars Group While work continues on the renovation and expansion of the 10.10 - 10.25 Introduction Stedelijk Museum, The Temporary Stedelijk brings art, artists and Michiel Nijhoff, conference chair day 1 the public back into the museum with two major exhibition projects: Taking Place and Monumentalism, showing work by artists such as 10.25 - 11.00 Keynote Roman Ondak, On Kawara, Barbara Kruger, Louise Lawler, Museums, Registrars and Sustainability Job Koelewijn, Renzo Martens and William Leavitt. Maurice Davies18.30 - 19.30 Private viewing of The Masterpieces at the Rijksmuseum 11.00 - 11.30 Keynote Rijksmuseum, Jan Luykenstraat 1 Air Freight Safety This event is sponsored by the Rijksmuseum European Legislation on Air Freight, Air Freight Safety and Cargo Screening19.30 - 23.00 Welcome reception, buffet and registration René Italiaander at the Van Gogh Museum TSA (Transportation Security Administration) in the USA Van Gogh Museum, Paulus Potterstraat 7 Scott Pfeifer This event is sponsored by ICEFAT, the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum 11.30 - 12.25 Keynote A Carbon-Neutral Research Centre for Beauty Randy KlingerEntry to the museums The colours in the programmeonly for registered delegates correspond with the colourswith a confirmation ticket on the floor plan on page 12-134 programme 7 & 8 november 5
  4. 4. 12.30 - 14.00 Lunch 15.45 - 16.45 Grote Zaal Solistenfoyer Session Workshop12.30 - 16.45 Champagnebar and Balkonfoyer The Greening of Fine Art Registrar, a Reference Networking sessions with sponsors Transportation: Description What Colour is your Crate? Herma Hofmeijer Greg Gahagan, Klaus Hillman and Jonathan Schwartz Dirigentenfoyer14.00 - 15.00 Grote Zaal Solistenfoyer Session Session Session Pleinfoyer Registrars at the Centre of Sustainability and Climate New Approaches to Museum Workshop Collections Mobility Control in Museums Depots Tracking the Collection: Marjolein Cremer Bart Ankersmit Hans-Ewald Schneider Integrating Location Sustainable Storage as Result Administration in Your Pleinfoyer of a Preventive Approach Adlib Database Workshop Wouter Hijnberg and Judith van Gent, Annelies de Mey Tracking the Collection: Marco Martens and René van de Heuvel Integrating Location Administration in Your Dirigentenfoyer Adlib Database Session 16.50 - 17.00 Grote Zaal Judith van Gent, Green, Red, Black: Analysis from Wrap up Annelies de Mey and the Going Green Survey Michiel Nijhoff René van de Heuvel Stephen Mellor evening events15.00 - 15.45 Coffee and tea break Odeon, Singel 460 19.00 - 22.00 Buffet reception 22.00 - 01.00 Party The traditional shippers party is sponsored by John Nurminen Prima, Kortmann and Hizkia Van Kralingen Entry to the Odeon only for registered delegates with badge6 programme 8 november 7
  5. 5. programme 9 novembert u e s d a y, 9 n o v e m b e r 2 0 1 0Concertgebouw, Concertgebouwplein 10 Grote Zaal 14.00 - 15.00 Grote Zaal Solistenfoyerfrom 09.15 Registration for sessions and coffee Session Session10.00 - 10.05 Welcome Towards a new European Will Being Green Influence Cindy Zalm, chair Netherlands Registrars Group Organisation: Sustaining the Fine Art insurance?10.05 - 10.15 Introduction Knowledge of European Stephan Zilkens Paul Spies, conference chair day 2 Collection Mobility The Loan is Insured = a panel discussion Green Light?10.15 - 10.25 Keynote Cees Kortleve Lending to Europe: an update Pleinfoyer Frank Bergevoet Workshop Dirigentenfoyer Tracking the Collection: Session10.25 - 11.25 Keynote Integrating Location From Manual Inventory Books to The Art of Transitions to Become Green Administration in Your Digitized Inventory Records: Derk Loorbach Adlib Database A Preliminary Exploration of the Judith van Gent, National Palace Museum, Taiwan11.25 - 12.25 Keynote Annelies de Mey and Pang-Yen Cheng Procedures at Museum Ludwig, Cologne René van de Heuvel Beatrix Schopp 15.00 - 15.30 Coffee and tea break12.30 - 14.00 Lunch12.30 - 16.30 Champagnebar and Balkonfoyer Networking sessions with sponsors The colours in the programme correspond with the colours on the floor plan on page 12-138 programme 9 november 9
  6. 6. 15.30 - 16.30 Grote Zaal Solistenfoyer evening event Session Session Allard Pierson Museum and Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam, Vibrrrrrrrrrrations. How to Find a Needle in a Oude Turfmarkt 127-129 The Impact of Vibration Haystack? on Works of Art Implementation of RFID as an 17.30 - 20.00 Farewell reception and private viewing of the exhibitions: Bill Wei Improvement in the Management Alexander’s legacy at the Allard Pierson Museum and of a Scientific Collection: Rebels with a cause. 75 years of IISH at the Special Collections Pleinfoyer the Case of Institut Català de Entry only for registered delegates with badge Session Paleontologia, Barcelona Energy-optimized Rebirth: Laura Celià The Renovation of the Experience with RFID Technology Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in at Apice in Florence Ludwigshafen am Rhein Laura Reina Reinhard Spieler Dirigentenfoyer Session An International Concern: The Bizot Group Questionnaire and the V&A’s Approach to Becoming a Greener Museum Sandra Smith16.35 - 16.45 Grote Zaal Presentation of the award winning Bein’ Green project16.45 - 16.55 Reports from the European registrars groups ERC 2012 - the next venue16.55 - 17.10 Wrap up What have we learned? Summary and conclusions Max Meijer 1 0 programme 9 november 1 1
  7. 7. concertgebouw floor planGround floor First floorA Grote ZaalB Spiegelzaal 5 Cloakroom (unguarded) 5 Cloakroom (unguarded)C Julianafoyer 6 Staircases to First floor 6 Staircases to First floor 1 Main entranceD Beatrixfoyer 7 Elevator to Grote Zaal H Dirigentenfoyer 7 Elevator to Grote Zaal 2 Entrance hall andE Zuidfoyer information desk 8 Staircase to Pleinfoyer I Solistenfoyer 8 Staircase to PleinfoyerF Noordfoyer 3 Terrace 9 Elevator J Pleinfoyer 9 ElevatorG Champagnebar 4 Cloakroom (guarded) Emergency exit K Balkonfoyer Emergency exit1 2 concertgebouw floor plan 1 3
  8. 8. conference chairs and speakers Bart Ankersmit Laura Celià Bart Ankersmit is senior researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Laura Celià has a degree in Biology from the University of the Balearic Cultural Heritage (ICN) in Amsterdam. In 1996, after completing doctoral Islands (2002) and a master in Management of Cultural Heritage from research at the University of Amsterdam, he started research on pre- the University of Barcelona (2008). In 2005 she graduated in Teachingventive conservation of metal collections. This study has set out to measure various Museography (UB). At the same time she received a scholarship at the Institute ofharmful gases in the indoor museum, the transport of those gases from source to Palaeontology. She has participated in several excavation campaigns in Mallorca,object and the extent to which showcases affect this transport. Since 2006 much atten- Catalonia, Castellon and Granada. Since 2007, she is the curator of the ICP collectiontion is paid to the museum interior. The knowledge developed in late 2008 led to new and currently combines collection management at the Institut Català de Paleontologiaclimate guidelines. Developments in this area have been made possible by a covenant with her doctoral thesis on the program Management of Culture and Heritagebetween several institutions that have an interest and responsibility in this matter. (University of Barcelona) under the leadership of Ph Dr. Llorenç Prats, based on the problems with the management of vertebrate paleontological heritage in Catalonia. Frank Bergevoet Frank Bergevoet is advisor/programme coordinator Museometry at the P a n g - Ye n C h e n g Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN) in Amsterdam. He has Pang-Yen Cheng is assistant registrar at the Registration and extensive experience in the broad field of collection management. Conservation Department of the National Palace Museum (NPM) inIn 2004, during the Netherlands presidency of the EU, he was conference manager Taipei, Taiwan and the chair of Collection Management System SIG,for the international meeting of museum experts ‘Museum Collections on the Move’ in Museum Computer Network, Taiwan Chapter. He graduated from Fu Jen CatholicThe Hague and worked with great passion as selection manager on the development University and Taipei National University of the Arts with two MA degrees bothof de-accessioning tools for the museum sector. Frank is currently working on a in Museum Studies and Chinese Art History. Presently, he succeeded to his policy line for ICN: museometry. Museometry is all about facts and figures on programme in Graduate Institute of Multi-Culture Education, National Dong-Huacollections management in museums. University. He used to work at Digital Archives Project of Chinese Antiquities at NPM from 2001 to 2006 and also experienced an internship at the Asian Department, Cleveland Museum of Art in the summer of 2006. His research interests include Don Gianmatteo Caputo museum collection management, Chinese art history (Han dynasty art and Cloisonné), Don Gianmatteo Caputo is director of Ufficio dei Beni Culturali del as well as museum multicultural education. Patriarcato and of Museo Diocesano, both in Venice. He graduated in architecture at the Istituto Universitario di Archiettura Venice and hisfield of study includes theology and philosophy. He co-operates with the CEI(Conferenza Episcopale Italiana) as scientific supervisor of the IT inventory ofecclesiastic cultural assets. He is also curator of exhibitions of sacred andcontemporary art and has published essays for art catalogues and other publications. 1 4 conference chairs and speakers 1 5
