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Your connected customer is now in charge—she's your new CMO. She moves fast and thinks fast. See how ignoring best practices and becoming an agile marketer can help you keep up with your new Chief Marketing Operative.

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  2. 2. MEET YOUR NEW CMO Your CMO is no longer a Chief Marketing Officer. She’s now a connected customer—your Chief Marketing Operative.
  3. 3. YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE NOW IN CHARGE They move fast And think fast Here’s how to keep up with them
  4. 4. YOUR CONNECTED CUSTOMER IS… ACTIVE ⊲⊲Doing a lot of different things in different places ⊲⊲The path to purchase is no longer linear COMMERCE: Validation
  5. 5. TO CONNECT WITH HER YOU NEED TO… FOLLOW & ENGAGE ⊲⊲Move at the pace of your connected customer ⊲⊲Unify content + commerce
  6. 6. YOUR CONNECTED CUSTOMER IS… MOBILE ⊲⊲Uses a number of mobile devices ⊲⊲Constant connectivity presents both challenges and opportunities for brands Source: Media Metrix Multi-Platform, comScore, April 2013 2 in 3 online adults are cross-platform PC users 179mm Mobile only 14mm Tablet 31mm Smartphone 109mm Mobile users 136mm PC + Mobile 122mm PC only 58mm
  7. 7. TO REACH THEM YOU NEED TO… CREATE AN OMNI-CHANNEL EXPERIENCE ⊲⊲Elevate your offering ⊲⊲Remain in their consideration set Multichannel Omni-Channel Mass Marketing Approach 1:1 The Store My Store Competing Channels Channels in Concert B2B and B2C Human to Human (H2H) Linear Path Continuous Path Point of Sale (POS) My POS
  8. 8. YOUR CONNECTED CUSTOMER IS… SOCIAL ⊲⊲Fickle and influenced by others ⊲⊲Can also be your biggest advocate Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals Source: Hubspot, Inbound Marketing, 2012.
  9. 9. SO, YOU NEED TO… UNIFY CONTENT + COMMERCE ⊲⊲Put your product in a context customers can relate to ⊲⊲Make their experience easy to share with their networks
  10. 10. SO, YOU NEED TO… UNIFY CONTENT + COMMERCE The connected customer and mobile devices have set the stage for a completely different shopping experience ⊲⊲No longer just features and functions ⊲⊲Content must “romance” customers into purchasing the product NEW!!! just $999 Before Top 10 tools to boost business this fall After
  11. 11. TO DO ALL THIS, YOU NEED TO BE AN… AGILE MARKETER The agile marketer knows what the target market needs now, rather than what they needed six months ago—and tailors activity accordingly
  12. 12. THE PROBLEM WITH “BEST PRACTICE” Consumer behavior changes fast—the issues you’re facing today aren’t the same ones that “industry best practice” has already solved
  13. 13. THE PROBLEM WITH “BEST PRACTICE” Today Campaign starts in response to a perceived “problem” 7 months later Campaign ends with brilliant results 10 months later Call for papers— campaign is submitted Bottom line: those problems are no longer today’s problems as a case study 15 months later Conference—campaign is showcased as ‘best practice’
  14. 14. BREAK FREE FROM BEST PRACTICE 5MARKETING: GO AGILE AGILE PRINCIPLES for finding and fixing marketing problems A do-it-yourself guide for Agile Marketers
  15. 15. 1 After all, it’s the only one that LIVE FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS’ POV really matters. Being able to monitor customers’ changing needs is one thing—how you respond is more important. You need to be quick and nimble by using a platform that allows you to unify content + commerce.
  16. 16. 2KEEP THE BIG PICTURE IN SIGHT It’s easy to get carried away with daring experiments and lose sight of what your brand is about 1 Remember your goals 2 Set your KPIs 3 Use the right tools to track whether you’re meeting them
  17. 17. 3BUILD A GREAT “MARKOPS” TEAM Empower everyone in the team to make decisions and implement them—even if it means taking a risk or making a leap of faith MarkOps can only be effective if the team can work together to respond quickly to opportunities and problems
  18. 18. 4PRIORITIZE THE PROBLEM Nothing beats hard data for uncovering the root causes of problems The agile marketer pays attention to gut instinct, but trusts hard data much more Hard answers are more useful than random pontificating—or random experimenting
  19. 19. TEST, LEARN, ACT, REPEAT Iteration, not perfection Have an idea for something that might work, test it, monitor the results, and make decisions 5 Real-time testing is a great way to understand which option has the greater impact, and then efforts can be poured into it
  20. 20. A PROBLEM SHARED Using these five principles you’re well placed to become an agile marketer who: ⊲⊲Uncovers problems ⊲⊲Looks them in the eye ⊲⊲Takes appropriate action All in the time it takes a “best practice” marketer to read another out-of date case study Your brand
  21. 21. IN SUMMARY
  22. 22. YOUR NEW CMO IS: ⊲⊲Active ⊲⊲Mobile ⊲⊲Social
  23. 23. HERE’S HOW TO KEEP UP WITH HER… ⊲⊲Follow & Engage ⊲⊲Create an Omni-Channel Experience ⊲⊲Unify Content + Commerce ⊲⊲Be an Agile Marketer
  24. 24. CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS With EPiServer you can unify your content with commerce, giving you a set of tools that help you nimbly create, manage, and deliver an omni-channel digital experience that focuses on your connected customer and gets your product noticed. To learn more visit: