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EPiServer Adage: Get Smarter Digital Marketing


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Get Smarter: Leveraging Integrations Across the Digital Marketing Ecosystem

It's a challenge for marketers to manage their online presence and deliver timely and relevant content to their target audience, while continuously connecting individual interactions across digital channels.

Discover how you can deliver a integrated digital presence to improve the experience for customers and prospects, while efficiently increasing revenue.

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EPiServer Adage: Get Smarter Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Leveraging Integrations Across the Digital Marketing EcosystemGet SmarterBob Egner, VP Product ManagementRoy Chomko, President Adage Technologies
  2. 2. CustomerExperienceIntroducing EPiServerImproving customer experience by combing e-Commerce anddigital marketing softwareDigitalMarketingE-Commerce
  3. 3. Introducing EPiServerImproving customer experience by combing e-Commerce anddigital marketing softwareCustomerExperience
  4. 4. Successful B2C and B2B sitesover 5000customersin 30countriesthrough a network of 630partners
  5. 5. Evolution of Advantage5
  6. 6. Evolution of Advantage6
  7. 7. Evolution of Advantage7
  8. 8. Evolution of Advantage8
  9. 9. “Customer Experience isthe perception thatcustomers have of theirinteractions with anorganization.”Bruce TemkinCo-founder and Chairman CXPA
  10. 10. “Customer ExperienceManagement is thediscipline of increasingloyalty by exceedingcustomers’ needs andexpectations.” Bruce TemkinCo-founder and Chairman CXPA
  11. 11. Loyalty Loop• 53% of US grocery retail customers are enrolled in a loyalty program• 48% of those spend more then they otherwise would haveMcKinsey Research
  12. 12. Source: Google/Ipsos/Sterling 201238%
  13. 13. Source: Google/Ipsos/Sterling 201281%67%46%43%
  14. 14. 81%19%Source: Google/Ipsos/Sterling 2012
  15. 15. Right Message, Right AudienceAndy
  16. 16. CustomerJournalistJob seekerCompetitorSupplierSocial media visitor
  17. 17. Web Mobile Tablet E-mailChannels or Silos?And what about other Digital Marketing technologies?Analytics CRM DAME-Commerce Portals SearchSocial Media User Generated Content
  18. 18. Digital EcosystemWeb SiteAnalyticsCRM
  19. 19. Digital EcosystemWeb SiteAnalyticsCRMHow do you drive traffic?• Organic search?• Paid search?• Display ad?• Social?• Blog??Can you manage the site?Can you personalize the experience?Is the CRM connected?? ?
  20. 20. Digital EcosystemWeb SiteLanding PagesAnalyticsAnalyticsCRM
  21. 21. Digital EcosystemWeb SiteLanding PagesAnalyticsAnalyticsCRMHow do you driveengagement?Is CRM connected?Do analytics tie???
  22. 22. Digital EcosystemWeb SiteLanding PagesMobile SiteAnalyticsAnalyticsAnalyticsCRM
  23. 23. Digital EcosystemWeb SiteLanding PagesMobile SiteAnalyticsAnalyticsAnalyticsCRMHow do you handle mobiletraffic?Can you reuse content?Do analytics tie???
  24. 24. Value of Digital Marketing EcosystemGreat experience that drives loyalty and lifetime value…• Personalize and Contextualize across channels– Consumers expect to find content immediately– And formatted for their device of choice• Same message on all channels– The best brands are ruthlessly consistent• Build knowledge of your digital visitors– Who consumes what content, when, and why?– How can you understand their place in a journey?Systems must work together!
  25. 25. Practical
  26. 26. • Web and applicationdevelopment• Formed in 2001• Chicago, IL
  27. 27. Integration27Website and CMSHow can we integrate these different systems?
  28. 28. The Need Silverpop wanted to fully integrate their website, SilverpopEngage, and Salesforce Visitors Personalized experience Dynamic content Progressive profiling Marketers Easy to update content Controls had to be fully accessible IT Minimal involvement post launch28
  29. 29. User visits the siteUser engagesSolution ExampleStep 1Step 2www.silverpop.comStep 3User participates
  30. 30. Step 1 – User Visits SiteVisitor www.silverpop.comStatus: User visits site We know little about the user at this point except standardanalytics information System drops cookie on user’s machine Session ID is created on the serverSession IDCookie
  31. 31. Step 1 – User Visits Site
  32. 32. Step 2 – User ParticipationStatus: Visitor enters first name and selects industry on web site EPiServer maintains a session profile on user (visitor groups) EPiServer delivers dynamic content based on industry selection- First name- IndustryEPiServerPersonalizationVisitor
  33. 33. Step 2 – User Participation
  34. 34. Retail & E-TailStep 2 – User ParticipationA very different experience based on industry selectionHigh Tech
  35. 35. Step 3 – Download WhitepaperStatus: User clicks on whitepaper download Completes form User session data sent to Silverpop Engage Silverpop Customer ID dropped into user cookie Silverpop Engage data syncs with SalesforceSilverpopEngageSalesforceVisitor Completes formCookie
  36. 36. Step 3 – Download Whitepaper
  37. 37.  First Name Last Name Company Email Country State Industry Interest Behavior37What do we know now?
  38. 38. User profiling continues …
  39. 39. Summary Marketing and sales data are in sync Website actions (whitepaper downloads, event signups,webinar registrations, etc.) are logged in Silverpop Engage These actions then inform digital marketing strategy Start simple and expand39
  40. 40. Thank you!Bob EgnerVP Product (630) 624 2345Roy ChomkoPresident, Adage (312) 948-5981