  9. 9. M a r j o l e i n C r e m e r ( o n b e h a l f o f A g n e s We i j ) Greg Gahagan Marjolein Cremer is project coordinator international affairs at the Greg Gahagan is the Vice President and operations manager of Ship/ Netherlands Institute for Heritage (Erfgoed Nederland). Heritage in Art International, a museum quality fine arts transportation company with relation to Europe and the Foreign Visitors programme are subjects offices in San Francisco and Denver. He joined the management team atthat she works on. She has a BA and MA in Arts, Policy and Management of visual Ship/Art in 1991 and now oversees the day-to-day operations of the company includingarts and media arts from the University of Groningen. Since 2008 she is involved in its environmental program. Greg is the chairman of the ICEFAT Green Committee andthe EU project ‘Collections Mobility 2.0’. is dedicated to establishing environmental sustainability within the fine arts industry. A s t r i d We i j Judith van Gent Astrid Weij is programme manager of cultural heritage from an Judith van Gent is head of Documentation at the Amsterdam Historical international perspective at the Netherlands Institute for Heritage Museum and in this position responsible for the collection management (Erfgoed Nederland). Heritage in relation to Europe and mutual system. She is an art historian with a specialization in automation. In thecultural heritage are subjects that she works on. She has a BA and MA in museology. 90’s she worked on various digitization projects (at the Netherlands Institute for ArtShe played a significant role in setting collections mobility on the European agenda History, The Hague and Radboud University, Nijmegen) and as a cultural informationwhen she was policy advisor in international affairs at the Netherlands Ministry of advisor at Bureau IMC in Rotterdam. She also did research on the work and life ofEducation, Culture and Science (2001-2007). Bartholomeus van der Helst, which will result in a dissertation this year. Maurice Davies René van de Heuvel Maurice Davies is head of policy and communication at the Museums Rene van den Heuvel started his career at Datahouse, a systems Association in the UK. He’s held a variety of other roles at the Museums integration company, as a software programmer. During his long Association including editor of Museums Journal and deputy director. career at Adlib Information Systems he has been involved in severalHe recently led the Museums Association’s work on sustainability and museums. departments and activities including application engineering, help desk, training,In the past few years his work has included: the illicit trade in cultural property, consultancy and application development. Currently he is the International Salesrepatriation, human remains in museums, aspects of the MA’s Collections for the Manager for Adlib and plays a key role in the development of applications.Future report, disposal of collections, entry to and diversity of the museum workforce,and research into the impact of major lottery projects on museum visiting in London.He has a doctorate in art history from the Courtauld Institute, University of Londonand a first degree in pure mathematics from the University of Warwick. He’s alsobeen a curator at Manchester Art Gallery and a Turner Scholar at Tate. 1 6 conference chairs and speakers 1 7
  10. 10. Wo u t e r H i j n b e r g René Italiaander Wouter Hijnberg studied Preventive Conservation at the Reinwardt René Italiaander started his career in the air freight industry in 1986 as Academy in Amsterdam. He is now managing director and owner of an export employee for an airline. After this challenging job, he joined Helicon conservation support. Helicon developed a concept for a a shipping agent for general cargo. In 1999, he joined the museumsustainable storage for cultural heritage as a result of a preventive approach. logistics industry at Gerlach Art Packers & Shippers. René started as an exhibitionThis concept is not only an improvement on the conservation of collections but it coordinator and worked his way up through the jobs of team leader and officeis better for the environment and is lower in cost than a traditional building. manager to become Director of Operations, responsible for the Dutch operationsIn 2012 Helicon will open the first storage built according to this concept. at John Nurminen Prima. In August 2008, Gerlach merged with John Nurminen Prima and all