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EPiServer 7 CMS - NA Partners


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EPiServer 7 CMS enable companies to maintain a seamless and up to date online presence across different markets and channels.

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EPiServer 7 CMS - NA Partners

  1. 1. Agenda• Solutions to Business Problems• Platform Enhancements• Demo•Q&A
  2. 2. “EPiServer 7 CMS. Moreimpact, less effort.”
  3. 3. User Experience Minimalistic User centric Content in focus Attention to details
  4. 4. Content One way to handle content Context aware Drag and drop Search Design consistency
  5. 5. Content Features Shared draft Responsive elements Multi-file upload Local time Video streaming
  6. 6. Seamless Experience Re-use Instant preview Control Automatic layout
  7. 7. Multi-device Mobile Tablet Desktop Instant preview Responsive
  8. 8. SEO Meta data Keyword analysis GA insights Permanent links
  9. 9. Add-on Store One click install Certified Add-ons Enterprise Store
  10. 10. Analytics & Optimization Insights on page Overview Cross channel Conversions A/B test
  11. 11. Content Targeting Personalize once Sticky preview History Context Business rules
  12. 12. Social Media All channels, one place Personalized Real-time statistics Google Analytics Control
  13. 13. Enterprise Multi-lingual Multi-site Load balancing Mirroring Lucene search
  14. 14. Integration Content Providers Web Services Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft Dynamics CRM SalesForce
  15. 15. Platform Strongly typed models Blocks Multiple renderers MVC and Web Forms Testability Visual Studio integration
  16. 16. Web Solution Toolkit Best practice templates Html5 Responsive Design Deployment SDK NuGet Add-ons
  17. 17. Demo
  18. 18. Summary8 amazing things that 7 does
  19. 19. EPiServer 7 CMS• Simplifies content management• Creates a consistent customer experience across markets and channels• Makes mobile and tablet first class citizens• Takes care of SEO and guides to better rankings• Fulfills enterprise needs, yet let them be agile by the use of add-ons• Lets marketers optimize content based on analytics insights• Drives traffic through social• Targets content based on user behavior, context and business rules
  20. 20. Q&A
  21. 21. EPiServer 7 One platform. Several products.
  22. 22. EPiServer 7 CMS Relate Mail Find Add-ons Commerce (coming soon)
  23. 23. “To innovate does notnecessarily mean toexpand; very often itmeans to simplify” M. Russel Ballard