their offices have been operating under the name of John Nurminen Prima since 1 October 2010. Klaus Hillman In 1979 Klaus Hillman founded NADA, a small business specializing Randy Klinger in the transport of works of art. In 1986 the growing company was Randy Klinger is founder and director of Moray Art Centre. He has newly formed under the name of TANDEM. Today Tandem is one of been an artist since early childhood and has been exhibiting in ItalyEurope’s busiest art shipping companies and has established a very reliable shuttle for the past 18 years, and more recently in Japan. Born in New York,network throughout Germany and Western Europe. Klaus became a member of the he graduated from The Cooper Union with honours. He began teaching art in 2002,ICEFAT Green Committee in order to promote the sense of responsibility and when he moved to Scotland and ran a small studio for 15 years before founding theecological activity within his industry. Moray Art Centre. In 2007, as part of his ambitions as an artist, Randy raised one million pounds, mostly from inspired individuals, and opened a research centre for beauty to the public, with exhibition partners including the British Museum, the Herma Hofmeijer Courtauld Gallery and the National Galleries of Scotland. Herma Hofmeijer is process supervisor constructions at the Museum of National History in Arnhem. In her previous function as director of Cees Kortleve the Netherlands Association of National Museums (2004-2010) she Cees Kortleve is insurance broker. For several decades he wasrepresented the national museums in various important issues, such as the employed by the insurance department of ABN AMRO. His last positionnegotiations with the unions concerning salaries and terms of employment for with this company was manager of the property department. In 1988museum workers. This resulted in the creation of reference function descriptions he became involved in art insurance and took care of the insurances of museumand job structures for museum employees. In 2008-2009 Herma Hofmeijer created, collections and national and international loans to major art exhibitions, of whichin close cooperation with the Netherlands Registrars Group, a function description the value in some cases exceeded several billions Euro. In 1995 he became directorfor the museum registrar. To do this, it was necessary to formulate the specific of Aon Artscope Netherlands and chairman of Aon Artscope Europe. During hiscompetences necessary to be a professional registrar. The result is that the museum career Cees has been a member as well as chairman of various committees inregistrar is now accepted as an official function within the Dutch museum organisation. the insurance market and advised the Dutch Government in setting up the Dutch Indemnity Scheme. 1 8 conference chairs and speakers 1 9
  11. 11. Derk Loorbach management functions. Since 2007 he is co-owner of TiMe (Timmer & Meijer) Derk Loorbach is researcher at the Dutch Research Institute for Amsterdam. TiMe Amsterdam provides services to the cultural sector and the creative Transitions (DRIFT) at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus industry: strategies and content as well as implementation in the form of consultancy, University Rotterdam. Within his research, he focuses on the research and concept development. TiMe Amsterdam’s main clients are museums,development of transition management in theory and practice. Central theme in heritage institutions and governments.his PhD-research is the development of an integrated framework for structuringtransition management activities and for organizing transition management processes.A central concept is the ‘transition-arena’. Transition management can be described Stephen Melloras a new governance-model based on complex systems’ thinking and is aimed at Stephen Mellor has been the Exhibitions Co-ordinator at Tate Modern,facilitating and directing processes of societal change in the direction of sustainability. London (9 years). During this time he had responsibility for exhibition production and logistics, schedules, design, registration, budgets, touring and contracts and more. Previously he has been Exhibitions Manager at Marco Martens the Art Gallery of Western Australia (13 years); Scenery Designer at BBC Television Marco Martens studied Building Physics at the Eindhoven University of (10 years); and Display Manager at the London Design Centre (4 years). Stephen Technology. In 2005 he started a PhD study on indoor climate in various has been a member of the Steering Committee of the International Exhibition Dutch museums. The main topic of his PhD is to assess conservational Organisers Group, the London Exhibition Organisers Group and the UK Sustainableproperties of indoor climates out of measurement data and to predict these properties Exhibitions Group. Contact: simulation. Most Dutch museums are located in old buildings. To improveconservational properties of these buildings, the indoor climate is modified usingvarious climate systems. Also newly built museums and storage buildings rely to a Annelies de Meylarge extent on complicated systems. Modern building materials however give us the Annelies de Mey received a master in Art Sciences from the Universitypossibility to create optimal conservational properties without using climate systems. of Ghent in 2002. In 2003 she obtained the postgraduate degreeA good building envelope and some regulations and limitations in building use make Conservation Employee from the University College in Ghent. Insure the climate is suitable even for storing delicate objects. A green storage facility is addition, she completed the course Cultural Management at the University of Antwerp.therefore within reach. From 2005 until 2007 she worked as registrar for the City of Antwerp. In 2007 she was the Cultural Policy Coordinator of the City of Aalter. Since 2008 Annelies is Relocation Coordinator at the Museum at the Stream (MAS) in Antwerp. In this Max Meijer capacity she organises and supervises the registration (in Adlib), barcode labelling, Max Meyer studied at the Reinwardt Academy in Leiden, as well as a pest-treatments, packaging, transportation and storage of a maritime, an ethnological number of years Dutch law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. and a folklore collection. She was also closely involved with the construction plans for He completed a large number of courses in marketing, management the new depot facilities.and strategy and has been working in the museum sector since 1982 in various 2 0 conference chairs and speakers 2 1
  12. 12. Michiel Nijhoff Enrico Rizzi Michiel Nijhoff is art historian and librarian and at present head of the Enrico Rizzi is project manager of Zucchetti Spa, one of the most library and collection registration at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. important Italian groups in the ICT sector. His main task is to provide From 1988-2002 he worked at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in careful analysis of the clients’ needs, to coordinate and manageRotterdam, first as assistant librarian and from 1997 as head of this library. In 2002 he projects and to supervise integration of IT systems.became head of the library of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and in 2006 head ofthe library and collection registration. Michiel was active as member of the Art Sectionof IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) and chairman of ARLIS Hans-Ewald Schneider(Art Libraries Society / The Netherlands). In 2001 he made the compilation film Hans-Ewald Schneider is the managing partner of Hasenkamp‘The librarian in the movies’ and in 2006 won the Victorine Van Schaik essay price. (4th generation) with headquarters in Cologne-Frechen. HasenkampHe publishes regularly on subjects concerning museum libraries, art history and film. is the leading European logistics service provider for fragile and precious goods. After graduating with a degree in Economics, he worked for the American lease company CTI (Container Transport International) before he changed Scott Pfeifer to the future leaders programme of Kaufhof AG for the period of two years. In 1981 he Scott Pfeifer is Vice President of Masterpiece International. He has joined Hasenkamp International Transport GmbH and became partner of the company a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in in 1991. Furthermore he is a member of various business councils and board member Transportation/Logistics from Iowa State University and an MBA in of several national and international associations.International Business from Roosevelt University in Chicago. He has been in the fineart transportation business for 23 years, the last 16 with Masterpiece International.Scott will discuss the origin of the regulations in the USA, current rules and Beatrix Schopprequirements, and the practical realities of the programme as it pertains to our Beatrix Schopp is registrar at Museum Ludwig in Cologne. She has beendaily shipping. working for the City of Cologne since 1984, at the Museums of Cologne since 1985 and at the Administration Department of Museum Ludwig since 1996. She has been a member of Registrars Deutschland since 2004. Being Laura Reina the first registrar at Museum Ludwig since 2004 she has had the chance to put her Laura Reina is coordination manager of the APICE group, an Italian extensive experience with international loan standards and requirements into practice benchmark in transportation of works of art. After having worked in and to work out new ideas in her daily work. In her conference presentation Beatrix will the fine art transport industry since 1989, she joined Apice at the reflect on what it means to be a registrar in a museum for modern art in Germany.beginning of 2009 when the company was founded. Her main responsibilities includecoordination of the Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice offices, as well as planning,budgeting for national and international exhibitions, and business development atinternational level.2 2 conference chairs and speakers 2 3
  13. 13. Jonathan Schwartz Paul Spies Jonathan Schwartz founded Atelier 4 in 1989 as an art transport Paul Spies graduated in 1986 (cum laude) in Art History and Classical company focusing on the burgeoning contemporary art market. Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam. In 1987 he founded By 2002 he expanded Atelier 4’s capabilities as an IATA agent and together with two colleagues D’ARTS, a bureau for art historical advicecustoms broker augmenting its climate control storage, trucking and bespoke crating and organisation. Before D’ARTS he worked as a producer and consultant for manydepartments. Jonathan’s involvement in the practical application of environmental museums in Amsterdam and beyond, specialising in: museum concepts, exhibitions,responsibility is shared by his staff in both the New York and Miami branches of publications and publicity campaigns. In 2006 he and his associate Rob van ZoestAtelier 4. became directors of the Foundation Opening Soestdijk Palace. In 2009 Paul became director of the Amsterdam Historical Museum and Museum Willet-Holthuysen. Sandra Smith Sandra Smith was trained at The Institute of Archaeology, London, B i l l We i in Archaeological Conservation and Material Science. After graduation Bill Wei is senior researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Cultural she worked as an on-site conservator in Syria. She joined the Heritage (ICN) in Amsterdam. He has a B.S.E. in mechanical engineeringDepartment of Conservation at the British Museum, specialising in ceramics and from Princeton University (USA 1977) and in 1983 received his doctorateglass conservation. In 1992 she became Head of the Ceramics and Glass Section in materials (metal) studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (USA).and was promoted to Head of the Inorganic Materials Group in 1997. In January Until late 2001 he worked primarily for the aerospace, rail and energy sector. Bill is2003 Sandra joined the V&A as Head of Conservation. For the past two months working with ICN since 1998 in the Knowledge Group and researches among othersshe has been working with the directors of the Van Gogh Museum and the V&A to the influence of vibration on sensitive objects.interpret the results of the Bizot Groups questionnaire ‘How Green is your museum?’ Stephan Zilkens Reinhard Spieler Stephan Zilkens is managing partner at Zilkens GmbH Insurance. Zilkens Reinhard Spieler studied art history, archaeology and literature in is a specialist for risk hedging in small and medium-sized companies, in Munich, Paris and Berlin and received a PhD in 1997 in Munich particular for the sectors renewable energies, logistics and art. Owing to (“The triptychs of Max Beckmann”). From 2002-2006 he was (founding) many years of experience and close contacts with reputable insurance companies hedirector of Museum Franz Gertsch, Burgdorf/Bern in Switzerland and is since 2007 acquired a broad insurance portfolio. He is a specialist in the area of art insurance indirector of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein. He is also lecturer all its the universities of Düsseldorf, Berne and Heidelberg as well as at the DüsseldorfAcademy of Fine Arts. He has numerous publications and exhibitions on modern andcontemporary art to his name.2 4 conference chairs and speakers 2 5
  14. 14. informationConcertgebouw BadgeConcertgebouwplein 10 Your official name badge must be worn at1071 LN Amsterdam all times, as it is your entry to all sessionsTel. +31 (0)20 5730573 and social functions.www.concertgebouw.nlThe Concertgebouw is situatedon Museum Square and is easilyreached by public transport (tram 2and 5). There is a taxi rank next tothe main entrance of the building.The Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museumand Van Gogh Museum arealso located on Museum Square.OdeonSingel 4601017 AW AmsterdamTel. +31 (0)20 5218555www.odeontheater.nlAllard Pierson Museumand Special Collections ofthe University of AmsterdamOude Turfmarkt 127 - 1291012 GC AmsterdamTel. + 31 (0)20